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2011-04-10 03:37 pm


Sitting in the bus terminal in Philly right now. Hoping beyond all hope that my bus is not late because if it is behind schedule, I will miss the commuter rail to Lynn and basically my life will be over. Also, I have sooo much work to do and my advisor is going to kill me. Stabbing. With pointy things. Sob.



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2010-12-05 12:25 am
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So. I just watched the finale of Merlin.

I...... I cant even. I have so many ~feelings and I can't even make the words happen.
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2009-07-02 12:43 am


Yaaaaay post 1,000!!

I had a long night at work so I need this distraction before going to sleep. Especially as I need to do it all over again at 11:30 tomorrow morning. D:

In other news, I renewed my library card! It expired 2 years ago and my name was no longer in the system so I had to "re-apply" for one. Which is ironic as the librarian remembers my name even after all this time. Got Island so I can finally read it after all the good things I heard. Yay for vacation giving me time to read again. :)

And now it is time for massive picspam!!! OMG THINGS! THINGS I LIKE!! (contains: anime, Merlin, Star Trek people)

NPH and Elmo are excited and want you to click.

things that make me happy PAST AND PRESENT )

So yeah. Post 1,000. Lots of images. Here's to another thousand?
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2009-06-30 12:24 am


Well here I am.. reporting to you live.. from my basement.

My grandmother and cousin arrived at 12:30 this afternoon. I was up at 10:30 trying to do some last minute cleaning and then showering. It was.. not so fun. It's awesome to have my grandma here though! She set a new ice cream buying record today.

Everytime my grandma is here... whenever we go out, she will always offer to buy us ice cream. And we always will agree to it, even if none of us really want it. The end result being that we are all rather tired of ice cream after a few weeks.

Today we went to Walgreens. After, she bought us.. ice cream. A mere three hours after she arrived. New record! It was good though. xD

I signed up for [ profile] heroes_bigboom. Why? Because I hate myself. I was taking a shower, and suddenly I had a thought. That turned into an almost-plot. And then I was like *headdesk*. So there we go... time to think about writing 10,000 words by the end of the summer. Plus reel_merlin, for which I need to rewatch Life Aquatic still.. and then plot out.

Am working every day this week. The it's off to vacation on the 4th. Oy.. so much to get done.

*goes back to Mene modding before bedtime*
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2009-06-24 03:56 am
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omg crack wut

So I was browsing the [ profile] reel_merlin movie list to see if anything would spark something in me. And I had the weird vision of Arthur and Merlin hunting the spotted shark from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou while filming a documentary and it instantly made me giggle and want it.

...TELL ME FRIENDS LIST.. should I do it?! :O

edit: Too late I already signed up. I shouldn't be allowed on the internet at 4am. *passes out*
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2009-06-22 01:21 am
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rawr! i'm a dinosaur!

After the excitement of the Merlin premiere.. I AM SO BORED TONIGHT.

I slept WAY too little last night as I managed to get in bed at nearly 3am with a headache.. and then woke up at 9:30 to make fruit salad while my siblings made pancakes and omelettes for our father's day brunch thing. It was yummy and he liked the gifts we bought him. (My contribution was a fermentation cookbook with all sorts of tips and recipes, he was excited).

Then we went to the mall where I retroactively used a $20 coupon for the things I bought last week. ...I lead a life of excitement and joy.

I got my brother and sister to watch AND THEY LIKED IT. *flail* I almost killed the TV though because our reception is annoying and it wasn't working for a while. It was amazing seeing it all big and clear the tv. *_* I HATED how they did the commercial breaks though. It's like everything just cut at awkward moments without warning. Worried that newer viewers would be discouraged by it. And then our power cut out twice for a few seconds like right around the part where Arthur fights Valiant and I was like, NOOOO WHYYYY?!

Consensus from the siblings was great. Sister agrees with me that the first episode is weak and she wasn't convinced until we saw the second ep. So kudos to NBC for showing both tonight because I can see people not coming back next week if only ep 1 was shown. CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK.

Merlin was a trending topic on Twitter for a little while after and I had fun watching that. Looks like people either had already seen it, were new and loved it... or were new and didn't "get it" and thought it was stupid. Oh well. Can't win everyone!

