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Oh. my. God. Yesterday was serious epictimes.

I made three mix cds. One more mellow (which I discovered during the trip has really great flow to it), one more upbeat with all the random shit my cousin and sister wanted on it, and one that is everything that didn't fit on the other 2. Awesomesauce.

We woke up bright and early (read: 8am) and got ready to head out. First we had to go to the consulate where my mom picked up our Chilean passports. *grin* I had a fun 20 minutes sitting alone in the car in front of the building, right under a "No Standing" sign. We left the blinkers on and the car on.. and I got a lot of weird looks from all the guys in suits in their diplomatic cars. Luckily the checkpoint guy was distracted by a lot of electrical company trucks so I didn't have to move at all.

Then we headed back to the Times Square area to wander. We walked to the wax museum and took a zillion pictures. It was SO FREAKING AWESOME. None of us had ever been so we all ran around being idiots for like 3 hours. I'm working on uploading my hundreds of pictures to facebook, but for now I am going to show you my FAVORITE picture of the day.

wax museum yay )

After that, we got some lunch and then it was off to walking around!! First I made everyone go with me to the American Apparel store (I made sure to have the address for the nearest one). Mission: BUY THAT HOODIE IN PURPLE OR BLACK. I was sooo unsure which I wanted. And then the world decided for me cuz they only had the purple in my size. *pets lovingly* it is... crazy comfy too. They had the soft blue one there too... and it was very tempting. BUT YAY I HAS A HOODIE!!!!

Then we walked through Times Square (where we saw a guy selling Obama condoms) and around by Rockefeller Center. Lots of pictures were taken, lots of flailing and being stupid.

After all that, it was like 8pm so we went to meet my cousin and her husband at their new apartment. It's like.. half the size of their old one. o_o;; That's New York for you. I don't think I could do it. We went to dinner to this Mediterranean place and stuffed ourselves. We ended up leaving soooo late. xD Got home at 1am.

I then crashed until nearly 2pm! In my own bed! And then had an awesome lazy day today. :)

Anyway! A meme because [ profile] magicalmartha tagged me.
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