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Second day of the fair today! Went around 2, bought more food (lol stuffing my face!) and then ran into Rachel who was there to see the cover band. They were fun and upbeat.. and actually good! I was like, wow West Hartford way to go you did something right. Ended up buying two postcards from the guy I linked yesterday as they were only $5 each. So I will be framing them nicely for hanging in my future new room. I am excited as they feature snippets of my 2 favorites of the prints he had for sale. Also I played Guitar Hero while someone stood over me and explained how to play to a pair of WH parents who looked confused by the whole thing. It was 3 though.. lamesauce. I woulda loved to rock Carry On My Wayward Son.

Then I bought cotton candy + a sno cone to eat on my way to my car. xD My rationale is that.. it only happens once a year. May as well do it right.

It has come to my attention that Heroes season 1 is on sale at Target now for like $19. I'm about to say "fuck it" to this torrent and buy the damn series. *sigh* I might just snag season 1 anyway. Just to own it. Even if I let the torrent finish. Oh decisions. I am just getting really impatient!

Started working on some ZQ icons tonight.. and then realized that I need more freaking brushes. I have a couple custom sets but like... I'm just not feeling any of them. So now I'm just hitting up DevArt to see what I can snag. I mean, I made a couple but not enough for a new post yet.

And now just because I can.


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