Hrm... yea. My life. xD
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2009-06-20 10:51 pm
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everything you ever

I am.. so freaking tired. It was totally worth it, but I seriously don't want to do that again for a VERY LONG TIME.

I left West Hartford with [ profile] 21stcherryboy a little bit after 7pm after filling my car with gas. We went down to Clinton and got [ profile] silver_youko at like 8pm... where we then went to get [ profile] michygeary and friend in Durham at nearly 9 (after getting a bit lost-ish). Then I shot up to Boston with the full car. We got there a little past 11pm. (4 hours straight driving guh). Phil met us and I ran into Carin, Adam and their friend Megan.. which was all sorts of awesome!

Anyway, the showing! It was a lot of fun. :) I'd actually not seen all of Dr. Horrible in one sitting. Just bits and pieces here and there. I'm listening to the soundtrack now because it's awesome. I believe it's my duty now to make my sister watch it. I bet she'd enjoy it. Then of course there was Serenity which I had not seen in AGES. T_T

And then... it was 3am. So.. yeah math, I got home at 7am. The drive actually wasn't too bad. I was running on a bit of an adrenaline high after the showing. Then I had some goldfish to munch on for a while. And by that time, the sun was coming up so it kept me alert. Although.. going to bed a solid 2 hours after the sun has risen is just not fun. It even still took me like 20 minutes to fall asleep.

Long story short: I felt and looked like a zombie this morning. I'm surprised no one said anything at work. Maybe I always look vaguely zombie-ish? At least it didn't get too crazy.

In other news
*puppy eyes* Give it a shot...? for me?

There have been a lot of reviews out and it's been kinda mixed. But in the way where you wonder if the people who gave bad reviews even watched the show because what they say makes no sense. And then the rest of the reviews are pretty optimistic about it. I don't even care, I'll be sitting in the tv room with my laptop on the [ profile] merlin_us reaction post flailing. We are having company for dinner tomorrow and I'm just like, "UGH you are not allowed in the tv after dinner for coffee, I've been looking forward to this for like a month now". So there. Oooh my gosh why is this so exciting?!

Janet brought me the pages from the most recent People magazine that feature ZQ and Capt Fine. And I just keep... looking at it. *content sigh*

ZQ pics from the Heroes set )

As a final note, I think that "My Eyes" is my favorite song from the Dr Horrible ost. I think I'll go watch So NoTORIous until I can't stay awake anymore.
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2009-06-12 03:03 am

we are like the earth and sky

Family-whine aside, it was a pretty good day I suppose. xD Ate a waffle before work (and glared at my brother when he suggested that he could eat one). There was a large party in the restaurant so we went on something of a false wait. I was alone at the front desk and I am proud that I managed to keep track of the bussers and get people seated in a timely manner. It's hard to greet people and talk over the headseat at the same time! My brain isn't sure how to handle that multi-tasking yet.

There was something of an issue though when I forgot to save a table for a reservation. In my defense, we don't normally accept reservations at 12:30 and there was a mad rush at like... 12:15. So they were all complaining at the manager about how they were on a work break and couldn't afford to stay long. Yeah. 2 hours after being seated, they finally left. UGH PEOPLE. I am so glad I'm not working tomorrow I think.

Then I was "helping" my sister and her friend with their AP Chem project. By "helping" I mean attempting to remember anything at all about basic chem, specifically conductivity. It just wasn't happening. Plus I was too busy being appalled at their sloppy experimental design and lack of multiple repeats and variables. How are you supposed to calculate significance if you don't have more than one data point?! I am clearly a lost cause. D:

THEN I watched the Lancelot episode of Merlin and remembered all over again why I adore the show. So much just... fun! I missed it, I should watch some more again tomorrow. <3 Merlin hasn't TOTALLY lost me to Star Trek yet. I don't think it ever will I love it so much.

SPEAKING OF FANDOM! [ profile] seperis posted a story for Star Trek. Last time she posted fic for Merlin, I was rambling here about how it was so good it hurt. And.. this story did the same thing and.. and... just gaaah. So good. Oh fic.. my guilty pleasure.

I feel like I need a ZQ tag. I always end up rambling about him somehow by the end of my entries. On that note, I really need to make more icons because I wanna play with photoshop and do something more than just crop images. xD We'll see how well that works and if any of the results make it to the internets.

