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It's been a weekend of ups and downs.

Yesterday I went to my sister's soccer game. It was cute and they won which made her really happy. But then of course my mother wanted to go to the mall so I could help her pick something out. *sigh* And as a result I was late for work at 5 here at UCONN. Note to self: Leaving the house at 4:15 pm *will* make you late at 5. And on top of that, I didn't get to go to the Asian store for snacks. Maybe someone here at school will want to go... *ponders*

So yeah.. work. I've decided I don't like the call center very much. Not that I don't like it, but I'm used to being social with the people I work with. I like being able to talk as I work and being in the call center means I can't leave for more than a few minutes. Yeah... but it was ok. I just took lots of 'wander around the shop saying hi to people" breaks.

After work, I went with Gerg to Subway and then back to his room to watch Stomp Out Loud, that group that does percussion stuff with random stuff... like brooms... and basketballs. It was amazing. And we spend a good 20 min after with this roommate and friend doing our own version of Stomp in his room. It was pretty funny. Then I got roped into their midnight running session.

Ironically, it was actually pretty fun and I appear to be in better shape than I thought I was. The thing is, if you get me doing anything exercise related, like running and ddr, late at night, I get more energy. *grin* Apparently last night was a baby run though lol. And I finally, after 2 years, learned where the rape trail was and how to get to Celeron and Carriage Apts. Oh the... joy I suppose. This was followed by lying in this big-ass dark field looking up at the stars. As Gerg said "when i pictured coming to college, I never thought it would include lying in a wet field after midnight looking up at the stars".

But... as life usually progresses for me.. the world saw that I was happy and energized... so it went and killed it. Pat confronted me after. In fact... he was standing in my hallway waiting for me to get back. *sigh* Accusations were thrown about... there was yelling. It wasn't pretty. It's ok... I probably deserve to be hated anyway...


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