Dec. 10th, 2005 12:12 pm
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HAHAHAHAH!!!! i win.

UCONN came through for me and cancelled classes yesterday. And the world was happy. Here's what happened...

ZOMG!!!!! I'll have to edit later. It's been brought to my attention that towers dining hall has quiche.... and bacon. I think I might die....

(2 hours later)I love quiche.. and bacon... aaaaaanyway....

So had tons of work to do... So I stayed up all night trying to finish it. We're talking me trying to read genetics-related scietific papers at 5am after no sleep. Twas not fun. Sometime around 7, morning classes were cancelled. Not that it helped me cuz my classes dont start till noon on Fridays. I finished my last summary at 9:30 am. Took a shower. I was supposed to study, but instead i set my alarm for 11 and started dozing on my desk. *sweatdrop*

About 20 min later, I woke up and checked the pages. Classes cancelled. I promptly put on pjs, told jacob to call me for dinner, and passed out. I didnt wake up until 6:30pm when Jacob called me. Hehe... it was awesome. We were supposed to go to the hockey game.. but it was cancelled, so instead we went and watched lots of Bleach. Such a kickass show...

In other words, I'm in a happy place right now. Finals are coming up and I can't believe the semester is over. It's been quite a ride, and thankfully things are definitely more stable for me right now. (thanks jacob!) All I can do is wait out the rest and then make next semester the best one yet. Perhaps the one thing that isn't the wonderful right now is my friendship with certain people who I haven't hung out with in over a week. I suppose people will make their choices though.. and right now... I don't think I care very much. I'm happy with where I'm headed. Finally...


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