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they're coming to take me away. haha!

*bounces around*

My brother sent me the following IM last night:
"we have a laser pointer and we were messsing around with drunk poeple pointing it around their feet one kid yells out SNIPER! and starts running away lol"

I think that sums up the extent of Spring Weekend at UCONN. Lots of drunk people. Lots of stupid shenanigans. I need to remember to recommend that he climb the North Parking Garage to look out over the masses and chaos.

Before I left for work I was going to post about how I got my shipping confirmation for the wig I ordered. But then I walked outside to leave and there was my nice package from China containing one wig for me! That was... a lot quicker than I was led to expect. I have Monday off so I think I will take the early afternoon to go to Jo-ann's for the rest of the fabric I need. Pictures of the wig will be... maybe tomorrow, depending on when I'm back from work. The plastic is very crinkly and as it is now just about 2am.. I don't want to be making tons of noise.

OMG FMA. I did my real-time rambling.. but I won't post it tonight. I just need a second to say OMG NINA IS IN THE PREVIEW FOR THIS WEEK AND I AM JUST NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED FOR THIS.

Oh a calmer note, signed up for another icon meme.

1. Reply to this post with 'Icons!', and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will - allegedly - create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

[ppl] paramore. hayley with glasses
Hayley is the lead singer of Paramore, which is a band I like. (although I haven't listened to them in a while now.) I liked that hair color on her and she is making a funny face that made me giggle. Basically it's just a good icon to use when I'm feeling a bit silly!

[wall-e] wall-e. space extinguisher
I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I saw it twice in theatres and cried both times. The other day my sister told me that when she watched it a second time, that she thought it was a bit boring. I almost cried again. The Wall-E/Eve love story is almost like a Simon and Nia sort of situation for me. They were silly cute little robots.. but the emotion was just.. THERE. And this one scene was just so much fun! So.. cute silly Wall-E it is.

[ppl] legwarmers
I want to say I found this on the egl community, being used in posts there. At the time I didn't have a lot of not-anime/fandom icons and felt I could really use a more generic one without text. Stripes also make me happy, and there are many stripes on this icon. *shrug* I tend to use it when I just need something neutral.

[bunny] flying
This is actually one of my older icons remaining in rotation. Bunny is from Bunny Comic which I have loved for years. One panel comic starring 3 different colored bunnies. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it makes you think, and sometimes it makes no sense. Everyone I link to it seems to just be confused, but I love it! The artist and creator has signed both the books he's published and in the second one he drew me a bat bunny on a banana. Anyway, this icon is text and art from one comic that I think just.. says a lot. People like to say that you can't do this or that.. and sometimes you just need to not care and do it anyway.

[baru] bunny. stars
Once upon a time I downloaded a .rar file of dozens of cute little colorful icons like this. It sat on my harddrive for ages until one day I sat down and narrowed them down to three I would use. Stars are one of my favorite shapes and the poor bunny is too cute all squished like that. This is one of those icons I use when I need something textless and not fandom related. :)
Now let me know if you want me to pick 5 of yours!!

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pick me DD:

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1. Dear Diary
2. Watermelon
3. Is it safe?
4. Jayne Suspicious
5. Oh SNAP!

I see you have added 2 sexy Yoko icons too! Awesome. :)

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I love my sexy Yoko icons :3
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You have cute icons. :D Pick me?

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Thanks! <3 I have like.. hundreds saved on my laptop and it's so painful having to choose which ones to use.

1. H/D - Veggie Love (lol this amuses me)
2. Optimus Prime
3. Severus Snape - Article/Hair
4. Firefly/Serenity - Too pretty to die (<3)
5. B/C - w/ Pudsy (I had to. The pretty!)

You have.. lots of awesome icons, it was so hard to only pick 5!
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WOOO!!! I'll be making a post on this later. YAY!! \o/

And I know what you mean about not being able to choose. I keep wanting to change mine but then I don't have the heart to!

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YAAY!! xD Watch me be dumb and ask for you to pick 5 for me after you make that post. *sucker for icon memes*

I have like... 7 open spots at the moment.. and I always hesitate on filling them because as soon as I do I will find like... a bunch more that I NEED to use.
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LOL!! I am too! I've asked you and one other person, so that's like 10 I have to do. LOL!!!

I have about 30 spots left - I'm just sooooooo careful. I do need to edit mine a bit. Not enough Colin/Bradley/Arthur/Merlin.

OH DEAR - for some reason, that sounds...kinda hot.

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I'm pretty sure that if it wouldn't irritate the hell out of my flist and if I had all the time in the world, I would sit down and babble about ALL my icons and why I chose them.

There is NEVER enough of them in all forms! (and combinations!? idek)

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I'm seriously pondering this now....HUH.

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Ahahaha! Oh god.

Image (
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Did you watch the episode? I have a question if you did. I obviously failed at waiting to watch them :P

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And boo to waiting, one a week is totally the way to go. You must agonize with me.

Anyway, question? Ask away!

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Did Scar kill Tucker during FMA's first run? I know Tucker appeared in future episodes being the sewing-life alchemist and all, but I don't remember that he actually died like in this episode... or did I forget something?

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Hmmm... yknow what, you're right. I don't remember him dying at Scar's hand before Nina did. Part of why ep 4 was WORSE this time for me is because he killed Tucker in from of chimera!Nina and she cried.. and then he killed her.

I'm going to have to look it up now o_O

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Ok I went and grabbed my DVDs and re-watched this section of the first series.

What happened was:
Tucker and chimera!Nina were taken into custody by that alchemist with the sharp 'stache (the one who is killed by Scar in new FMA ep 4). Ed crashes their truck, chimera runs off and meets Scar in alley. Tucker is later shown in from of a firing squad were he is "supposedly killed" and Ed is ordered to look over his notes and research. Although as you know, he does come back in the first series, apparently the new version's sequence of events is as it plays out in the manga.

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Yeah, I remember chimera Nina getting posterized on the alley wall by Scar. :( I've never read the manga. I know a lot of people were saying the 1st and 2nd series will be the same until Greed shows up, which is when the 1st started to diverge. Obviously they were WRONG!

Thanks for the answer. I didn't mean for you to go re-watch, lol, but thanks.

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that's quite alright. After you mentioned it, I remembered that.. yes in the first series we see more of Tucker, he doesn't just die.

I know that the first series with the whole Greed thing is where they stopped following the manga at all, but I suppose it stands to reason that it wasn't totally faithful even before that point.