Aug. 27th, 2009 07:27 pm
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guys. GUYS.
I didn't check the [livejournal.com profile] loli_valentines comm until just now because I assumed I wouldn't be up there in the massive love-fest that happened. Except I was. And I just needed to say that I LOVE YOU ALL SO FUCKING MUCH. I'm so sad I couldn't go to the kite meetup (all potential awkwardness aside) because of this moving thing. And I don't know what I'm gonna do once I'm moved for real. I suppose I could try meeting the Boston lolitas (have any of you met them?).. but it's like.. not YOU. *woe*

*smothers everyone in love and hugs* <3

That being said, let's talk about clothes! I was at the mall yesterday (I am so sad Urban Outfitters no longer exists at Buckland Hills.. I wanted this one shirt they sell...) and I realized something. I am so much more fashionable in my head. I walk around and can like, make coordinates in my head. Crazy things that work and would look totally fierce. BUT I LACK ALL CONFIDENCE TO EVER TRY. It's kinda sad really. Like, I was in... I wanna say H&M and I saw this top and was like, I would love to rock that I bet it would look good. But then part of me squirms at the thought because.. attention. I wish I could stop, it would be nice to break the cycle of wearing jeans and screen-tees all the time.

Oh yea, also I took my car to the garage. They told me that the drive belt was cracking, I needed a new battery, I needed new rear brakes, and the muffler assembly needed to be replaced. D: So $900 later... ugh.


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