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2012-02-28 11:43 am

starships are meant to fly

Time for the weekly round-up. Who's excited?! ... Yeah, I thought so.

So things. Teaching is... teaching, which is all I will say about that. Spring Break is next week though, which means a break from the teaching and that is very exciting. Today in lab we dissected a starfish and a regular fish. I heard someone mention in the back that the starfish "doesn't look anything like Patrick". Also, watching 19 students attempt to dissect a fish is surprisingly funny.

The SPN train rolls on. The season 5 finale may have destroyed me for like... an hour. I didn't realize I had SO MANY FEELINGS, but then everything happened and I am suddenly crying at my laptop screen. Urm, yes. Dean remains my favorite. Sam without a soul is somehow more tolerable than normal Sam. And I continue to be amused by/adore Crowley despite the show's best efforts to make me dislike him. He just wants to expand hell, okay. (I apparently have a lot of fun with characters who are unrepentantly on their own side - Pottermore was right to put me in Slytherin).

Uh... what else am I paying attention to now? There is that CBS Sherlock thing, which... has caused a lot of rage. The current update being that Lucy Liu is going to be Watson - as a failed doctor, now assistant? I remain skeptical, but am mostly amused by all the anger. I don't agree with most of the changes, but so much of tv is derivative of Sherlock and right now I am looking at it as more of the same... just much more literally? *shrug*

BUT REALLY I AM JUST EXCITED BECAUSE OH MY GOD STAR TREK IS A THING THAT IS HAPPENING. First there were all those pics of ZQ and Benedict and Zoe. And now there is THIS VIDEO of fight choreography and dsnalkg;sdajld. Hi, I am very excited. I am going to eat up every damn spoiler we get.

Timeless is going to be delivered to my kindle tomorrow AND I CAN'T WAIT TO READ. Professor Lyall! Alexia! EVERYONE! YAY!

In other news, I am trying to bento again because I am spending too much money on buying lunch lately. I am an adult!

The last episode was so good. And this week's preview looks amazing. CAPTAIN RENARD PLEASE TELL ME ALL YOUR SECRETS.
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2009-09-24 11:59 pm

unf unf unf

Upon inspection of my userpics.. I don't have a really good SEXY icon. Adam singing and pointing suggestively is the closest it gets.

Anyway! Today was the longest day in the history of days. We had a lab that STARTED at 8am. And since I am the TA I had to be there really early to set everything up. And then my advisor/the professor did not show up till like 8:30 so I got to try and fudge my way through explaining a lab that I only half-understand. All this on no coffee and not enough sleep. Then we spent like 3 hours climbing around on rocks in the full sun, which I was not prepared for. The lab was really fun. I practically went swimming while we were trying to set the laser level. Yay up to my knees in water! Then I fell down a lot. Like.. a lot. Apparently it was my day. The end result was that by 11:30 when we went in.. I was gross and practically falling asleep on my feet. So I went home to shower before my second lab of the day, this time as a student. Somewhere in there, I tried not to drown in my lunch and barely managed to make it. *woe*

Oh a different note though, my advisor TOTALLY watches.. or at least watched.. anime. you DO NOT UNDERSTAND the levels of flail here. We talked about anime club during my interview and I cited it as like.. the #1 reason that I am confident in myself now.. and really just the one thing I love best about UCONN. Then today he made a comment about my Neko-sama shoelaces during lab and he was talking about how I tried to explain anime to my roommate. And he was like, "oh yea I was explaining it to her too and I think we should watch Spirited Away or something when I get my projector. It's a perfect gateway anime". And I'm like "omgomgomg". Then he said he used to watch Robotech. GUYS MY ADVISOR WATCHES ANIME. I DONT NEED TO BE THAT AWKWARD PERSON WHO WATCHES CARTOONS AND GETS WEIRD LOOKS FROM PEOPLE FOR IT.

