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2009-07-21 12:09 am
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the ghetto-est ice cream truck

This weekend was pretty fun. Saturday was the annual clambake at the house of a UCONN Health Center faculty member. It was the usual. Lots of booze (never ending, jesus), tons of clams/lobsters/yummy food. Except this year they got an Elvis impersonator as well. On my computer there resides a video of my father drunk-dancing. And lots of pictures. Once I get around to uploading everything onto facebook, there will be show and tell. :D I did not actually consume anything alcoholic because I am veru awkward about that stuff around my family. Not like I would gotten drunk or anything.. but I feel weird about even drinking a beer or something.

Then on Sunday I saw the most sketch ice cream truck ever. It was basically a giant brown van. You could see the coolers that contained the ice cream peeking up at the bottom of the windows. And there was just a mega-phone style speaker attached to the top. And the guy driving it looked pretty sketch too. I was just drove by and laughed. I would not want to buy ice cream from that man.

Also I went to the mall and remember that I need to buy my American Apparel hoodie asap.

Today was work. It was slow. My fave person, who should not be such, was not there. I did buy myself a sandwich though.

I am obsessed with this cover, this is awful. I haven't watched American Idol since David Cook inspired some form of rage in me. (I don't even know why.. I can't make myself like the man). But some people on my friend's list will talk about it all the time (in particular, Adam Lambert). Then I started youtubing and... this cannot end well.

For reference - cover I am liking:

Also, there is a vid of him singing "Kiss From a Rose".. which is just not fair. NOT FAIR I TELL YOU.

*cough* Anyway... carry on.
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2009-06-22 01:21 am
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rawr! i'm a dinosaur!

After the excitement of the Merlin premiere.. I AM SO BORED TONIGHT.

I slept WAY too little last night as I managed to get in bed at nearly 3am with a headache.. and then woke up at 9:30 to make fruit salad while my siblings made pancakes and omelettes for our father's day brunch thing. It was yummy and he liked the gifts we bought him. (My contribution was a fermentation cookbook with all sorts of tips and recipes, he was excited).

Then we went to the mall where I retroactively used a $20 coupon for the things I bought last week. ...I lead a life of excitement and joy.

I got my brother and sister to watch AND THEY LIKED IT. *flail* I almost killed the TV though because our reception is annoying and it wasn't working for a while. It was amazing seeing it all big and clear the tv. *_* I HATED how they did the commercial breaks though. It's like everything just cut at awkward moments without warning. Worried that newer viewers would be discouraged by it. And then our power cut out twice for a few seconds like right around the part where Arthur fights Valiant and I was like, NOOOO WHYYYY?!

Consensus from the siblings was great. Sister agrees with me that the first episode is weak and she wasn't convinced until we saw the second ep. So kudos to NBC for showing both tonight because I can see people not coming back next week if only ep 1 was shown. CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK.

Merlin was a trending topic on Twitter for a little while after and I had fun watching that. Looks like people either had already seen it, were new and loved it... or were new and didn't "get it" and thought it was stupid. Oh well. Can't win everyone!

Hrm... yea. My life. xD
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2009-06-15 01:22 am
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she took the midnight train going aaaaanywheeeere

Second day of the fair today! Went around 2, bought more food (lol stuffing my face!) and then ran into Rachel who was there to see the cover band. They were fun and upbeat.. and actually good! I was like, wow West Hartford way to go you did something right. Ended up buying two postcards from the guy I linked yesterday as they were only $5 each. So I will be framing them nicely for hanging in my future new room. I am excited as they feature snippets of my 2 favorites of the prints he had for sale. Also I played Guitar Hero while someone stood over me and explained how to play to a pair of WH parents who looked confused by the whole thing. It was 3 though.. lamesauce. I woulda loved to rock Carry On My Wayward Son.

Then I bought cotton candy + a sno cone to eat on my way to my car. xD My rationale is that.. it only happens once a year. May as well do it right.

It has come to my attention that Heroes season 1 is on sale at Target now for like $19. I'm about to say "fuck it" to this torrent and buy the damn series. *sigh* I might just snag season 1 anyway. Just to own it. Even if I let the torrent finish. Oh decisions. I am just getting really impatient!

