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2009-05-01 12:57 am
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[creative title here]

After shuffling through about 5 songs, I realized that iTunes is not going to play nice and give me a song I can quote for a good title. So we are left with the above. MARVEL AT MY WIT!

We appear to be undergoing some form of spider invasion in my house lately. Everyday I find at least ONE new arachnid I must get rid of. *sigh* Although then I start thinking about the spider segment in the cast diaries. Luckily I have not started telling people that I am restoring balance to nature. Mostly because these spiders aren't exactly being freed outside. ^^;; At any rate, I hope they get the hint and go away.

Work is progressing smoothly. Am possibly being considered for cross-training for something else. I am terified and excited. And also proud because I guess it means I have been doing a good job, or at least good enough to be noticed for something. lulz. We shall see, I just need to be on my toes for the next couple days and see if it gets approved. I feel like I'm finally starting to click with the rest of the group in the restaurant too.

The awesomeness of my flist has linked me to the following vid made by [ profile] lovestories, set to "White Houses" by Vanessa Carlton.

Not only do I love this song, but the pacing behind this video left me in awe. And then I definitelymaybe almost cried a little bit. Even if you have never watched Merlin, you should give it a shot anyway!

DL'ed and watched FMA episode 4 last night. IT IS POSSIBLY EVEN WORSE THAN EPISODE SEVEN OF SERIES ONE. RL-flailing post to follow.. sometime this week. This entry has gotten long enough. xD
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2009-04-17 02:10 am

these lines of lightning mean we're never alone

I do this thing where I think of everything I want to write about.. and then I blank when I sit down at the laptop. Silly me.

I read this fic a couple days ago that pretty much took me apart and then made it all okay in the end. Again. That seems to be happening a lot. Apparently Superhero!AU is good for that? Who knew.

I spent my day sanding grout from between the tiles in the bathroom. By the end of it I'm sure my lungs were coated in a film of grout powder and Shout stain remover. Also it hurt my arm.

The official letter arrived today! I already accepted the school's offer. Apparently that $5,000 thing they gave me is a university-wide award only given to 25 people. I'm just like.. whoa. Unexpected to the max, I didn't even know it existed.. much less that I nominated for it. Classes start on Sept 9th. Ah I'm getting nervous when I think about it so much.

I decided on what I'd like to make as a second costume. Already ordered the wig. It's really hard to find shoes though.. I might have to alter the design a bit. (Luckily it's something with a not-set design so I can do that and keep the look). There's a second thing I'd like to do though.. and it will require a bit more work. I think I will order a few things for it and see how far I get with the new project and fixing up the Chidori outfit. *nodnod* It'll be fun times.

Next week is the last anime club meeting. I don't know how to feel about that.
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2006-09-02 11:59 pm
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Well... I survived the week and now... I'm home.

The week got very stressful towards the end. Not being able to eat a proper lunch for the entire semester might be somewhat problematic. For now I'm grabbing quick snacks between classes and then holding over till dinner, by which time I'm exhausted, cranky and just generally unamused by the world. Not the best of situations.. but I shall manage. Work has also gotten aggravating just because of the chaos. The system is so new and suddenly the call center has become problematic when we get a staff call. The whole system of authorizations and transfering of calls is so confusing and I can't help but feel I've messed up somewhere when I try to do it. I wanted to cry by the end of my shift on Friday.

In other news, the result of the horrible week of training was 99.25 hours clocked. I'm kinda disappointed I didn't break 100... just cuz it woulda been cool..

So now I'm home. For some reason my parents seem determined to keep me here until Monday which is just strange. I had wanted to go back Sunday afternoon cuz it's 9 months tomorrow so Jacob and I were gonna go out for dinner. But my mom informed me on the way home that we were having guests on Sunday night so I had to stay. I offered to find my own ride which prompted an argument. I asked if Jacob could then come over Sunday for dinner to and then we could return to school that night after the guests were gone. That was not taken well. Today I was told that Jacob could come on Sunday, take me out to dinner near out house and then we could return to my house and leave on Monday. I mentioned wanting to leave that night. And again... they want me to stay until Monday. I guess they could theoretically want to have me around more.. but that never seems to make anyone happy these days so I can hardly imagine why. Perhaps I'm just being selfish again.

