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2011-07-06 12:00 pm


So here I am on campus. I am so freaking tired, I don't even have words. I have trained myself into a wicked case of insomnia this past month and now my body hates me. It took me like 2 hours to fall asleep last night. Sometime around 5am I was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, trying not to cry. Kinda dozed on and off until 7:30 when my alarm went off and could tell as soon as I shut it off that my body was finally ready for some proper deep sleep.... except instead I made myself get up at 8:30. Hoping that the resulting exhaustion will mean that I get in bed and actually fall asleep like a normal person tonight. Unfortunately, I know that I will just suddenly feel wide awake at about midnight and the whole cycle will repeat. Argh.

Anyway, this afternoon I officially will be doing something in my new lab. It might just be sitting at a desk and reading, but that is a start. I didn't do nearly as much reading this month as I should have (I *DO*, however, have an extensive knowledge of the entire catalog of James McAvoy filmography. #priorities #theyarewrong) but I am also leaving this weekend for a week of family vacation, so I think I will just do my catching up then. I assume I need to have some sort of thesis proposal done by the end of August. Who knows.

One of my high school friends got married this past weekend. Pretty much everyone I know who attended also brought a date. FOREVER ALONE. It was really a beautiful ceremony and a lot of fun, but it really only reminded me that I suck at meeting new people and therefore hold very little hope of having my own wedding someday. (PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG, UNIVERSE).

Anyway, I am hungry. So I shall go seek food (I really need to find a way to bring lunch with me, despite the long trip. It's either that or not eating lunch ever) and then see if my advisor is around to at least let me into the lab.

PS - I have plans for a James picspam soon. You have been warned. I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.

PPS - By ENTIRE catalog, I literally mean everything. Well except Early Doors. And The Pool. GUYS, BOLLYWOOD QUEEN WAS SUCH A CRAP MOVIE AND SOMEHOW I HAVE WATCHED IT TWICE.
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2011-05-29 07:09 pm

oh my god all the things

Ahahahaha so life was good. And then things happened and now I'm like, fml fmlfml fml.

- Yay advisor. I still need to email my old lab.. and clean out my office... and yknow.. make it official with the bio office. But it is a start.
- I am almost caught up with the Matt Smith eps of Doctor Who. I just have to catch up on s6 (have only seen the TARDIS ep)
- I WAS PEER-PRESSURED INTO STARTING TORCHWOOD. After Children of Earth (and everyone on my flist crying for like a month) I swore I would never watch it. Except then I watched the first two eps and damnit, I like it already. sigh.


Last night I went to bed with my laptop on, as usual. I woke up to a black screen and an error message telling me that harddrive failure was imminent. AWESOME.

Step One: I cried for like fifteen minutes.
Step Two: I tried to restart and was told that there was no media and that my computer could not find the operating system.

You have to realize that I bought a 2tb external harddrive for back-up.. and then have not actually used it in months. #failure

After a lot of crying and re-setting up of old laptop (thank goodness I have kept it around) I decided that my harddrive was dead. So I just got back from best buy with a harddrive dock and a new laptop drive ($125 I definitely don't have). Fortunately, the dock is working fine and I have access to everything on my old drive, so I am backing up now. Going to try throwing the old drive back into my laptop before I open the new one, just in case. At any rate, I don't have any system disks to format my new drive (Damn you Dell) so this is going to be.. interesting.

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2011-05-20 05:58 pm

this is a post

No email from potential new advisor for a meeting reschedule. Emailed him yesterday as a reminder that I exist. He was out of town until yesterday, so I'd been hoping today.... *crossing fingers for next week*

I got a lovely anon comment on an old post here. Normally the anons are trying to sell me meds, but this person just decided to inform me that I am a "drainer". Also, that they found my journal while googling things to name their muffin. So... fyi guys. My life is dull and I should be thankful that I have inane people leaving me comments on my lame livejournal to make everything EXCITING!

So yes. More updates on my DULL life. :P I went to Panera today. There was a cute boy there and he made eye contact with me. Which was awesome.. until he sat at a table with a girl and proceeded to share a soup and sandwich with her. Dear livejournal, life is really unfair. And by share, I mean, they were basically feeding each other the sandwich. It was nauseating and I want it for myself. *pout*

Apparently the world is going to end tomorrow. Or something like that. All I know is that it's also $1 flip-flop day at Old Navy, so the mall and I have a date.
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2009-09-27 01:20 am

little boys and dinosaurs

Oh man. Just oh man.