Then I got home and passed out for like 2 hours on my bed with the lights on. So my head has been feeling a bit fuzzy all night. I am excited though because tomorrow I am going into the city to meet my mom and get my paycheck. Then we're having movie night here at the apt. Saturday is the clambake. Sunday we're going apple picking if the weather cooperates. I NEED TO STUDY OMG WHEN AM I GONNA DO THAT?!

Anyway, I caught up with [ profile] ontd_startrek a bit tonight. There havent really been any new Adam pics (omg please let there be a PR storm starting on Monday) so I needed a fix of pretty. And oh man, it delivered.

This post contains the cutest fanfic ever... written by a 5 year old. Kirk and Spock go see Finding Nemo.
"Spock thought it was illogical, cause fish don't talk. But Kirk thought it was cute, cause he likes movies with fish."
*dies from cute overload*

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2009-07-26 12:19 am


Somehow I managed to forget that it was Comic-con Saturday until just an hour ago. At which point I flailed a lot and then went to [ profile] ontd_startrek


First, the BTD comic project intrigues me. Which is weird since.. I don't read comics? Like not really? Maybe I should start paying more attention.


Am trying to round up pictures currently. It's slow going for now but I need to spam with what I've gotten. Dedicated to [ profile] brightlightss because it was her bday recently. <3

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2009-07-11 12:32 am

vacation almost over boo

*points to title* Leaving tomorrow. Have to be out of the house by 10. Getting on ferry at 4. Spending some time doing.. something between then. Woo. My arms are all itchy I'm pretty sure I managed to get some poison ivy on myself or something, it itches. Also I managed to get sunburned on the last beach day. Go figure.

I can't wait to be on my own laptop again. Imageshack got haxored by some anti-sec movement and a bunch of the images in my random-sig for Mene were affected. So now I need to re-upload everything elsewhere. *shakes fist*

There was a ZQ walking post today. There is a new hat. Yes, this is noteworthy news. Don't question it.

OMG. So I was walking on the beach today and I had a though. Tengen Toppa Gurren.. Merlin? I was definitely walking along thinking about who would be which character. I got Arthur = Simon. Merlin = Nia... but then I got stuck. Crack.. it's all crack. idk.


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2009-07-08 11:25 pm
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i am itchy

Twice in the past 2 days I have been suckered into "short walks".

Yesterday my mom was going for a short walk down the shore. Hot pavement and 2 hours later.. we wandered back to where my sister and cousin were sitting on the beach. Then today in the morning, my parents were like, oh let's take a short walk. Three hours later... *ded* I got a lot of fun pictures today. Including nice shots of all of us climbing on old cannons in an "under video surveillance" area. Later we saw the signs asking people to not climb the exhibits. Oops..

Work on heroes_bigboom is stalled until I can do proper research. BAH. And I think I've planned out reel_merlin the most I can on paper. Contemplating free-writing something... but then I think about how I'll have to type it out later... plus worrying about prying eyes. We'll see.

Tomorrow we are going to the outlets. Which means spending money for pretty things that I don't really need. It'll be an adventure. Or something.

I dunno. Drama continues ever onward with brother and his girlfriend. I don't even know half the time. I just know that I keep getting pulled into the middle of things. Oy.

Anyway, bedtime. At the very least, there was a delicious Chris Pine walking post on ontd_startrek tonight. It can only mean good dreams tonight. :D

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2009-07-02 12:43 am


Yaaaaay post 1,000!!

I had a long night at work so I need this distraction before going to sleep. Especially as I need to do it all over again at 11:30 tomorrow morning. D:

In other news, I renewed my library card! It expired 2 years ago and my name was no longer in the system so I had to "re-apply" for one. Which is ironic as the librarian remembers my name even after all this time. Got Island so I can finally read it after all the good things I heard. Yay for vacation giving me time to read again. :)

And now it is time for massive picspam!!! OMG THINGS! THINGS I LIKE!! (contains: anime, Merlin, Star Trek people)

NPH and Elmo are excited and want you to click.

things that make me happy PAST AND PRESENT )

So yeah. Post 1,000. Lots of images. Here's to another thousand?
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2009-06-29 02:33 am

oh geez.

