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Carolina ([personal profile] fiarra) wrote2012-04-24 10:35 am

[100 noms] 001. tacos

Hello LJ!

So I vanished again after announcing my projects, oops. I have gained a few new people though, so welcome! I feel like I should have warned for grad school complaining in my sign-up comment.

ANYWAY, here is my first post for the delicious side of my project.

First up is something easy because I had some ground beef that I needed to use up last week and I always default to either tacos or pasta sauce. In this case, I had avocados on hand, so tacos it was!

The starting ingredients:

The nice thing about cooking ground beef for tacos is that I can use my tried and true method of.... throwing spices at the pan and hoping it tastes good. I always start with olive oil and a spoon of the minced garlic in all cooking. Also, I learned on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives that cumin is the magical spice of delicious - so I use it on most things. (Unless it is asian-flavors, in which case the cumin is replaced with ginger and a splash of sesame oil).

Also, I thought I had some actual hot sauce in the fridge, but apparently that was a lie... so sriracha it was!

Measuring is for losers:

There was a picture of everything cooked with the sugar thrown at it... but it looks the same. While that cooked, I gathered up the rest of my dinner:

(hnnggghhh avocado you are so delicious)

Aaaand a picture of the finished result:

They were stupidly delicious and I had enough ground beef for dinner the next day too! Also, the sriracha was spicier than I expected (I hadn't opened the container yet) and I am excited to use it in more things. :)

I haven't had a chance to cook much since I went to my parents's house this weekend and came back with a pile of leftovers (mmm.. there is sunchoke and veggie soup waiting for me in the fridge), but once that is gone, I will get to play more in the kitchen! I'd like to promise that future 100 noms entries will contain more actual recipes, but that would be a lie.

Also, I want to make another one of these sometime soon:

In other news, I woke up at 5am to be at the lab by 6. And I just agreed to meet with my advisor around 2:30/3pm. So that was stupid and there is not enough coffee in the world right now.