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the ghetto-est ice cream truck

This weekend was pretty fun. Saturday was the annual clambake at the house of a UCONN Health Center faculty member. It was the usual. Lots of booze (never ending, jesus), tons of clams/lobsters/yummy food. Except this year they got an Elvis impersonator as well. On my computer there resides a video of my father drunk-dancing. And lots of pictures. Once I get around to uploading everything onto facebook, there will be show and tell. :D I did not actually consume anything alcoholic because I am veru awkward about that stuff around my family. Not like I would gotten drunk or anything.. but I feel weird about even drinking a beer or something.

Then on Sunday I saw the most sketch ice cream truck ever. It was basically a giant brown van. You could see the coolers that contained the ice cream peeking up at the bottom of the windows. And there was just a mega-phone style speaker attached to the top. And the guy driving it looked pretty sketch too. I was just drove by and laughed. I would not want to buy ice cream from that man.

Also I went to the mall and remember that I need to buy my American Apparel hoodie asap.

Today was work. It was slow. My fave person, who should not be such, was not there. I did buy myself a sandwich though.

I am obsessed with this cover, this is awful. I haven't watched American Idol since David Cook inspired some form of rage in me. (I don't even know why.. I can't make myself like the man). But some people on my friend's list will talk about it all the time (in particular, Adam Lambert). Then I started youtubing and... this cannot end well.

For reference - cover I am liking:

Also, there is a vid of him singing "Kiss From a Rose".. which is just not fair. NOT FAIR I TELL YOU.

*cough* Anyway... carry on.

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The ghetto ice cream truck reminds me of this:
Also, re: the Adam video, where can I download that song? Cause I think I like it better than the original, and I LOVE the original! Why did I not watch that season of AI??

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HAHAHAHA. The free candy truck. It totally had that vibe.. just with more windows.
:) That has what you're looking for.

I have had the song on repeat ALL NIGHT. <3 I am kicking myself and asking myself the same question bb.

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Thanks for the link! Downloading now~ And I went and looked him up at; I love his version of Ring of Fire.

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Haha I need to totally raid that site and get EVERYTHING. So I can listen to it forever.

I had to go find Ring of Fire cuz YouTube hasn't prompted that one at me yet. I like!

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Blahhhhhh I HATE Adam Lambert, I wanted Danny Gokey to win.

Image (

Hottest picture ever? Yes.

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rofl, I didn't watch AI at all this season so I'm kinda catching up now. The people on my flist who did watch were pretty obsessed with Adam though, so it's where I started. xD

brb, staring at that picture FOREVER <3 Just.. HIS EYES

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HIS MOUTH. I just want my tongue in it. BAHAHAH.

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XD!!! There is that hint of lower teeth in there.. amazing

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And that stubble. Mmmmmmmm.


How I love you little!spock.

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Did I mention the eyes. Just.. guh.


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Did I mention that it is the biggest "fuck me" face?!

Yeah, it works.

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AHHH. So I finally decided to look for a little!spock icon!


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Aww that one is adorable. With his sad little face and... and... *flail*

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AND I HAVE TWO Little!Spock icons, because I do love my baby Spock. :P