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Well... I survived the week and now... I'm home.

The week got very stressful towards the end. Not being able to eat a proper lunch for the entire semester might be somewhat problematic. For now I'm grabbing quick snacks between classes and then holding over till dinner, by which time I'm exhausted, cranky and just generally unamused by the world. Not the best of situations.. but I shall manage. Work has also gotten aggravating just because of the chaos. The system is so new and suddenly the call center has become problematic when we get a staff call. The whole system of authorizations and transfering of calls is so confusing and I can't help but feel I've messed up somewhere when I try to do it. I wanted to cry by the end of my shift on Friday.

In other news, the result of the horrible week of training was 99.25 hours clocked. I'm kinda disappointed I didn't break 100... just cuz it woulda been cool..

So now I'm home. For some reason my parents seem determined to keep me here until Monday which is just strange. I had wanted to go back Sunday afternoon cuz it's 9 months tomorrow so Jacob and I were gonna go out for dinner. But my mom informed me on the way home that we were having guests on Sunday night so I had to stay. I offered to find my own ride which prompted an argument. I asked if Jacob could then come over Sunday for dinner to and then we could return to school that night after the guests were gone. That was not taken well. Today I was told that Jacob could come on Sunday, take me out to dinner near out house and then we could return to my house and leave on Monday. I mentioned wanting to leave that night. And again... they want me to stay until Monday. I guess they could theoretically want to have me around more.. but that never seems to make anyone happy these days so I can hardly imagine why. Perhaps I'm just being selfish again.

Anyway... yeah. monkeys. BRING ON WEEK TWO....maybe?

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wow. That's kindof insane. Assuming that they pay you overtime (which I assume they have to) that's a shitload of money, should put you on the right path to getting that car of yours. Hope week two goes more smoothly than week 1.

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hahaha. Overtime? as Student Labor?

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mmm... 99.25 hours is absolutely INSANE. And I think it's close enough that you can brag about working 100 hours. I think you deserve it.

Parents are, indeed, strange creatures. But I've found that it's best to at least let them think that you're doing what they want you to do, otherwise they get angry and start ranting nonsensically.

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wow so they *finally* merged the TT system with the ITS Helpdesk? The last year I was there (2002ish), they had just been talking about that idea.

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Gambare hime-sama! We can do it!

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also remember. everyone has the right to be selfish sometimes : )