Yesterday I went into the city and there were T shenanigans. Mostly that my mom sucks at telling me where to go.. which is how I ended up really far away from where she was with my aunt and uncle. Except then we went to Quincy Market and I stuffed myself with delicious food that I did not have to pay for. :D Best kind. I am just sad because Newbury Comics did not have any window decals (I want a Star Fleet Academy decal for my car) and they didn't have the Adam Lambert RS cover poster either. *woe*

Today was the MSC clambake. Which was fun until it got really cold and then I just wanted to curl up somewhere warm and away from people. I ate lobster and some clams and corn and omg it was all so good.

Tomorrow I need to go to Staples and the grocery store. And Starbucks. For a pumpkin latte. Yummm.

Anyway.. I feel like a zombie. Have a picture of me from earlier today!

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2009-08-11 02:45 pm



There may have to be f-locked freaking out later, assuming I don't get lazy. Just... life.

I haven't updated in ages and I've been barely keeping up with my f-list. :( It makes me sad. Last week after my apartment hunting, I was having serious issues with technology. And it just made my days SUCK. As I said over on Mene, "not even Kris Allen singing about prostitutes is making me feel better". I have switched to Chrome for my browser since then because I realized that it's just Firefox taking up too many resources. I can actually watch YouTube videos now without feeling like the world is stuttering. And I can see multiple gifs! The one thing I hate most about it though... is the lack of a twitter plug-in. I didn't realize how much I pay attention to Twitter until I didn't have that little pop-up box in the corner!

I don't have to live in a box. :D I just need to sign the lease and get roommate's half of the deposit money. This place... has the most AMAZING kitchen. AMAZINGGGG. All new appliances. Huge! SHINY! I am so excited. Although I will have to get used to the gas stove. Oh god now I need to plan moving though. D:

Otherwise, nothing of note has happened. Mene is consuming my time lately since we've picked up the advertising so there is a tonn more activity. Plus the event is happening. I just let the music loop and let myself stay in the happy place. :D

My sister's bday was Saturday. It was a huge clusterfuck of a night and I feel so awful for her. I'm not even gonna bother trying to explain.

In other news. Adam Lambert is still amazing and I might pass out from sheer joy at the concert on Sunday. ZQ needs to walk more.. or do more photoshoots or something.. Um. Yea. Hi.
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2009-07-14 02:04 am

life is silly

I was productive today!! It's amazing. I mean, I still slept till like 1pm.. but then I did things after!

I waited at the bank for a really long time. Then waited some more at the post office to buy some stamps for some letters with checks I need to send out. Then I went to Starbucks for green tea lemonade because it is like my crack. xD

I got the fabric I need for Yui at Jo-ann's. I was gonna get this really pretty suiting, but there wasn't enough on the roll and they didn't have any more. I was sad panda and I hope the stuff I got instead won't end up being too shiny/a pain in the ass to work with. They also didn't have any black ruffle tape, but I won't need that for a bit still. I also got my wig in the mail so I doused it in hair spray. Once it dries, I get to cut it. It's a little darker than I would have liked, but I'll be able to work with it. I need to work on priming the styrofoam balls I'm using for all the embellishments too. Funfun.

Then I went to Borders where I had my weird encounter of the day. I was waiting in line to pay (omg last volume of Kitchen Princess!!) behind this large man with a pile of stuff. I was mostly thinking about how the guy at the register is the one who likes to talk to me about shoujo manga and is generally very awkward about the whole thing. (I try to avoid him..). So this large dude is like "never enough money for books". I made some vague agreement and he started telling me how his mother is always worried when he doesn't lock his car cuz someone will "steal his books". (Keep in mind, this guy was old enough to be my father). THEN!! Then he says, "So tell me. Do people of the... female persuasion like it when guys are bookworms?" I SHIT YOU NOT. There was even a pause before he said "female" and everything. I was just like, "umm... it depends on the girl". AND THEN IT WAS HIS TURN TO PAY AND I WAS LIKE, THANK YOU GOD. The awkward register guy told me that the last volume of Kitchen Princess is a bit anti-climactic, which is just NOT COOL OF HIM. And that's the story of my adventure at Borders.

After dinner I went to karoke with Rachel and Marsha and had an awesome time. I sang a song. And I really wish I could like... hear myself sing because I don't know what I sound like AT ALL and am convinced I make a fool of myself everytime I do. *sighface*


ALSO MY LAPTOP IS A PIECE OF SHIT. Earlier, everytime i hit the apostrophe the quick find box would come up. And now I can't use my arrow keys but the apostrophe works again. WTF
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2009-06-30 12:24 am


Well here I am.. reporting to you live.. from my basement.