No new images have popped up... so... have this gif of him dancing with Kirsten Bell. With bonus!Masi on the side. :)

Ahh I love this gif. + glasses!

And just for fun. A motivational poster AND A PRESENT FOR [ profile] magicalmartha UNDER THE CUT.

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2009-06-06 11:25 pm
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free ice cream = win!

The track titles of the Star Trek OST are soooo silly. "Nero Death Experience"? "Nice to Meld You"? Srsly... who came up with the titles?! Also, for some reason the torrent I grabbed turned "That New Car Smell" into "That New Cat Smell"... and I can't make myself change it just yet. That being said, I really enjoy the main melody line for the movie theme. It's like the Merlin theme song all over again.


June 21st is sooo soon guys! They're already showing the tv previews on NBC. Although I must say that I'm.. not really pleased with them? Especially with the voice-over guy. Why are none of the tv spots able to portray how totally epic it is? I don't understand. No matter, I will be glued to my tv that night for sure. Possibly with my laptop in front of me so I can flail as I am watching.

Today was a busy day. We went to the Salvation Army to donate a pile of clothing that we don't want anymore, as well as my childhood bike. *tear* My mom was gonna throw the bike out, but it's still in really good condition considering both my sister and I used it... so I convinced her that we should donate it. Yay for doing good things. Then we spent far too much time at BJ's getting an absurd amount of food/house stuff. They did not have anything interesting in their DVD section like I was hoping.

It was also free ice cream day at Friendly's! So we went to get some ice cream. xD I am boring and got vanilla. Mostly because I couldn't remember what else I normally get there so I just said VANILLA! really fast. It, unfortunately, did not help satisfy this craving for green tea ice cream that I developed this morning.

*shakes computer* FINISH ACQUIRING HEROES DARNIT. Until then.. I think I am going to be daring and open up Microsoft Word to see what I can come up with. Between Trek fandom, the Merlin-thon and general free time this weekend, I'm starting to get the writing bug again. *woe*

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2009-05-15 01:20 am
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Fandom makes me do terrible and awesome things. This is an example, continue at your own risk.

So [ profile] auroraprimavera is all "you should add to the picspam". And I was all thinking, mmm... I *DO* like picspam.. so I went digging into my picture folders. And suddenly ICE CREAM CONES! HUNDREDS OF THEM I realize that I have.. a lot of pictures in here. Specifically of someone possessing some awesome cheekbones.

So.. I opened up photobucket.. and I present to you... THE RESULTS.

Colin says you should click )

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2009-05-04 07:31 pm
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I tried to explain Merlin to my mom because I was flailing a little at dinner about House and then mentioned how I was super-excited about Merlin in June. (omg NBC i love you!). So she asked me what it was about (again) and I explained about how it was loosely based on legend, except not really because all the characters ages and relationships have been changed. All with the assurance that it's really good fun.

The answer I got
"...that doesn't sound very appealing to me"

Cue the DD: face. *flaps sadly* I hope that someone here will actually want to watch it with me come June.

edited to add: Clearly the only way to make myself feel better is to re-watch the whole thing (or as much as possible) tonight! Good plan? Yes, good plan.
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2009-05-01 12:57 am
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[creative title here]

After shuffling through about 5 songs, I realized that iTunes is not going to play nice and give me a song I can quote for a good title. So we are left with the above. MARVEL AT MY WIT!

We appear to be undergoing some form of spider invasion in my house lately. Everyday I find at least ONE new arachnid I must get rid of. *sigh* Although then I start thinking about the spider segment in the cast diaries. Luckily I have not started telling people that I am restoring balance to nature. Mostly because these spiders aren't exactly being freed outside. ^^;; At any rate, I hope they get the hint and go away.

Work is progressing smoothly. Am possibly being considered for cross-training for something else. I am terified and excited. And also proud because I guess it means I have been doing a good job, or at least good enough to be noticed for something. lulz. We shall see, I just need to be on my toes for the next couple days and see if it gets approved. I feel like I'm finally starting to click with the rest of the group in the restaurant too.