Started working on some ZQ icons tonight.. and then realized that I need more freaking brushes. I have a couple custom sets but like... I'm just not feeling any of them. So now I'm just hitting up DevArt to see what I can snag. I mean, I made a couple but not enough for a new post yet.

And now just because I can.
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2009-06-14 02:03 am

why with the moneys!?

Today was such a freaking long day. Walking around the fair. Then work. Luckily around 3:30 the manager went "who wants to go home" and I was like "OOOH PICK ME", except y'know... calmer. And then I went and got yummy pad thai and a blue sno cone and kettle corn and stuffed myself silly. I also bought this gorgeous pink and silver glass pendant thing from the art show. I'm totally gonna rock it at work with the all-black I have to wear.

Oh my gosh there is this artist guy with a stand and I freaking love his art. It's all silk-screened by hand. And just GAH! I want like 5 of his pieces and even just a normal sized silk-screen is FIFTY DOLLARS. *woe* I plan on getting two of the postcardy things he is selling for $5 and framing them together to make my own art.

Speaking of art, my totally awesome Star Trek poster showed up in the mail today. I unrolled it to verify that it is the right one.. and then put it right back in the tube. I just need a poster frame for that and I'm all set for hanging in my room when I move. :D I am such a dork.

I also found a site that lets me cut parts of songs and sends them to my phone so that I may use said cuts as ringtones. First order of business, I cut the opening theme to Merlin and sent it. My phone.. is totally pimp now. I'm thinking of doing the first part of the Lucky Star opening just because it will be the most annoying thing in the world. Or maybe the english Cardcaptors theme. My phone can declare to the world that.. I am ridiculous.
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2009-06-07 11:20 pm

i presume you have prepared new insults today

It has been a nice weekend.

Accidentally went to bed at 4am last night, so I slept till 1. And there was sadness because I'd been having a really nice dream and then my mom opened the door really loudly and in the process of being jolted away.. I lost the thread of the dream. So I was just left with a vague sense of "that was an awesome and relaxing dream, come baaaack". *sadness*

Then I went out for P.F. Chang's with Janet. Followed by omgStar Trek movie! (ahahaha 4 times now) It was.. just as amazing the 4th time and about half way through I realized that I can't wait until the DVD comes out so I can just watch it all the time. Actually, before the movie we went to this awesome store where all the books are 75% off and they had nearly all of the "So you want to be a wizard" series. So I bought the last 3, as well as the first 2 books in the Looking Glass Wars. And some other random things. SO AWESOME.

Random movie thoughts:
- the little things that Vulcan children stand in to learn things.. are kinda awesome. I wish I had one to play with.
- Towards the end I realized that anyone who was Vulcan in the movie like.. never blinked. Which I feel like was intentional to convey lack of emotion, but is also one of those details that I think is really cool. Although Spock did blink a few times that I caught, but it was always when he was A) surprised by something or B) showing emotion for reals. Which makes sense.
- the Romulan ship design.... so pretty *drools a little*

I have to work tomorrow and I'm not sure how I feel about that. xD Luckily I am not filling so it will be a shorter day for me.

Also, tomorrow I am going to the store. I was Star Trek Waffles. And cereal. Sepcifically Rice Krispies... because then I can just make dessert with them. AND I get the cool toy. xD
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2009-06-06 11:25 pm
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free ice cream = win!

The track titles of the Star Trek OST are soooo silly. "Nero Death Experience"? "Nice to Meld You"? Srsly... who came up with the titles?! Also, for some reason the torrent I grabbed turned "That New Car Smell" into "That New Cat Smell"... and I can't make myself change it just yet. That being said, I really enjoy the main melody line for the movie theme. It's like the Merlin theme song all over again.


June 21st is sooo soon guys! They're already showing the tv previews on NBC. Although I must say that I'm.. not really pleased with them? Especially with the voice-over guy. Why are none of the tv spots able to portray how totally epic it is? I don't understand. No matter, I will be glued to my tv that night for sure. Possibly with my laptop in front of me so I can flail as I am watching.

Today was a busy day. We went to the Salvation Army to donate a pile of clothing that we don't want anymore, as well as my childhood bike. *tear* My mom was gonna throw the bike out, but it's still in really good condition considering both my sister and I used it... so I convinced her that we should donate it. Yay for doing good things. Then we spent far too much time at BJ's getting an absurd amount of food/house stuff. They did not have anything interesting in their DVD section like I was hoping.

