fiarra: ([s moon] luna. snuggle)
Carolina ([personal profile] fiarra) wrote2009-12-07 03:45 pm
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i wanna hold-'em like they do in texas please

First off, thank you to anyone who sent me a snowflake. I apparently sarvered the snowflake movement and therefore ended up sending out none.

As an FYI:
Still accepting card requests for this week since I need to finish making them. (they are going to be late obvs, but you WILL get one).

I have been.. so sleepy the past week. And it's like, no matter when I sleep.. I stay tired. It's not fun and it makes me lazy when I *am* awake. *sigh* Also it's cold, so that's just sapping all my energy away.

... Wow this post has no point. *gets back to work*

(omg i am so cold someone come snuggle with me *cryyyy*)