My laptop is running like crap. I feel like I need a restart, but that takes time and blah!

This past week has been.. kinda hellish. With car stuff, work stuff, other people's relationships stuff... and now my grandma and cousin arrive tomorrow. Which means I spent my last week of having my own room running around being stressed! D: I know I am stressed because the past 2 mornings I've woken up to my calves cramping up ever so painfully.

Highlight of the week. ZQ beach pictures. *headdesk* don't judge, m'kay? Plus as a result, I had this GREAT dream last night. LET ME TELL YOU IT.
I don't remember the details, but somehow I ended up meeting ZQ and we started chatting and it was awesome. In the dream, I was wearing a hat and he liked it.. which prompted us to start talking. And then we had to part ways and we exchanged contact information to chill later. And then it faded to later and we were just hanging out. And I got a hug and I distinctly remember thinking in the dream that he smelled really good. And basically we were just friends and it was happy times. I feel like there was more to the end of the dream that I've forgotten by now. At any rate, I was so upset when I woke up because it was one of those really vivid dreams where I am half-convinced it is real until I wake up 100%.

Oh my life. Is that a MLIA moment? I dunno.

SO I signed up for reel_merlin as you know. And then the Heroes big bang was mentioned by someone. And I was like, oh! Heroes! And then I was like, shit what is wrong with you?! Because I have read a grand total of one heroes fic and have yet to even watch the thing all at once in proper order. WTF SELF STOP THAT. My compromise is that if I can think of something before the end of tomorrow that might lead to something.. then maybe I will try? (lol I am crazy)


I watched all of So NoTORIous the other night. Except for the last episode. Which was not in the torrent. And which I can't find online. HALP I AM SO SAD ABOUT THIS.

OK ANYWAY. I have a crapton of new gifs for my 1,000th post, which will be early in the week. Probably Tuesday as I have work in the morning and can then devote my late evening to playing with.

And now... continuation of that Disney song meme that I made up. Songs from animated movies that are NOT Disney. Or y'know... from other movies I loved as a child.

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2009-06-26 02:55 am
Entry tags:

(no subject)

RIP Ed MacMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

It's always in threes isn't it? *sigh*

- - -

Totally unrelated to the above (and meaning no disrespect): some unrelated things.

Heroes seasons 1 and 2 are finally. The first half of season 3 will be done likely tonight. I am.. excited. Was going to watch So Notorious tonight, got distracted by large ZQ picspam on ontd_st. Will be harvesting many images. Also saved a crapton of icons, mostly of Sylar. Will be adding them to my Memewsha rando-sig and seeing if it breaks tektek a bit.

In five entires, I will have posted 1,000 posts to my livejournal. I need to plan something big. Possibly massive amounts of images, something crazy to commemorate. Who knows?

*sighs and goes back to staring at pictures of ZQ*
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2009-06-24 02:48 am
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crashing to the ground

Today was not what you would call "my day". Got flailed at while at work because of a table I sat. (A ONE PERSON table that left in half an hour I might add!) I was.. taken aback enough to be shaken for a few minutes. Which is.. not fun when like 90% of your job is being pleasant and smiling a lot. It just... makes me not like my job when stuff like that happens. And then I was pulling a highchair out, miscalculated.. and knocked another one over onto my toes. it... really hurt. Especially when I had to limp back to the desk and greet someone. The greeting went something along the lines of "*pained grin* Hi how are you? Um.. hold on a second, I just dropped a highchair on my foot. ...ok let's go this way. *limplimp*" My toe is ok though. I was worried the nail was gonna crack and that I wasn't going to be able to check it for a while.

I ended up buying a piece of cheesecake to make myself feel better. The tiramisu cheesecake. *drool* Although, mental note, don't buy cheesecake and then eat it on an empty stomach. It hurts.