It was also free ice cream day at Friendly's! So we went to get some ice cream. xD I am boring and got vanilla. Mostly because I couldn't remember what else I normally get there so I just said VANILLA! really fast. It, unfortunately, did not help satisfy this craving for green tea ice cream that I developed this morning.

*shakes computer* FINISH ACQUIRING HEROES DARNIT. Until then.. I think I am going to be daring and open up Microsoft Word to see what I can come up with. Between Trek fandom, the Merlin-thon and general free time this weekend, I'm starting to get the writing bug again. *woe*

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2009-02-18 12:27 am
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blind game again

Friday was my last day at work. It was kinda sad. On Thursday we'd all gone out for lunch for Japanese (my pick! yay!) and they all surprised me with cheesecake and a card+gift. I don't know why I didn't cry.. probably because it still hadn't really sunk in what was going on. Then Friday I went in for the last time. Had to run around getting papers signed.. gave public safety my id badge (sadness!).. and then I had the task of cleaning out my drawers. It always amazes me how much STUFF just accumulates when you aren't paying attention. Left behind a pile of papers... burned all my data to cds.. burned a disk of everything I cared about on the Mac. I ended up leaving last at 6:30 and was absurdly emo about it. It's not like I'll never be back... just not the same way I guess. Which reminds me that I need to ask Keith to give my nameplate to my dad.. I wanna hold on to it. T_T

And then I went to Chili's with my mom and sister! Which.. as we would later discover.. may or may not have been the cause of later grief. v_v;; We spent Valentine's Day at the mall looking for a few things. Then we went to Trader Joe's to pick up some dinner. I made dinner... and then both of them promptly got some form of food poisoning.

...It was an AWESOME Valentine's. I guess it's good I was distracted? =X I'm still not sure if it was the Chili's or the frozen foods from TJ's. Could have been either since I didn't eat any of the Chili's shrimp.. and I ate less of the TJ's fried rice shrimp. Mostly since I'm not sure if I'm allergic.

Anyway.. it was great. So now I'm home and grudgingly looking for a part-time job. I hate having to go into stores during normal business and ask if they are hiring. It makes me feel awkward. But I mostly just need to suck it up at this point because I can't stand sitting around feeling useless for very long.

I'm hoping to get some sewing done, but I couldn't today since my mom was here. She was still feeling crummy. And my sister is home all this week too. I kinda just want the house to myself during the days. x_x Then I can really focus without worrying about other people. Cosplay and the like.

Just now a trip through led me to this:
lulz I kinda want it. They sell "fill it yourself" vials too and I think it would be neat to put some totally crazy color in one.. like highlighter ink.
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2009-02-01 06:39 pm
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shake it like a polaroid picture

My nose is very itchy.. I was sent to start going through all the boxes of old papers/school things/etc in the basement so we can actually put the things I need to keep in plastic storage boxes. I had to stop after like an hour and half though because the dust was unbearable. Although I did find the $45 refund that UNC gave me when I thought I was going to reapply for the Spring. I.. think I'm on the edge of the limit for when you can deposit a check? It's worth a shot I suppose. =X

I have all this shit down there.. but I hate going through it because of the memories. Not that all memories are bad.. just that it's easier to remember the negative connotations. I threw away large chunks of things I know I don't want to keep... but I don't look forward going through all the folders of stuff I am less sure about.

It was a nice weekend all things told though. Went out to dinner last night with Susana, Lena and Lena's boyfriend (they are so cute together.. it kills me) to Chili's in Manchester. I tried some mini buffalo chicken sandwich things are they were yummmm. Then we all headed over to UCONN to see those 2 guys from Who's Line is it Anyway? perform. We were a little late (stupid Chili's...) but it was hilarious. I'm glad I ended up going. :)

Today the Sunday comics were all squished so they could run a full-page ad on the last page of the insert. The ad was for amazing Amish fireplaces. All you have to do to is plug them in! -_-;; I'm sure the Amish make grand use of these ELECTRIC fireplaces all winter. Oh newspaper...
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2008-12-08 11:26 pm
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we've heard all their stories one too many times

Endless applications continue. So does work. Some iffy drama-ish things going on there... but yeah... I don't know what's going on, so I will wait before rambling on about it. xD

This weekend was fun though. Went to mall on Saturday to watch Justin and Max at the 40k tournament. They got 4th. And then we went shopping. I bought.. one volume of manga. lol. Not exactly the shopping I'd intended to do.. but I still have no idea what to get my family. Buu. And then we went to pizza... and ate delicious nachos that I will always want whenever we go there now.

