fiarra: ([merlin bbc] sort of fairytale)
Carolina ([personal profile] fiarra) wrote2012-03-02 01:30 am

this is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me

I really need to start trying to sleep earlier. The problem is that once it hits past like... 2:30am, I start getting really mopey about everything in life and wanting to word-vomit feelings all over my journal that the world doesn't need to see. Last night I stared at the blank entry page for a while and then realized that anything I typed would be a) not good enough and b) far too revealing.

And now I am still awake because I got home and curled up in bed on my Kindle... and ended up falling asleep at 7:00. I woke up at 10 feeling groggy and very hungry. #failure


First, I still have ALL THE DEAN WINCHESTER FEELINGS. Possibly the less said about that, the better. I am currently mid-season 6 and starting to get sad that I will reach the end of the episodes. Fortunately, I will still have White Collar and SGA to catch up on/finish after that.

In other news, I am starting a rewatch of BBC's Robin Hood. I'd forgotten how cheesy it is, but I can tell I'm going to fall in love with it again. It holds a special place in my heart since it's the reason I discovered Merlin.

... There was possibly a point to this post before I started typing, but I think I've lost it. *curls up in bed again with kindle*