The girl who was looking for a roommate has emailed me to say she still needs one, so I think I am going to need to look for 2 bedroom apartments. I was productive tonight eventually though. Wrote statement for the insurance company. Wrote Robin's character reference letter for his apartment. Tomorrow before work I must look into the financial aid stuff and look for apartments. *nodnod*

ZQ video from last night appears to be part of something to do with his production company. With the exception that the fall may have been unplanned, but he just went with it? I dunno. It seems to fabricated with a couple new videos found today that just... iunno. "I don't eat my friends" just made me lol though.

Gonna start the Capt Fine upload tomorrow so I can finally get that picspam posted. I have more than enough for one now. :D

more ZQ photos from Tyler Shields )

ps- should i go watch Star Trek in IMAX?
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2009-06-23 02:51 am
Entry tags:


Oh man today has been just.. guh.

Woke up super-late. Rushed around trying to clean up all my books. I am missing a lot of them! DO NOT LIKE. I don't know where most of the Nightwatch series is. And I'm missing random pieces of series. *sigh* Will have to track that all down. But it is finished and my bookshelves are neat again.

Then I went out to Target with my mom. Except we never made it to Target because some idiot lady SIDESWIPED OUR CAR while we were stopped at one of the lights in front of the mall. Everyone is okay. The car no longer has a driver-side mirror and there are a few scratches. Some lady in a van apparently didnt see the red light and decided that the proper course of action was to try and zoom between the two lanes of stopped traffic and run the light. Instead she hit like three cars on the way and lost her own mirror and hubcap. It was scary as all hell too. I heard her hitting the other cars behind us (we were first in line) and then suddenly there was a thud and a red blur and a smash. The best part was that she then pulled into the mall parking lot and tried to hide. We found her in her car and she argued with the mall security, claiming it wasnt here, while we got the police on the line. I pulled out her hubcap which matched the other three still on her car... and she pulls her car in reverse, hits the security officer in the knee WITH HER CAR while he tried to stop her and then got chased around the parking lot by mall security. It was a goddamn mess. And of course it's raining the whole time and I'm running around in flip flops trying to explain the whole thing to my dad while trying to keep my poor mother calm.

OH LORD. And then I got home, brother's gf was over here upset about something and my sister's best friend's bf broke up with her tonight so she's on the phone. So.. I went and did karaoke at Zen Bar with Rachel cuz just.. screw this man.

And then I get home and there is this video of ZQ falling down while being followed by a man dressed like a steak. And there is cursing. And omg I am so uncomfortable about the whole thing. Especially how he's all like "are you happy now?!" And I'm just like, noooo world why are you awful?! T_T I'm trying really hard to just not think about it...

ps- I have a few new friends from the pthon friending meme. Hi guys! <3
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2009-06-20 10:51 pm
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everything you ever

I am.. so freaking tired. It was totally worth it, but I seriously don't want to do that again for a VERY LONG TIME.

I left West Hartford with [ profile] 21stcherryboy a little bit after 7pm after filling my car with gas. We went down to Clinton and got [ profile] silver_youko at like 8pm... where we then went to get [ profile] michygeary and friend in Durham at nearly 9 (after getting a bit lost-ish). Then I shot up to Boston with the full car. We got there a little past 11pm. (4 hours straight driving guh). Phil met us and I ran into Carin, Adam and their friend Megan.. which was all sorts of awesome!

Anyway, the showing! It was a lot of fun. :) I'd actually not seen all of Dr. Horrible in one sitting. Just bits and pieces here and there. I'm listening to the soundtrack now because it's awesome. I believe it's my duty now to make my sister watch it. I bet she'd enjoy it. Then of course there was Serenity which I had not seen in AGES. T_T

And then... it was 3am. So.. yeah math, I got home at 7am. The drive actually wasn't too bad. I was running on a bit of an adrenaline high after the showing. Then I had some goldfish to munch on for a while. And by that time, the sun was coming up so it kept me alert. Although.. going to bed a solid 2 hours after the sun has risen is just not fun. It even still took me like 20 minutes to fall asleep.

Long story short: I felt and looked like a zombie this morning. I'm surprised no one said anything at work. Maybe I always look vaguely zombie-ish? At least it didn't get too crazy.