So yea... I am bored and just felt like updating. >.>;;; Maybe I'll watch some anime before bed.
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2006-07-24 09:27 pm
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scrambled brains are tasty

So remember how I had all that data from last week that looked like crap? Turns out I can't use any of it because it *is* crap. And we don't know why. 3 of the 4 plates I did look totally wrong. My one happy thought is that 3 of the samples were salvagable, meaning it wasnt a useless week.

This week only promises to be much of the same ick though. The technician for the lab took off on Thursday night leaving behind an email saying he would be gone for a week on vacation. Needless to say, no one was very happy about that. Especially since Jenn is still sick and Heather was on the calendar for a vacation. This means that tomorrow will be hellish. Milton is finishing up this huge experiment and we have to sacrifice the 20 mice he's been injecting with stuff and split the blood/tissues like 4 different ways and do all sort of tests. And as it stands, instead of 4-5 people... we have 3. I have to be in before 8am... meaning I leave my house at 6:45am.... *cry* Coffee for me!

But! This weekend was awesome in a box. Jacob came over on Saturday and we watched PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2!! Oh man... it made me happy inside. Not as good as the first mostly because (much like what everyone else has said) it felt like one big setup for the next one. cut for spoiler )

Then Sunday was Lake Compounce where we got spun, splashed, and thrown around on various rides. We pretty much rode everything twice. I always forget how rough roller coasters are on a person. But it was a fun day. *nodnod*

And.. next weekend is OZZFEST. And I'm really excited. Indeed.
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2006-07-12 09:23 pm
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I suppose it's about time I updated.

This Saturday I went to Connecticon with Jacob. It was awesome. Jacob arrived on Friday night and on Saturday we woke up at 6 (!). Mostly cuz Jacob had a lot of stuff to get ready for his costume. I had to straighten his hair, spray color it, attempt to help him gel it (didnt work). This took 2 hours. Then it took another hour to paint everything on his face, neck and arm. But it looked really good. Then it was off to the convention center.

We met up with Kate and Dave there and headed off to watch some of the webcomic auction which featured people taking off their shirts, silly dancing and lots of shedding of dignity. After a while I got bored so we went to the dealer's room where, once again, I didnt know where to start. Made several tours of the room, talked to the guy who draws Questionable Content and got a couple sketches, then wandered out to take pictures of people. I wanted to play DDR so we went there for a while where I discovered that Converse shoes arent good DDR-ing shoes and that I'm really out of practice. Met up with Justin, Robin and their friend. Then it was back to the dealer's room to buy things. By the end of the day I had bought: a Mai HiME wall scroll, a black mokona plush, a sandalhat plush (bleach), a tribute to Nana cd, and a keychain with yachiru and kenpachi (i gave kenpachi to jacob.. the otaku version of "best friends" bracelets?). Hung out more, talked to people, got more sketches. I ran into John and Shannon and chatted briefly.

One of the coolest parts is that I finally met Gates! We've both been OPs on the OAN for a while now, discovered that we live on opposite sides of Hartford. So I called him and we met and talked briefly. He's really cool and had the *cutest* Mokona plush with him. I sat my little black one next to his and they were cute for a while. *nod*

We then proceeded to wait 2 hours for the cosplay masquerade. It was.. interesting. Ian joined us as did Dave again. Very restless time. We played lots of cards. The masquerade was awesome and I'm determined to maybe be in it next year. I still wanna make that Meilin costume.

Anyway, it was freakin awesome and we didnt leave till after midnight. Was dead tired, but so worth it. A few things I need to remember: buy manga next time... it's cheap and thus a good time to try out new things, GO FOR ALL 3 DAYS (note to self: register as soon as they get the new stuff on the site), start my costume in January, plan to go to screenings of things and panels. One of my main issues was that we didnt have a chance to properly look at the schedule since we were dragged off to the webcomic auction, so there were things I looked at later and was like, 'damn why didnt i go to that'.

