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So Anime Boston is over for yet another year. Once again despite thinking that I just wasn't going to finish what I wanted, I made it work. And I am just so freaking happy that I got my Chidori cosplay up to "wearing in public" standard. So.. have a report and then a pile of pictures!!

Friday we arrived in Boston at about 1:30 in the afternoon. After last year, we dreaded registration and the thought of a line. In the end, it took us longer to find the damn reg room than it did to actually get our badges. We literally walked into the room, scanned our barcode papers and they handed us the badge. Robin and I were in shock. It was nice to have a lot more free-time though. Ended up going to the dealer's room to scope out the place and I majorly splurged. Three Gurren Lagann blind-boxes plus a FULL COLOR artbook full of all sorts of awesomeness. Totally worth every penny. They had so many awesome artbooks I wish I could have justified buying another. The Simon and Kamina portaits book is awesome.

Max got there with Aimee and we headed up to the room with all our stuff. Thus started the elevator fiasco. The 5th floor is only acessible from one set of elevators that are not the main ones. We tried the main ones first and ended up getting a freaking tour of the hotel because we couldn't get to 5. Finally after wandering in the executive area and finding someone to ask, we ended up climbing 2 flights of stairs (NOT FUN IN ROCKING HORSE SHOES) to get to the 5th floor. Then waited forever for an elevator to get back down later. Basically... all the elevators we tried to get on were cursed in some way... all weekend. LineCon was no more, it was CursedElevatorCon instead.

Anyway, went to the AMV contest, saw some good stuff, voted. And then we went to PF Changs and got some delicious food. Oh yea, and then I spent 2 hours in the bathroom making the finishing touches to my costume.

Saturday I got all costumed up (wigs are hard!) and it was off to roam. Watched 5cm per second and quite enjoyed it. I mean, it was very understated and sad.. but the art was so pretty. I'm glad I made a point to go watch it at least. Then there was the Sailor Moon panel which was awesome of course. They showed some truly horrific videos ( if you're interested lulzz) and then it was all fun and such. Went to the Masqurade which was kinda lame to begin with and slowly got better. The Dead Moon Circus skit made me stupidly-happy. Then it was CHeesecake Factory for dinner! I got a handful of people take my picture and I got some nice ones alone outside. One of the first times I've ever gotten good documentation of my costume! YAY

Then today I spent obscene amounts of money on manga. Also I met the most annoying dealer's room member ever. She was at the manga booth and I had a couple books in my hand. She was all like yelling in my face about free hentai with id and then was all "I'M WATCHING YOU SO DONT YOU DARE TRY AND STEAL RAWR!" and then when I tried to walk to a different shelf she was like "HEY YOU STOP" and I was just like "...I'm going over here?" I should have told her that if she didn't knock it off I would take my business elsewhere. Stupid girl. Anyway, went to Cosplay Chess. It was.. lamer than usual. Some of the fights were amusing by the kept interrupting it.

Gah... forget it. I'm gonna post some pics and then maybe I'll ramble about this some more.

Hrm... I was going to say more but as I've been writing this entry for the past hour and a half.. I think I will call it good for tonight. More thoughts later


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