In other news
*puppy eyes* Give it a shot...? for me?

There have been a lot of reviews out and it's been kinda mixed. But in the way where you wonder if the people who gave bad reviews even watched the show because what they say makes no sense. And then the rest of the reviews are pretty optimistic about it. I don't even care, I'll be sitting in the tv room with my laptop on the [ profile] merlin_us reaction post flailing. We are having company for dinner tomorrow and I'm just like, "UGH you are not allowed in the tv after dinner for coffee, I've been looking forward to this for like a month now". So there. Oooh my gosh why is this so exciting?!

Janet brought me the pages from the most recent People magazine that feature ZQ and Capt Fine. And I just keep... looking at it. *content sigh*

ZQ pics from the Heroes set )

As a final note, I think that "My Eyes" is my favorite song from the Dr Horrible ost. I think I'll go watch So NoTORIous until I can't stay awake anymore.
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2009-06-18 02:48 am


Ok, so what was it about tonight that made THE WORLD decide to come to Cheesecake Factory. Like really? And of course I was greet-filling and sometime around 8pm I was desperate to just curl up somewhere dark to breathe for a minute. But of course I couldn't because there were still 15 names on the wait. *woe* The end result being that we were pretty busy right up to 10pm. Although I guess that's good for the end of the day being a lot shorter so I was a lot less bored.

Also apparently I have a "boisterous" singing voice. Which I'm like 90% sure isn't really a compliment? Unless he didn't know what it really meant? (Which I doubt as said person is actually quite intelligent). This came right after we sang happy birthday to some little old woman right before we closed... and is ironic as I sing as quietly as possible and he really only probably heard me as we were standing next to each other. REGARDLESS... I am confused but also worried that my response to the comment came over as over-offended by it. I... don't even know. I hate singing in front of people..... *shivers*

I started going through my bookshelves before work. A process that is painful for me as I hate giving up any of my books. Most of them have some sort of meaning to me based on when I read them. Also I am a horrible packrat. I have managed to find some that I really don't want to keep. They are in a box waiting for more to join them on the eventual trip to donation.

Speaking of books, I am nearly done with The Looking Glass Wars. I'm kinda impressed as the only times I've been reading it is over meals (breakfast and dinner after work) and sometimes for a bit in bed in the mornings. I was right about it being a quick read. I also am fairly sure that I'm not quite sold on the writing style despite the plot being good. It's not really BAD writing. The best way to describe it I guess is clinical? Like all my English teachers coming back to hover over me, telling me to show and not tell. It's especially evident in the copious battle sequences. When battles become less about the suspense and emotion of fighting.. and more about "and then so-and-so did this. and then this happened. and then she did this." it's just harder to sink into. That being said, I will definitely be continuing with the series. Like I said, it's a quick read the plot is shaping up nicely. This *was* his first book so I hope it will only improved with the sequel?

Send me like, LJ messages or something with where I need to pick you up and when you will be availbale for the picking up. We have a full car (michy is bringing a friend, less $$ for gas/tolls/parking for us) and I want to leave the shore by like... 9-9:30. So.. lemme know where I need to go get you. xD Also... halp? Dress is definitely not made (although will be done for CTcon so help me god) so I need to decide what to wear. Rayray already said she's doing loli? Am debating between that.. and pulling out some of that h.naoto I haven't worn yet. (the white/purple sailor-style top with the sleeves with black pants/boots maybe?) UGH CLOTHING IS HARD.

I close this out with more image spam. Because... well just because
*headdesk* )

lol good night world
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2009-06-17 03:15 am


Dear world, Why am I still awake? Oh yeah, because I had that coffee when I left work at 11pm tonight and it's had me bouncing in place for the past few hours. I think I can feel the crash coming soon though... so that is good.

Work was.. work. xD I am getting better at managing things on my own. Including talking to the bussers, assigning tables and greeting people ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Sometimes it gets to the point where I am like *flail!*. But not so badly that I am breaking down. :D

I have been on a really big Disney/animated movie music kick again. Happens every so often. Also Journey... won't freaking leave my head. Late tonight I was humming it to myself at the front desk while I ate my hidden goldfish (which didn't really help my hunger any).