But yes.. awesomeness. *nod*

In other news.. project is finally starting... slowly... but it's starting
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2006-06-26 11:37 am
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Yay for updating from work.

Had a marvelous weekend. Went camping Friday night with Jacob and his friend Greg and his gf, Marritt. We were lucky and it didnt rain until the middle of the night when it started pouring and thundering very loudly. *wibbles* Then it was back to Jacob's house for his brother's graduation party (yum food). We ended up staying there since it was really gross out and we were feeling lazy. Finally got a chance to watch Pulp Fiction which is exciting. Strange movie, confused the hell outta me for a while, then it was just cool. Yeah. Got home Sunday, sat around not doing much.

Work is.. work. Turns out the chemicals I've been freaking out over actually arrived last week. The guy in charge of ordering just never bothered telling anyone else that they had arrived. But of course, everyone's gone next week and there are no oysters. So... we're thawing and growing a cell culture line they have here so I can do something with those on Thursday and Friday of next week. Yeah.

Anyway, I should prolly get to lunch... I'm hungry..
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2006-06-16 09:22 pm
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Finally Friday, both wonderful and kinda blah for me this week. I mean, it's always nice to finish the week. But it means another week spent at the lab and still no closer to my thesis. On the plus side, I got 26 hours in this week which is closer to what I had wanted when I started this. (Aim for 30 next week?) On the other hand it's now the weekend and I don't really have any plans. I suppose I should make the best of it and start my GRE studying since I need to take that sometime next month. We'll see...

Talked to my mom about going to Chile over winter break. My cousin is getting married (she's only a year older than me!!!) and I had wanted to go. Sadly, the wedding is on the 14th of January... the semester starts the 16th... so there's no way. And then my grandma wanted to leave before Christmas... and I don't really want to not be home for Christmas. *sigh* So I dunno.

Ganked this quiz from [ profile] stolenrain:

You Communicate With Your Ears

You love conversations, both as a listener and a talker.

What people say is important to you, and you're often most affected by words, not actions.

You love to hear complements from others. And when you're upset, you often talk to yourself.

Music is very important to you. It's difficult to find you without your iPod.

And then I saw this and it looked nifty.
iTunes Magic 8 Ball )
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2006-06-11 06:40 pm
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fun times

Well, after all the planning and running around, the weekend ended up being really fun.

Jacob, Susana, Lena, Latoya and I all went to Pachaug State Forest on Saturday afternoon to go camping. We were worried about it raining and/or being cold. Instead it ended up being perfect outside. We set up our tents and walked around the campsite. Jacob made us a fire and we toasted hot dogs and marshmallows till it got dark and just talked. Some fun stories and good times for all. It was just really peaceful getting away from everything and sitting around the fire, poking it with sticks and laughing. I got some cool pictures on my camera on the time-laspe mode by waving around a smoldering stick. I dunno, I was just glad it finally happened. Sure, we were missing a few people, but it was fun nonetheless and has made us more determined to repeat the experience.

Yeah... so it was fun. *grin*

Pity I have to go to work tomorrow... Mondays are always slow and I can't see this one being any better.. especially since everyone was away last week so there's nothing started that needs to be continued. Might as well just stay home, save the gas money and study for the GRE that I'm supposed to take next month.... *shrug*
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2006-06-05 11:23 pm
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If I said that this weekend was awesometastical.. it wouldn't properly sum it up.

*smile* )

And now I go find sleep.
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2006-05-31 12:20 am
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(no subject)

So it's been a while since I really updated.

Last week at work ended up being ok. We got a bunch of stuff on Wed. so I ended up staying later
and it was good cuz I felt like I was actually doing something. Then Thursday was a very short day of running samples on the machine and me learning how to do that. So I went to the mall and killed time uselessly. Friday I didnt go in. I'm getting a little frustrated though cuz I want to do something. The problem is that the guy in charge of the lab isn't around much so no one really knows what i'm supposed to be doing. Then next week everyone except the technician is going to be gone, so I probably won't even go in. My only concern is that given the way I've seen the lab works is that I need to finish the human blood work this summer. When they get blood, it's an all day affair and I can't do that in the fall. But before I can do anything I need to see how the chemicals are going to work and it's all very frustrating.

