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If I said that this weekend was awesometastical.. it wouldn't properly sum it up.

Jacob got to my house and we went for dinner at Chili's. It was a lot of fun despite the screaming child. We played cards with the coasters. (He had 4 of a kind, i told him to go fish). Then we went to watch XMen 3. I was amused to find out that he'd been to the Hartford theatre in high school with his first gf and had never been back. I managed to spectacularly break one of the chairs when I sat down in it and laughed for a good minute while half sitting on the floor. I enjoyed the movie and while I saw a lot of potential for it to be sooo much better, it was ok as it was. We made sure to stay through the credits and I thought it was a nifty twist. Predictable to a certain degree, but nice nonetheless.

Then it was off to Susana's where I fell asleep while everyone was watching Sum of All Fears. I remember planes, a bomb and lots of craziness. Apparently I didnt miss much... We stayed over at Lena's which was nice cuz I got to snuggle. =)

Saturday was our 6 month anniversary! We woke up and went to my house where we made cheesy scrambled eggs. Then we went to Celebrate! West Hartford where yummy food and fried dough was consumed. It rained a bit, but it was fun nonetheless. I got another fairy! She's pretty. It was just nice to have someone to walk around with just talking and looking at everything. Lots of pretty art and decorative stuff. We had fun picking out items that we would use to decorate a house and such.

We spent a good part of the night at Heather's house for her 21st bday party. We got to watch her get smashed. We played cards (Jacob and Rachel had an intense poker game going) and had karaoke. We also consumed lots of food and cake. It was good times had by all.

Then Sunday Jacob left and I drove my dad to the airport.

So it was a good weekend. I honestly cant believe that we've been together for half a year now. Mostly because it feels like it's been forever since it feels so very normal, but at the same time it has flown by. And the whole time he's been so wonderful and it just makes me feel really lucky. I'm so thankful that I found someone like Jacob to spend my time with. I dunno what to say sometimes knowing that I've managed to find love again. (i'm starting to sound cheesy...) It's been 6 months.. and I'm hoping that it will last much longer than that. I try.
i love you jacob...

And now I go find sleep.

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*thumbs up* that's um an interesting icon ya got there.........^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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hehe thanks. it's from paradise kiss.

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The screaming child has to be there or else it'll never learn how it's supposed to act at a restaurant.

I felt the same way about X-Men. How many others stayed until after the credits?

And yeah, you've had a good weekend :)

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hehe i wasn't complaining about the screaming child really... god knows i was that child when i was younger.

prolly about a third of the people stayed.