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So... the week like, started at some point.

Yesterday was MLK Day. I was gonna go to the lab and such.. but then I slept until noon instead. idk guys, I do an awful lot of sleeping and not wanting to EVER get out of bed. Even on nights when I go to bed at a more "normal" time. I don't like it. Okay anyway, I'll think on that later. I slept in and then was very unproductive. Then around 5, my roommate was like "let's go watch an episode of firefly!". See, she likes Nathan Fillion so I told her that we HAVE to watch Firefly. A few weeks ago we watched the pilot. We were gonna do one episode a week.

.....FIVE HOURS LATER. We watched six episodes in one sitting. I don't even know how we managed that! It was AWESOME.

Then we have today! So yesterday I had emailed my advisor (we.. haven't talked.. or seen each other in a while) because I need to get a form signed by him. I said I would try to catch him after the class he teaches on campus (remember, an hour away from my home) to get it signed. So great. The short version of this story is that public transportation hates me and I hate it back. Also, snow.

here's the long version )

In other news, I started watching Black Books and it was the best idea OF MY LIFE. As was commented on my FB status, I hope someday to be as miserable as Bernard. Miserable and drunk. :')


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