My grandmother and cousin arrived at 12:30 this afternoon. I was up at 10:30 trying to do some last minute cleaning and then showering. It was.. not so fun. It's awesome to have my grandma here though! She set a new ice cream buying record today.

Everytime my grandma is here... whenever we go out, she will always offer to buy us ice cream. And we always will agree to it, even if none of us really want it. The end result being that we are all rather tired of ice cream after a few weeks.

Today we went to Walgreens. After, she bought us.. ice cream. A mere three hours after she arrived. New record! It was good though. xD

I signed up for [ profile] heroes_bigboom. Why? Because I hate myself. I was taking a shower, and suddenly I had a thought. That turned into an almost-plot. And then I was like *headdesk*. So there we go... time to think about writing 10,000 words by the end of the summer. Plus reel_merlin, for which I need to rewatch Life Aquatic still.. and then plot out.

Am working every day this week. The it's off to vacation on the 4th. Oy.. so much to get done.

*goes back to Mene modding before bedtime*
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2009-06-29 02:33 am

oh geez.

My laptop is running like crap. I feel like I need a restart, but that takes time and blah!

This past week has been.. kinda hellish. With car stuff, work stuff, other people's relationships stuff... and now my grandma and cousin arrive tomorrow. Which means I spent my last week of having my own room running around being stressed! D: I know I am stressed because the past 2 mornings I've woken up to my calves cramping up ever so painfully.

Highlight of the week. ZQ beach pictures. *headdesk* don't judge, m'kay? Plus as a result, I had this GREAT dream last night. LET ME TELL YOU IT.
I don't remember the details, but somehow I ended up meeting ZQ and we started chatting and it was awesome. In the dream, I was wearing a hat and he liked it.. which prompted us to start talking. And then we had to part ways and we exchanged contact information to chill later. And then it faded to later and we were just hanging out. And I got a hug and I distinctly remember thinking in the dream that he smelled really good. And basically we were just friends and it was happy times. I feel like there was more to the end of the dream that I've forgotten by now. At any rate, I was so upset when I woke up because it was one of those really vivid dreams where I am half-convinced it is real until I wake up 100%.

Oh my life. Is that a MLIA moment? I dunno.

SO I signed up for reel_merlin as you know. And then the Heroes big bang was mentioned by someone. And I was like, oh! Heroes! And then I was like, shit what is wrong with you?! Because I have read a grand total of one heroes fic and have yet to even watch the thing all at once in proper order. WTF SELF STOP THAT. My compromise is that if I can think of something before the end of tomorrow that might lead to something.. then maybe I will try? (lol I am crazy)


I watched all of So NoTORIous the other night. Except for the last episode. Which was not in the torrent. And which I can't find online. HALP I AM SO SAD ABOUT THIS.

OK ANYWAY. I have a crapton of new gifs for my 1,000th post, which will be early in the week. Probably Tuesday as I have work in the morning and can then devote my late evening to playing with.

And now... continuation of that Disney song meme that I made up. Songs from animated movies that are NOT Disney. Or y'know... from other movies I loved as a child.

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2009-06-24 02:48 am
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crashing to the ground

Today was not what you would call "my day". Got flailed at while at work because of a table I sat. (A ONE PERSON table that left in half an hour I might add!) I was.. taken aback enough to be shaken for a few minutes. Which is.. not fun when like 90% of your job is being pleasant and smiling a lot. It just... makes me not like my job when stuff like that happens. And then I was pulling a highchair out, miscalculated.. and knocked another one over onto my toes. it... really hurt. Especially when I had to limp back to the desk and greet someone. The greeting went something along the lines of "*pained grin* Hi how are you? Um.. hold on a second, I just dropped a highchair on my foot. ...ok let's go this way. *limplimp*" My toe is ok though. I was worried the nail was gonna crack and that I wasn't going to be able to check it for a while.

I ended up buying a piece of cheesecake to make myself feel better. The tiramisu cheesecake. *drool* Although, mental note, don't buy cheesecake and then eat it on an empty stomach. It hurts.

