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So West Hartford went and survived the copepod invasion in our drinking water. Which I did not mention here because after my mom went and said "oh if they are in the tap water, then they're in the water you shower in.. and then laundry water.." and I was just trying not to think about how totally creepy that is. D:

And now we have swine flu, which everyone is going all panicky about. Course, it hit Mexico right around the time that so many people were going on vacation there, so of course it made it back. I can't make myself feel all "aaaah!" about it though. I was reading up on it yesterday. This particular outbreak is a H1NI flu subtype. Which has to do with the nucleoproteins and such... But my first thought was, "hey that's the same subtype as the PR-8 virus I used ALL THE TIME at the lab!". Which of course did nothing to make me worry more. When part of your job involved walking down the hallway with a frozen tube of concentrated virus and then thawing it out for experiments.. well it makes you a little more relaxed about the issue. (If anyone care, the other subtype I worked with was H3N2 (H17), but that's not the point here). Incidentally, swine flu can also be of the H3N2 subtype.

So apparently now there are some potential cases here in CT, so my mom went all "omg hygiene" on me last night. Luckily I have some anti-bac lotion in my bag already so I just told her I'd use it. She wanted me to be getting of the gel stuff and using it pretty much everytime I touched something. I may have laughed at that as I am pretty much constantly touching things at work and it would be impossible to do. I mean, short of using it just about every minute. I constantly have to pick up menus, clean the windows, open doors, etc. The most I can do it not bite my nails at work (which I don't do anyway since I handle silverware) and sanitize myself when I leave.

So yea.. swine flu.*shrug* At this point all I can do it maintain my schedule and just be careful about handling things. In other news, my aunt and uncle will likely not be here next month now as they'd been planning on going to Cancun right after. Who knows?


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