Anyway, the rest will just go behind cuts since it might get long...
weekend )

issues )
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2006-04-23 06:25 pm
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wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee applesauce

Long couple of days...

Thirsday was the anime club president election. I won. 16-17. This despite a rather alarming display of dirty politics. It would have been happy either way I suppose, but it's nice to see that I'm being given another chance. Of course there was a question/answer session with Ian and I where June asked the "drama question" about the situation this year. I almost cried. Trying to answer the question was very distressing especially given the fact that I regret how things turned out. And of course half the people who showed up to vote, then decided to leave. Including Pat, Dain and then after some rather harsh words to both me and Kate. I... wasn't entirely sure what to think. I honestly am sad at the way things are right now. I look at Pat, I try to see the person I fell in love with last year... and I don't see him anymore. It's weird. Really weird. All I see arising from this situation is that we're going to drift apart. Summer and distance will do it. And eventually we just wont talk. Maybe I'll be better off like that.. maybe I wont. I suppose all I can do is wait.

This weekend was fun. Friday night after work, Jacob and I went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner. Then we wandered the East Brook Mall and discovered that the Border's Express has a lovely collection of manga. Then we went to see Ice Age 2 with Kate and Andrea. OMG so funny. It was cute and I had fun.

Then today and yesterday I went to Jacob's fencing tournament. Took a lot of pictures today. It was fun, but two long, schoolwork-less, food-less days. Jacob won the competition and got rated for epee today which was really exciting. Yeah..

Now I'm definitely feeling kinda blah and not wanting to do any of the vast amounts of work I should be doing..

right.. about that...

random quiz )
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2006-02-27 12:31 pm
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*coughs weakly*

Well... I'm still sick. And it's so cold and windy outside the thought of going out again today makes me want to cry... meh.

Was a pretty good weekend. I don't remember what I did on Friday... Oh yeah.. I laid around watching tv with Jacob. Then on Saturday I went and watched the fencing tournament type thing which was fun. I still kinda wanna fence... maybe I'll start showing up once a week to the practices. Yeeeah... actually that was the only exciting thing that happened this weekend.

It's the last week before Spring Break. Fun.

Um. right i think i'm hungry now.
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2006-02-20 09:46 am
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*cough cough hack gag*

Urgh... I have this wicked cough that makes me feel like my throat is constantly clogged and makes it not possible to breathe deep without needing to break into more coughing... It's like this semester my body and immune system decided to say "fuck you" and make me miserable... I never get sick, and now already this month I've had strep throat, gone to the hospital and now this. *sigh* Not cool.

At least this weekend was good. Had a lovely weekend in Ledyard with Jacob and Hayden. We went bowling, to Sarge's (manga count = 160), and to the roller rink. We also played more Munchkin than anyone should sanely play. But it was fun. A few other things came up that made me happy, and also made me feel silly for not saying anything earlier, but no matter. Happiness is me.

I have class in 9 min.. maybe I should get there... Also making up my poli sci exam at noon. I don't think I'm going to do very well on it. I know I didn't study enough... but I can't stand reading that book... and I don't like the subject... and yeah.

Anyway... here's to hoping I don't manage to die today...
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2006-02-07 03:08 pm
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turn on your inner radio

Well.. it's certainly been a while (in my terms) since I've updated. And of course my last entry was me being emo. Lovely. I'm such a spazz sometimes.

Anyway, the weekend ended up being ok. I spent it doing not much at all except for an excursion to East in the rain in search of DDR, which ended in failure since the game room wasn't open. So we chill, played beatmania and DDR in his room with Greg and Emily. But alas, not much actual work was done.

This week has been pretty ok. I have my first exam on Thursday which is pretty crazy because.. well.. it still feels like the semester hasn't really started yet. There's a sense of unreality to everything these days. I don't know if it's because I'm happy... or if I've just gotten better and removing my mind from reality.... Maybe both.

I suppose I ought to get some work done. There's stats to be done. Genetic engineering to be read. A bio quiz to be taken online. Yeeeeah....

or maybe i'll go start screencapping the first few eps of Paradise Kiss since eps 1-5 finished entirely...

*shifty eyes*