The awesomeness of my flist has linked me to the following vid made by [ profile] lovestories, set to "White Houses" by Vanessa Carlton.

Not only do I love this song, but the pacing behind this video left me in awe. And then I definitelymaybe almost cried a little bit. Even if you have never watched Merlin, you should give it a shot anyway!

DL'ed and watched FMA episode 4 last night. IT IS POSSIBLY EVEN WORSE THAN EPISODE SEVEN OF SERIES ONE. RL-flailing post to follow.. sometime this week. This entry has gotten long enough. xD
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2009-04-13 12:56 am

i wanna be the very best


Made me lol so hard. And it's likely that anyone on my flist who clicks on that will understand it. Just.. the facial expressions... ah god.

Anyway. Apparently my last entry ended on a creepy note? Clearly the result of "it's 1am let's talk about emotional, angst-filled fic that is also very well written to the point where I was feeling with the characters, therefore making it both painful to go along with as well as amazing because of the awesome writing". And clearly the only way to re-explain myself is to wait until 1am after a long day and start writing. >.>;; Let it not be said that I make awesome plans ever. Point being... rambling about fic was not meant to be creepy. I don't revel in inflicting pain on myself. End of story.

side note: Dear Mom, being interrupted to be sent on a mad (and ultimately futile) quest for sunscreen that I remember owning but not where I left it is not cool at 1am.

Work continues to be good.
Cosplay reference picture hunting is a pain in the ass. *sigh*

Also an important note that I will ramble about tomorrow once I've read up on the issue.

AMAZONFAIL. Google it. Search it on Twitter. Go to meta_writer on LJ. Amazon has messed up pretty bad this time around. I'm keen to see how they end up dealing with this. Expect more coherent post on the subject tomorrow.
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2009-04-09 01:14 am


Anime Boston pre-reg is paid for. According to the system I am badge number 9600. I approve.

My mom has given me back my sewing machine.. so the time of the sewing must begin. Especially since my aunt and uncle are coming to visit in just a few weeks so I won't be able to madly sew until all hours of the night in the week leading up to AB. Which is lame, but I guess it's for the best?

Things to do:
Buy yards and yards of white fabric.
Rip seams on top from first attempt to make it actually fit me.
Totally remake bolero.
Make headpiece and figure out how to attach the knife thing.
Figure out how to make the anklet spikes in a way that won't stab me.

Totally do-able assuming I start asap. I also need to decide what else I wanna make. I could toy with re-finishing Meilin. I could start whats-her-face from Lucky Star. I could decide on a Pokemon gijinka that won't be too hard (read: not Beedrill because I don't think I want to add "learn how to make craft foam armor" to my list). Regardless I need to decide soon because I will likely need to order another wig for it all to happen.

Also.. mini-ramble about something I've been thinking about regarding fanfic. So I started reading it again.. in the Merlin fandom. Which is ironic because I haven't actually FINISHED the source material. I mean.. I know what happens aside from a few small details that are a bit fuzzy.. but the fact remains that I have not completed watching it. How totally lame is that. Anyway, so I'm reading all this amazing multi-chapter stuff.. and it's freaking PAINFUL how amazing some of it is. *sigh* Like the other day I read Tintagel which played with the idea of what was paid as a result of Arthur's birth.. and the past... and oh my angst it was so good. And seriously there was so much freaking emotion in the words that I couldn't think about it too hard afterwards because it kept making me tear up. Which probably sounds totally deranged BUT I CANT CHANGE IT. *woe* And then tonight I read "We're a Storm in Somebody Else's Teacup"... which is 80,000 WORDS OF DELICIOUS PAIN. Ah god. First of all.. hello word count. And I just got sucked into the story and the feelings... and Morgana was kind of perfect and again I can't think about it too hard without being in awe and pain and glee and everything about it. Which makes no sense too.

Bah.. again I babble. Totally not fair. Srsly.. fanfiction is awful when it's poorly written... but give me something well-written and true to character and I will devour it like nothing else.

Ah fandom...

*wanders off to bed*
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2009-03-18 12:33 am
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keep the magic secret

I have located and downloaded a torrent with the Merlin soundtrack. I have been listening to it loop all night. I'd just like to state publicly that everytime that thread of the main theme comes up... I just have to pause and close my eyes to really listen to it. I am pathetic but I don't regret an instant of it. if you're interested.