I spent part of tonight watching the Star Trek audiobook (as read by ZQ) downloading on my computer. I have heard good things and the little pieces I've already heard are.. golden. I am excited even though I totally will not be able to listen to it tonight.

Speaking of ZQ. Quite a few photo outtakes have been posted lately. As well as more walking pics. xD Ones that don't include sinfully ugly hats!

this is what happens when my life is boring, i post images )
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2009-06-15 02:06 pm
Entry tags:

journey won't leave my head

Let's see. Work in 3 hours. Still haven't showered or changed or eaten anything. My day is off to a good start? I'm such a bum.

Anyway, before I shower... doing a meme grabbed from [ profile] brightlightss.

survey of DOOM )

Ok so outtakes of the Ocean Drive photoshoot were posted and I'm just like, BEST WAY TO WAKE UP EVER. Just.. white pinstriped suit wut?! *_* More icon making material!
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2009-06-15 01:22 am
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she took the midnight train going aaaaanywheeeere

Second day of the fair today! Went around 2, bought more food (lol stuffing my face!) and then ran into Rachel who was there to see the cover band. They were fun and upbeat.. and actually good! I was like, wow West Hartford way to go you did something right. Ended up buying two postcards from the guy I linked yesterday as they were only $5 each. So I will be framing them nicely for hanging in my future new room. I am excited as they feature snippets of my 2 favorites of the prints he had for sale. Also I played Guitar Hero while someone stood over me and explained how to play to a pair of WH parents who looked confused by the whole thing. It was 3 though.. lamesauce. I woulda loved to rock Carry On My Wayward Son.

Then I bought cotton candy + a sno cone to eat on my way to my car. xD My rationale is that.. it only happens once a year. May as well do it right.

It has come to my attention that Heroes season 1 is on sale at Target now for like $19. I'm about to say "fuck it" to this torrent and buy the damn series. *sigh* I might just snag season 1 anyway. Just to own it. Even if I let the torrent finish. Oh decisions. I am just getting really impatient!

Started working on some ZQ icons tonight.. and then realized that I need more freaking brushes. I have a couple custom sets but like... I'm just not feeling any of them. So now I'm just hitting up DevArt to see what I can snag. I mean, I made a couple but not enough for a new post yet.

And now just because I can.
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2009-06-13 01:52 am
Entry tags:

of the illogical

I love having days off. Sadly it always throws my weekdays off though, as I spent all day having to actively remember that it was Friday. Went to the mall and bought myself a pair of grey shorts and a brown skirt. There was a sale.. and my mind went "you need things for this vacation you are going on". And the shorts are longer so I won't feel totally self-concious wearing them. BONUS! (omg that reminded me of This is My Milwauke. I need to check to see if anything came of that). Anyway, I had this 25% off Borders coupon that I wanted to use on a book for my dad for father's day + possibly some DVDs. But then they didn't have book OR any interesting DVDs. So boo to them.

And then I went to Toys R Us where the Star Trek section is incorrectly labelled. There is a whole row of Star Wars - Clone Wars signs. But the last like fifth of the shelf was all the Star Trek stuff. lulz. They had phasers! And the large dolls action figures. But I was like, NO I WILL NOT SPEND. And then I bought a Spock toy anyway. ( I kinda want the matching Kirk one now. 1) They weren't too expensive. 2) SPOCK MIGHT GET LONELY IF I DONT. Also Kirk has a phaser. xD

I want to take pictures of my Spock doing battle with the various things in my room and exploring. I already had fun putting Pokemon figures on his head and thinking about how unamused he looked about the whole thing. AHAHAHAHA!

Oh! Tangent. Am set for the Friday of Can't Stop the Serenity (ps- Michy, Rayray and Janet. I need to know how we're gonna do this and if people are gonna be able to get up closer to West Hartford before we head out that evening. I can drive to get people if need be but yeah. xD) Course then work went and scheduled me for SATURDAY AT LUNCH. So now I'm all FML because I'm gonna get home at some ungodly hour Saturday early morning and will have to be alert for a Saturday shift of FILLING AND THINKING mere hours later. I WILL WIN DAMNIT.