Anyway... yeah. monkeys. BRING ON WEEK TWO....maybe?
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2006-07-19 03:35 pm
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J-Pop till your ears bleed and some UCONN asshattery

Yesterday I finally go to do my first experiment on human blood. I stayed at the lab till 6pm and thought I was going to die by the end. Today's data acquisition has convinced me that someone up there must hate me. All the cell profiles look all wrong despite the fact that the other plates we did (with not my stuff on them) looked perfectly fine. So either I fucked up (probably..) or something it messing up with the chemicals. *sigh* So it's just kinda of upsetting cuz now I don't think I'm going to have very good data at all. At least my project is starting?

Also, UCONN continues it's fine tradition of trying to utterly screw me over at every turn. In the fall I had planned to do an independent study with a W and honor's conversion so that I can finish my research and write a thesis. A 40 page thesis that more than fullfills the W requirement. First step: talk to Sylvain and make sure it's ok. Done and perfect. Second step: email the CLAS academic center to secure a W conversion. Now the UCONN admin comes into play. My answer: due to the reduction in required W classes, we dont allow conversions anymore. Maybe try a different class.. like Anthro W. *screams* Seriously people. I'M WRITING MY HONORS THESIS!! THIS IS HARD ENOUGH WITHOUT YOUR UNPROVOKED FUCKERY TO COMPLICATE THINGS!!! *sigh* So now I'm waiting for my cry for help at the EEB person to be answered. I don't know if I need to handle this through them... the honor's program... or if I need to go over and bitch at someone in CLAS. I'm not going to spend my semester writing a thesis and THEN take another W class with more writing. God knows I'll have to write a paper for Algae Bio too since I'm taking it grad level in the fall.

Oh UCONN... you never fail to try and screw me over.

In other news, home is getting unbearable. I'm sick of hearing my mom complain loudly to me dad about me. I'm sick of not hearing 'good morning' or 'good night'. Tired of the accusing. The disapproving looks. The other day I asked my dad why he couldn't approve of a perfectly reasonable plan of mine that would ensure a week in Virginia *and* Ozzfest before hand. His answer: Do you think I approve of every person I see ever? My thought: I'm not any person.. I'm your child.. I would think that should count for something.

Meh... Such is life
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2006-05-21 12:05 am
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My dream was to be a star in a real puppet show

Yay weekend. Hung out with Cristina today. It was fun. We'd made a long list of things that we needed to do thing summer. We're gonna get started next time we hang out. It includes things like flying kites and paper mache and italian sodas.

I keep looking forward to Ozzfest more and more lately. SoaD, Disturbed and Lacuna Coil!! Bought the new Lacuna Coil yesterday and there is love. Also listened to some Dragonforce cuz they were added. They remind me faintly of Blind Guardian for some reason. <3 I need to snag that, Atreyu and other stuffs from Jacob next weekend to make a massive Ozzfest playlist of DOOM!!!!!

But for now I'm super obssessed with these two Sonata Arctica songs. So now I give you lyrics. The first is kinda creepy and the second is just depressing. (I've also decided that My Selene is happy-making as well)

The boy who wanted to be a real puppet )

Shamandalie )
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2006-05-18 06:01 pm
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I've always thought it was rather strange how on Tuesday the end of the week seems ages away, but as soon as it's Wednesday it seems like it's almost over...

I've been slowly trying to clean out my room over the week. I have a lot of crap in my closet and desk drawers that needs to be thrown out. As a result, I've been kinda digging up pieces of my past and it's made me pensive. I keep finding old notes.... the pens that were my favorites in middle school.. little gifts i collected over the years. I even found my journal from middle school in a box in my closet and I read some of it. I was a very strange child.... I'll have to finish that this weekend so that I can get everything I don't need in the basement and everything I do need up here. Then I have to start studying for the GRE. *growl*

survey thing... )
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2006-04-16 01:00 pm
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counting stars....

happy easter or something.

I've been home since Friday night. It's been alright. A mini preview of the summer I suppose.

Yesterday I went to the Asian Market and bought a crapload of Pocky and Ramune and Pretz to bring for the anime club makeup meeting on the 29th. Ended up being more expensive that expected, but I don't much mind right now. I figure I owe the club something because no matter what people say, I let myself down on my expectations for the year. I hope I'm given the chance to make up for that. So many ideas... so many plans... and none realized.... We'll see how it goes on Thursday.