In a fit of total irony, not two days after I told Robin that I don't read fanfic anymore (and I really haven't aside from *maybe* one or two in the past 2 or so year), I have started poking several Merlin fic rec lists and letting that eat at my mind for a while. *hangs head* Y'know what though.. I think I've realized that I really missed having a fandom for myself. I mean.. it's been 4-5 years now since I was even active in the HP fandom. And then I discovered boys.. and it all just went away. I suppose a lot of people would take that as "oh look she got a life". xDD

*sigh* I dunno. I've been pondering it on and off for the past few days. The idea of being in a fandom.. making connections with people through it, even if it's just on a livejournal community. It makes me miss those early days of my lj when the only people on it *were* fandom people. And even though we didn't know each other in real life (with some exceptions).. we all managed to keep up with each other's lives and even care a bit. Woo look at me being all fandom-nostalgic at 1am....

Ultimately what it comes down to is that I skirted the edge of the Robin Hood fandom for a bit... but until the third season starts it really felt like I'd been late to the party. But part of the joy of the Merlin-folks is that they're still coming down off the high of the first season ending.. the impending run in the US in June.. and the fact that a second season was confirmed. I spent a large part of my afternoon lost in reading meta discussion on the series and there's just so much potential for discussion with the variety of Arthurian legend that's out there.

...Ok really. shutting up now. I'll save it for later when I feel more coherent.

tl;dr: I've missed fandom without realizing it and I may have been sucked back into one after a very long time.

On a different note, this xkcd made me happy inside and if it is released as a print, I will be getting it

It also made me want to track down copies of the Tripod trilogy because I remember loving them.. in 6th grade.

One last Merlin note that will make no sense to anyone.. the DVD extras with the cast video diaries are totally adorable and I am jealous.
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2009-03-14 11:22 pm
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all the king's horses

Before anything I say can get in the way..

Merlin is being shown on NBC in June and OMGIAMSOEXCITEDYOUSHOULDALLWATCH! *cough* I don't know why I am so obssessed with this. Perhaps because I am missing that one Robin Hood DVD and it is stopping me from going back to that. *woe* That being said *points to icon* Colin Morgan has delicious cheekbones. That is all.

Finally got a chance to watch Milk tonight. I'd been meaning to since I first heard about months ago... but I was too lazy to torrent. So it was rented and we all watched. My mom was definitely making faces during all the guy face-sucking bits.. but whatevs. I think for a lot of people, they honestly don't let it bother them so long as it's not right in their face. *shrug* It's all cool.

Work is good. My feet feel like they're going to FALL OFF from running so many damn tables. But I think tomorrow I get to greet... which means standing in one spot and taking party numbers. Woo! After tomorrow I think I graduate to not being in training.. assuming I pass this test that they handed me the questions and answersheet for. xDD

Yay life!

Mmm... now to start Corda d'oro or go stare at cheekbones some more... decisions...

(source link for tv news:
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2009-02-27 01:42 am
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jai ho

Still job hunting. Whee. Sent in a ton of applications to places so I'm really hoping that someone bites. While not having to do anything is nice.. I need to get out of the house for more than just anime club!

That being said.. for some reason I haven't been able to get to sleep before 4am all this week. And then I sleep restlessly. The other day I woke up just about every 2 hours. The end result is always that I end up oversleeping. BAH! I suspect that the lack of outside the house activity means I am not using up all the energy I should be. *sigh* Need to fix that. Luckily the weather is getting warmer, so I hope to spend a few days a week going to walk at the reservoir with my iPod soon.

We reached the time skip in Gurren Lagann.. and therefore my favorite part of the series. So excited.

I finally started watching Merlin. AHHH NOT ENOUGH HOURS TO WATCH. I am so hooked it's awful. It's like.. all the cheesiness of Robin Hood (gee Lady Morgan sure likes her purple knit armwarmers.. wut?).. but with the King Arthur twist. More.. knights and magic... But 100% less Guy of Gisborne and leather. *woe* I'm a third of the way through now and realizing that if I plow through it.. there will be no more for a long time. Luckily Robin Hood is set to re-start in April so I can at least look forward to that.