fiarra: ([lucky star] ?!)
Carolina ([personal profile] fiarra) wrote2012-07-11 10:38 am

flying away

Well hello. So I survived yet another family vacation. Go me! There were definitely moments when I maybe wanted to stab everyone, but as usual, I worked through those feelings. Right this second I am sitting in the San Francisco airport, waiting for my flight that will take me to San Diego and a weekend of escapism.

School is.. a thing that is still going on. My project is kinda stalled right now since I basically took a 2 week vacation (I stopped in on Monday and Tuesday, but there was no actual work done) and in theory I am finishing the writing of my proposal. Most of it is in theory because I hate phase response curves.

The rest of my time till now has been filled with pre-con prep - except for Sunday. On Sunday I got to spend the day with Mian, Lyssa, Nic and Ashley since they were visiting. We... ate a lot? We had Cheesecake Factory for lunch, followed by seeing Magic Mike. (FTR, that movie suffered from an overabundance of plot, not enough stripper-mentoring shenanigans and not enough Matt Bomer). Then we piled into my living room and we watched Legally Blonde and painted our nails. The night was ended with a trip to IHOP. I didn't want to look at food for most of Monday.

In convention planning news, I tried to finish making this one dress and it ended up reaching a point last night when I realized that there were too many fit issues to be solved in the time I had left. (Srsly, I ALWAYS make shit too big and then have to sit around trying to size it down). So I only have the one ~dress up~ outfit, but that's ok. I think I will be happy for the comfort in the end. (As it is.... unless there is a major meltdown in the next few days, I WILL be back next year).

And now I need to go hunt down some form of lunch (it's 11am, but my body thinks it's 2pm and time zones are HARD), so I leave you with a selection of my pictures from vacation.