Last night a bunch of people came over. The Alturas Duo (a musical group) hosts the Simsbury Music Festival every May and they were looking for some monetary donations. So they used our house to host a mini-reception sort of thing and to ask for donations. Lots of chips, cheese, crackers, veggies and pepperoni were consumed by me. That was my dinner so... yeah. Good music though and I guess it was a success. I saw one of the guys writing a $200 check for them. It was cool cuz one of the ladies who came is a fencer. She's been fencing for over 30 years. She lived in france for a year and fenced there. She fenced for Cuba and went to the Nationals and everything. Unfortunately, we were never properly introduced so I didnt catch her name.

This morning I woke up to my sister poking me. See... every year since I can remember we've had an easter egg/basket hunt in my house. We have lots of plastic eggs and my parents fill them with candy and, more recently, quarters and dollar bills. I'd thought that maybe this year it wasnt going to happen. My brother is in Europe right now with the concert jazz band (yea i'm jealous). And my sister is 13. So I'd figured we're kinda old for it. But no... there were 42 eggs and 3 baskets hidden this morning. It was fun though.

I'm kinda curious about my health. My cough hasnt totally gone away yet. It's no where near bad, but there's still enough congestion that sometimes I have to cough and it sounds gross. My mom thinks I've developed an allergy to something. I kinda hope not. Plus my mouth has been really hurting me lately. i thought my new glasses have been making me headachey, but I noticed yesterday that my mouth and teeth felt like they were under pressure... I'm feeling it now too. I'm hoping my wisdom teeth arent coming in. That would really suck.... In the meantime, Motrin is my friend.

And now I have a bunch of work to do before dinner, so I suppose i better get started.

(ps- have added new lj icons. still havent filled all 112 possible spots though)
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2006-04-01 06:42 pm
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Yeah I'm sick again. Yay?

Home for the weekend which has been kinda meh. I did drive myself to Bloomfield to watch some of Jacob's fencing tournament. It was fun and relaxing. Lots of crazy fencing and poking at the half dead fencers. I was gonna go with them for pizza, but my dad is making paella tonight which is kinda a *hint hint* for me to be home for dinner. So now here I am trying not to cough up a lung.

I had something I was thinking about, but I appear to have coughed it out. So on that note, I'm out.

Rabbit rabbit
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2006-01-10 06:02 pm
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Crunchy.... potato chips... and death....

Urrrrrrrgh.... I feel so beyond crappy right now. Just general fatigue *everywhere*. It's quite sad cuz it makes me feel like I'm falling apart. Let's run it down: sore shoulders, ache-y tummy, shivering cuz it's cold, faint headache, and just plain tired. Not sleepy. Just tired in the sense that I'd like to collapse somewhere and stare at the ceiling blankly. Meh... *shivers*

In other news... uumm... yesterday sucked. and stuff will just generally continue to suck as time goes on... and then I'll adapt to the change and things will stabilize. But until then, mmmmrph....

In OTHER other news... I reached lvl 10 in World of Warcraft. Yes... I've been playing WoW. But it's ok for now cuz I have the time. And this isn't my laptop anyway and it's not my account. So when I get back to school, give Jacob back his laptop, and start classes; I will not be playing much if at all. For now it's a fun thing to do to pass the time here at home. I'm interested to see how much higher I can get above lvl 10 before going back on Friday evening.

Going to some concert at Hall tonight cuz the jazz band is playing. Don't really want to go, but I honestly have nothing better to do at this point. *shivers more* Why is it so cold!?

Perhaps I will go lie down and hope the Motrin kicks in before we leave for that concert....
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2006-01-07 11:55 pm
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no.... panda....

Today was a good day. *nod*

Jacob came up to visit and my parents were really chill and stuff, all which combine to happiness for me. We went on a grand trip to the market of asian-ness which was great fun. I bought far too much japanese candy and ramune and ramen. But... I will justify it as research. I wrote down prices for everything pocky cuz it might be cheaper for me to buy large amounts of food there to sell at anime club. We shall have to see I suppose.

Also... my poor Moony-compy is fixed!! I'm still not using it though because I have to install all my progs on him still. But that makes me happy cuz not only is teh compy working wonderfully, but I have an additional 20 gig with the new drive!! w00tness. I'm glad he was here to do it for me though.. I was so scared I would screw something up if I tried.... *sweatdrop* And then dinner and renting of movie-age. Oh yes... and of course a trip to PetCo to look at the ferrets!! zomg... *hearts* they're so fuzzy and cuuuuute!!!!!! *squees*

And my parents were wonderful about the whole thing. They were laughing and joking with the two of us and they even left us alone in the house.. which was only amazing cuz when I first told my mom about him she was all like "he's not allowed in the house if i'm not here". And I'm sooo glad they've decided to trust me, and it's making me more determined to not break that trust. *nods*

It's quite strange.. I can feel stuff changing within my mind...but only in a good way. But it gives me reason to want to pause and think. Figure out what it is exactly...

