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oh goodness

Somewhere north of Boston there is an apartment. One that has my last name on the mailbox and my belongings within it. I am... really flaily about this right now.

Yesterday my family and I moved all my large things up there. Had to pick up the UHaul at 7am and then load up everything. Somewhere around the 5th box of books was like, wtf when did I buy so much manga. I need to inventory it really well when I unpack those boxes. So I know. We moved everything up there and I got into a few arguments with my parents over the rooms. See.. one is smaller than the other. But I decided I want the smaller room for myself.. and my parents thought I was being stupid. And at a certain point I was just like, JFC I have to live here so stop it! I have a large room here.. and I honestly don't even use all of it. I am always at my desk.. or sleeping in my bed. There is no need for a massive room. Plus this one is at the back of the house and therefore quieter.

After some unpacking, we drove off to Ikea and I bought a sexy desk, awesome chair and a small bookshelf. Followed directly by getting me a new mattress. <3 Then it was back to the apartment to build things.

I don't have any pictures yet (it'll wait till things are fully organized) but I love the feeling I get from the place already. My room and bathroom just feel so uniquely... mine. I picked out all the stuff for the bathroom and there is a this half-glass faced cabinet in there that I am keeping all my stuff. And it's really just awesome. I can't wait till my books are out on the shelf, my stuff is on my desk and my posters on the walls. I get a good feeling about it.

That being said, it was the longest day ever. Woke up at 6:30am and we didn't get home till nearly 1am! D: And tomorrow I have an appointment at the car garage at 7am for a full-check. And since I will have to walk home after dropping it off... I am going to be very tired tomorrow.

I am unsure about the denting on my car. My brother was all "I should save up for a car!!" (fat chance of that, he can't save for his life) and I just looked at him and said "You should save up to fix MY car". And he like... got mad at me. And got this really panicked and angry look on his face. And I was so close to being all like, "fuck no bitch you are paying to get my car fixed". But y'know.. dinnertable... parents.. etc. *sigh*

I was listening to some pre-idol Adam in the car on the way back last night (totally not news at all lol) and was thinking about AMV potentials...

I really want to make some. *shakes fist at old and slow laptop* I have like.. anime series lined up with a bunch of songs already.

Oh My Ra - I really want to make a Yu-Gi-Oh vid to this. THINK OF THE LULZY POTENTIAL. Ra?! Egypt?! Made of gold?! (shutup I can hear you laughing at me and my stupid mind)
Glamorize - I think this would make a great ParaKiss AMV actually. Seeing as there's a lot of fashion and glamor and sex in that one. It would be a trick making it flow right, but.. it could work.

Kiss and Tell - GOLDEN BOY! I spent so long trying to think of anime with someone who clearly does stuff with multiple people and isn't ashamed of it. And I think it's perfect. I even have a mental vision of the intro and everything.

Pop Goes the Camera - I had considered ParaKiss for this too with the whole fashion/modeling angle.. but then I was thinking about Speed Grapher. Kinda a Saiga and girl-whose-name-escapes-me character study? The song has a dark undertone that I think might pair up well with the anime's tone.

I also think it would be neat to do a series of AMVs for the Cassidy Haley EP because most of his songs are very catchy and it's a 6 song EP and therefore potentially do-able? IDK.

lol I do a lot of thinking... too bad I dont have the resources to make any of this happen.

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I GOT A NEW MATTRESS TODAY!! Hahah, brain-twins activate!

Ugh, I woke up at 7 am today, and have been moving in ALL DAY. I'm exhausted, and my feet hurt, hah.


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The tiredness is sooo worth it once you get the result though!


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Ooooh, that's so exciting! I can't wait to have my own place, too, hahaha (a girl can dream, right?). Pictures, plz.:D