The girl who was looking for a roommate has emailed me to say she still needs one, so I think I am going to need to look for 2 bedroom apartments. I was productive tonight eventually though. Wrote statement for the insurance company. Wrote Robin's character reference letter for his apartment. Tomorrow before work I must look into the financial aid stuff and look for apartments. *nodnod*

ZQ video from last night appears to be part of something to do with his production company. With the exception that the fall may have been unplanned, but he just went with it? I dunno. It seems to fabricated with a couple new videos found today that just... iunno. "I don't eat my friends" just made me lol though.

Gonna start the Capt Fine upload tomorrow so I can finally get that picspam posted. I have more than enough for one now. :D

more ZQ photos from Tyler Shields )

ps- should i go watch Star Trek in IMAX?
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2009-06-23 02:51 am
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Oh man today has been just.. guh.

Woke up super-late. Rushed around trying to clean up all my books. I am missing a lot of them! DO NOT LIKE. I don't know where most of the Nightwatch series is. And I'm missing random pieces of series. *sigh* Will have to track that all down. But it is finished and my bookshelves are neat again.

Then I went out to Target with my mom. Except we never made it to Target because some idiot lady SIDESWIPED OUR CAR while we were stopped at one of the lights in front of the mall. Everyone is okay. The car no longer has a driver-side mirror and there are a few scratches. Some lady in a van apparently didnt see the red light and decided that the proper course of action was to try and zoom between the two lanes of stopped traffic and run the light. Instead she hit like three cars on the way and lost her own mirror and hubcap. It was scary as all hell too. I heard her hitting the other cars behind us (we were first in line) and then suddenly there was a thud and a red blur and a smash. The best part was that she then pulled into the mall parking lot and tried to hide. We found her in her car and she argued with the mall security, claiming it wasnt here, while we got the police on the line. I pulled out her hubcap which matched the other three still on her car... and she pulls her car in reverse, hits the security officer in the knee WITH HER CAR while he tried to stop her and then got chased around the parking lot by mall security. It was a goddamn mess. And of course it's raining the whole time and I'm running around in flip flops trying to explain the whole thing to my dad while trying to keep my poor mother calm.

OH LORD. And then I got home, brother's gf was over here upset about something and my sister's best friend's bf broke up with her tonight so she's on the phone. So.. I went and did karaoke at Zen Bar with Rachel cuz just.. screw this man.

And then I get home and there is this video of ZQ falling down while being followed by a man dressed like a steak. And there is cursing. And omg I am so uncomfortable about the whole thing. Especially how he's all like "are you happy now?!" And I'm just like, noooo world why are you awful?! T_T I'm trying really hard to just not think about it...

ps- I have a few new friends from the pthon friending meme. Hi guys! <3
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2008-12-21 10:58 pm
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dance with the devil tonight

So Thursday was the Immunology Dept Holiday party. It was good times. The secretaries got tipsy on wine, some of the students made some hilarious ElfYourself videos with pictures of the faculty.. and there was good food all around. I got a bar of soap from Blue Moon from the grab bag exchange. I almost had the $5 Dunkin Donuts giftcard.. but... whatever. I love the Blue Moon soap so damn much, even if everyone made fun of me for it.

Then the weekend started earlier than I would have thought. All non-essential employees were told to go home at 11:30. I'd gone in right at 9 to get everything done since I figured that's what would have happened anyway. It was good times.

Then it snowed.. a lot.

Yesterday my sister and I made a foolish trip to the mall. Needed to get a couple things. I never wanna do that again honestly. The traffic was a nightmare. And the slushy snow combined with the small inclines around the mall meant my car was sliding around. So much hate for people while trying to drive around there. At least we got everything done.

Last night was a major suck-fest emotionally for me. Blah. I'll get over it.

I have work tomorrow and it is making me sad.

Making the final push on my applications now... it's annoying.

I am almost done with Gurren Lagann and I am enjoying the ride quite a bit.
Robin: I replaced all the files you gave me with all Black-Order subs (which are awesome) up until 19. And then I have 20-27 in the next best quality group. So no worries about that.
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2005-12-01 01:49 am
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rabbit rabbit

ah... december... whisky tango foxtrot where is the time going? soon it's really only 1.5 more years at uconn. how weird is that?!

I'm getting the feeling that the interestingness that is my life is about to increase dramatically. That or I'm terribly wrong and should be shot for over-emphasizing things. On the plus side.. I think things are getting much better for me. I think. Hopefully it will last longer than all the other times I thought things were ok.

It's a hard process... finding yourself. I dunno. Life just never ceases to amaze me with all its zanyness...

All I can say is... not looking forward to finals....