This weekend is going to be a mess of one too because I'm working during the one time I wish I didn't have to be. So I plan on getting to Celebrate!WH for like 45 minutes before work tomorrow. And then maybe to get a sno cone after work. xD And then lunch time for delicious foods and more art wanderings. We shall see how well this works.

As a last note. More pictures of ZQ. Because they released a whole set of outtakes from the GQ Germany shoot (which you will recall is one of my faves). So I need to post the outtakes here in order. (oh guuuuuh)

set phasers to sexy )

Woosh to bed! (GO HEROES TORRENT GO!)
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2009-06-12 03:03 am

we are like the earth and sky

Family-whine aside, it was a pretty good day I suppose. xD Ate a waffle before work (and glared at my brother when he suggested that he could eat one). There was a large party in the restaurant so we went on something of a false wait. I was alone at the front desk and I am proud that I managed to keep track of the bussers and get people seated in a timely manner. It's hard to greet people and talk over the headseat at the same time! My brain isn't sure how to handle that multi-tasking yet.

There was something of an issue though when I forgot to save a table for a reservation. In my defense, we don't normally accept reservations at 12:30 and there was a mad rush at like... 12:15. So they were all complaining at the manager about how they were on a work break and couldn't afford to stay long. Yeah. 2 hours after being seated, they finally left. UGH PEOPLE. I am so glad I'm not working tomorrow I think.

Then I was "helping" my sister and her friend with their AP Chem project. By "helping" I mean attempting to remember anything at all about basic chem, specifically conductivity. It just wasn't happening. Plus I was too busy being appalled at their sloppy experimental design and lack of multiple repeats and variables. How are you supposed to calculate significance if you don't have more than one data point?! I am clearly a lost cause. D:

THEN I watched the Lancelot episode of Merlin and remembered all over again why I adore the show. So much just... fun! I missed it, I should watch some more again tomorrow. <3 Merlin hasn't TOTALLY lost me to Star Trek yet. I don't think it ever will I love it so much.

SPEAKING OF FANDOM! [ profile] seperis posted a story for Star Trek. Last time she posted fic for Merlin, I was rambling here about how it was so good it hurt. And.. this story did the same thing and.. and... just gaaah. So good. Oh fic.. my guilty pleasure.

I feel like I need a ZQ tag. I always end up rambling about him somehow by the end of my entries. On that note, I really need to make more icons because I wanna play with photoshop and do something more than just crop images. xD We'll see how well that works and if any of the results make it to the internets.

No new images have popped up... so... have this gif of him dancing with Kirsten Bell. With bonus!Masi on the side. :)

Ahh I love this gif. + glasses!

And just for fun. A motivational poster AND A PRESENT FOR [ profile] magicalmartha UNDER THE CUT.

fiarra: ([ppl] zq. glee!)
2009-06-05 12:17 am


And thus part 2 begins... (part 1 here)

First things first though!
I really want that poster and will be buying it... most likely tomorrow. My first thought when I saw it and flailed was that I am not going to do a very good job hiding my geek levels when I move up to Boston at this rate.

Also, I made a bunch of ZQ icons. [ profile] starsparkdreams, my sad and lonely icon/graphics journal has them. I know I'm not really that great at icons or photoshop, but it was fun making these anyway!



Lots of glasses!Zach and an image dedicated to [ profile] michygeary.

to not click would be.. illogical? *shot* )

Oh my goodness. That is more images than I care to think about.

Chris Pine is up next along with a bunch of cast images + Karl Urban. Y'know.. assuming I don't find an unexplored pile of ZQ pictures before then....


Just found this on YouTube. From the TVGuide shoot that produced that awesome balancing pic from my first picspam and then the colorful sweater ones.
0:26 - "My favorite sin? Lust" (and then the goddamn smirk)