fiarra: ([text] then i woke up)
Carolina ([personal profile] fiarra) wrote2011-02-11 12:14 pm

Everything is angst

My day so far can be described with the following few sentences. I am so tired that I have a headache. Also, my coffee has made me extremely shaky and all this combined means I am sitting in the library trying not to cry.

So what on earth have I been up to?

Well. Last Friday I went to see Robyn at House of Blues with friends. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. There was stress getting everyone into the city, but once we got there and ate, it was awesome. Robyn is so cute and a whole lot of fun live. It was so weird going to a concert that was NOT Adam. The atmosphere was sooo different. Basically we rocked out for the whole time and it was fun.

The less fun part is that I have been fighting off... something... this past week. It started with nausea on Monday night that made me pass out asleep for 3 hours in the evening. From there I have spent the week battling with dizziness, nausea, constant headaches, a dry cough, etc etc. I'm not fully sick, but I'm feeling crummy enough that I might as well be. I also wasn't properly hungry until yesterday so I'm probably lacking some nutrition now too.

This weekend is going to be just as busy. My sister arrives in a few hours. I have to teach one more lab and then I think we are going to get dinner and bake. :) Tomorrow I am going into the city for the Cassidy Haley show and then people are gonna stay at my apartment. Then SUNDAY IS THE GRAMMYS. We are having a get-together... thing. There will be cupcakes. Mostly we want to know if Adam wins, but it will be great fun.

Of course, this means that I basically don't have any time to do work this weekend. Mostly this is unfortunate because I need to write an abstract about my research for Tuesday and... the requires having.... much more data than what I already have. So yes, this is going to be fun, but stressful.

That being said, I need to walk off some of this coffee. I think I am vibrating as I try to sit in one spot.

Adam likes to phone his friends... on the phone.