Perhaps I will just go eat some Japanese candy and ponder...
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2005-12-29 11:41 pm
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WHEEEEE!!!! *splat*

So.... family vacation. Always fun, but not without some issues as usual. *shrug*

Skiing was awesome as usual. We got to go all day Tues Wed and Thurs, all at Cannon Mountain. They have a terrian park. And I have a crazy brother. And thus by the end of the third day, there I was flying off of jumps.. and somehow not falling and killing myself. I can sum each day up in one word. 1- COLD! 2- perfect. 3- WET!!! >.<

There were only some minor parental issues revolving around my mother's insistance that I go to the pool and my non-desire to follow such a wish. Apparently me choosing to not swim one day "ruins everything". Meh, whatever. I can choose to have my own vacation the way I want.

I need to get working on stuff though. I really should email profs to see if they will tell me what books I need so maybe I can order them early. Plus I need to list my old books online somewhere. Also really need to start emailing people for a summer job. Oh yeah... plus all the anime club stuff which needs to be done asap.

*sweatdrop* Something tells me it's going to be a very busy next couple of weeks... *goes off to look up prof names*
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2005-12-24 12:04 pm
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Heh... I just thought of the poem I wrote in 4th grade that my parents still haunt me with...

It's Christmas Eve
We have a tree
One problem
We forgot the ornaments...

Clearly I was literary genius when I was 8... *sweatdrop*

It still doesn't feel like Christmas. Granted, I haven't wrapped anything, haven't been listening to Christmas-y music. Nothing. And with the various events and discoveries of the past few days, I can't see how anyone would expect me to be in the spirit.

Maybe the Christmas party tonight will do it. But I doubt it. That party is always awkward. I'm too young to be sitting with the adults talking in Spanish about random shit and drinking wine. And of the younger people, the oldest is only a senior in high school. Me being a junior in college does nothing for me. I can't relate anymore. *sigh* 20 is an awkward place to be.... So I can hardly imagine I will do much more than eat lots of food and float between the 2 groups trying to look interested. All I can hope is that Daniela doesn't start asking me questions about college life like last time I saw her. My college life is hardly normal and the normal-type things that do happen to me aren't something I really want to be talking about when my parents are in the vicinity. Meh.

It's strange how much a stagnated over this past week. I've been sort of listlessly floating through everything.

*sigh* I was going to wonder about that stagnation, but I've just been reminded why I don't like home. My brother is a pain in the ass ALL THE TIME. And he sees me borrowing wireless and bugs me endlessly about getting internet here. It's not like I haven't tried. I've talked to my dad. I've talked to my mom. And that never ends well. Ever. It ends with lots of yelling and everyone angry at everyone else and then I get frustrated and just go to my room and wish the world would go away. And maybe it's dumb, but I dont appreciate it. And then my mom accuses me of hiding things from them. Hiding what!? If they really wanted to know what I was doing on the computer, they can freakin ask me. But I think I'm past the stage where I should need to tell them everything I'm doing. I'm prefectly capable of doing my own thing, and I just want to know why they can't just open their eyes and see that. I've been* doing my own thing for a few years now. *sigh* I dunno... it dumb and I wish I were at school so at least I would be with my friends there and, yes, going to class. Cuz anything is better than this...

Speaking of which, I don't even know who I'm going back to school for besides like Jacob and Kate and the HS friends I have there... I've hardly spoken to anyone cuz of everything that's happened with Pat. Everything that's still happening really.. There's not much I can do. I offered my apologies, and I guess I got my answer to that. Others are drifting or just straight up walking away... And others... well I dont know where they stand with me anymore.

I'm not quite sure what's going on anymore to be quite honest. And with everyday that passes I can't help but think that this vacation came to soon. Thanksgiving break was a period of stabilization, but that could only last for so long. And just as things were starting to unravel again, we all went home. And now there's nothing to stabilize because it's still in the process of falling apart. And I feel like... we all needed to still be at school. We needed to be able to still talk to each other face to face and figure out this tangled disaster. Or maybe that was just me. I need to figure out this tangled disaster I've been calling my life lately.


