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Guys I am sick. And when I get sick, I turn into the biggest baby. *cry* The sickness can be summed up in two words: con plague.

My throat feels like it's lined with sandpaper. Oddly enough, when I sneeze, it feels better for a few seconds. I am half-tempted to order spicy wings tonight or something to try and clear my sinuses.

So yes, Anime Boston was this past weekend. It was a lot of fun. I wore lolita on Friday and Chidori cosplay on Saturday. It was kinda a bummer that I had to sample on the mornings of the con and the hour commute was sucky. Next year, I don't care that I live just north of Boston, I am getting a hotel room and not dealing with all that travel. Argh.

I bought so much freaking stuff too! 13 volumes of manga (I am not finally current with Nodame, Hayate and xxxHolic), 4 blind boxes, a Gurren Lagann Keychain, a little white Monokuro Boo, a mid-size Gloomy Bear, lots of pins to put on my AI tour bag and some art of the chibi 7 sins to put on large wall of my room and more art for my office. :D

h.naoto (the company rep, not the designer) was there promoting Hangry and Angry and I definitely went to pet the clothing at their dealer's room booth. *sigh*

I really want more naoto but I really also need to save money because I am dying after buying all these concert tickets. Gaga for my sister and I. KISS108 Concert with Kris, Adam, Kesha and Orianthi for myself. Plus Adam tour this summer, which I basically plan on going to every show in the area, plus I wanna take like a week off to go to LA, visit people... and go to the shows there. really. I'm not crazy.

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It was good fun to see/hang out with you. =)

Sorry to hear you got sick. =( Drink lots of OJ.

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Feel better!
I went to Anime Boston too but I saw no Chidori cosplay :(
The Dealer's Room is my bane, lol. I did good not to buy too much this year. My first con I spent all my money after going through HALF the dealer's room >.