In other news, I was doing searches of my cousin last night cuz she models and I wanted to see if she's done anything new. Turns out... she was cast in the title female role for what is being billed at the first Chilean martial arts movie!!! And all I thought was, WTF!? NO ONE TOLD ME!!

(two hours later)Went to lunch with Phil. Good times. and now i have more anime to watch! w00tage times 10.

anyway, time to wrap presents
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2005-12-18 09:34 pm
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Note to self: Try to finish your shopping *before* the last weekend before Christmas...

Yeah, so I'm finally home and it's not as bad as I'd be thinking it would be. Granted its only been one day. *shrug*

Went to the mall today and spent far too much money. Also, I think I've met my people quota for the week. *wince* There's just too many people in a small space, all spending vast amounts of cash. Welcome to the holidays I guess.

This week is going to drag a little. I can tell. I'm chilling with Kirstikin tomorrow cuz it's her only free day. Gotta hang out with Cristina too. And hopefully Jacob will be able to visit at some point before Christmas... Cuz then from the 26th to the 29th it's off to New Hampshire and skiing!!! w00t! that will be much fun and hopefully no injuries... you never know with us though. hehe.

Oh yes, we also decorated our tree today. It wasn't as fun as usual. My brother was being really annoying. It was more tedious taking everything out of the boxes and such. *sigh* were did the glitter go?

*spins* I'm so bored.

edit- <= guide to giving gifts to geeks. (wheee.. alliteration!!)

edit 2- OMG! i just checked my grades and i got a solid C in plant bio!!! this being the class I got a 25% on the first exam... on the retake... Can you say major curving??? i also think i might have something of a sad minesweeper addiction.....
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2005-10-15 12:27 am
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This rain is killing me inside... slowly... A solid 8 days of pretty much pouring rain is not fun. Especially when y'know... you're still getting over being sick... *sigh*

But I'm home now.. leeching off wireless yet again. because I'm just that awesome. I'm also very, very bored. My little sister is in bed... and I don't want to sleep just yet. I could watch anime I suppose.. but I'm feeling the need to be around people, and there are no people here... *sadness*

And I kinda don't want to have to drive around in this rain tomorrow. Eh.. I'll deal. I'll get my mall time. Apparently... they sell *neko-sama* hats at hot topic now... guess who's going to see if she can find one tomorrow? it's uber-cute. =)

Yeeeah.. maybe i'll go poke at the hot topic site and figure out what I wanna buy...

*wanders away*
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2005-10-13 12:46 pm
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"You need a new environment. Go on a vacation"

The above is the contents of the fortune I got in my cookie at lunch yesterday. Oh the irony...

Anyway, it's been a long couple days. Anime club... oh man...

Our vice-president resigned for real and assumed he could appoint someone to the position. So he did... without telling me or said person that he wanted to. I wasn't very happy when I found out and told people so in no uncertain terms. *sigh* But that's worked out and Pat, Jess and I are gonna work hard to get everything done that we plan to!!

I've decided that my plant bio lab next week is gonna suck hardcore. I have a list of 150 plant species and I'll be asked to identify like 60 plants on the exam... *wibble* Argh... if I go home this weekend I have no way of looking up pictures online... -_-

In other news, my parents are annoying me. They are planning on driving to Virgina Beach this weekend cuz my g-parents finally sold the house down there (I'm so sad.... I never got to go back before it will be gone) and they told my parents that if they want anything from it, they need to come this month. The problem is that my sister has her million and one activites this weekend and they dont want to leave a 15 and a 13 year old alone for the whole weekend anyway. So... they want me to go home, but the catch is I need to find my own way there and back... THIS WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER IF I HAD A CAR!!!!! >.< *sigh* They told me last night it was ok if I can't make it... they told me this morning they want me to show up. I'm trying to plan my weekendness damnit.... *sigh*

Last night was fun. I ate dinner with Lena, Heather and Susana which was awesome!!! And then we chilled and talked about hair donation and religion (weird combo i know). It was fun. Then, Jacob visited anime club and it was was fun. *AND* I bought a blueberry muffin and it made me happy and bouncy. It was fun cuz I haven't chilled with Jacob in ages and suchness. <3 everyone!!! Then after anime club I went with Dain, Pat, Joe and Steve to Wendy's in Willimantic. Whee... And the best part is, with a lack of anywhere to sit and eat, we went to Walmart and sat on some flats and ate. And I bought some snacky type stuffs. So if I go home this weekend.. I'd just need to visit the asian place for pocky, ramune and noodles. And all well be well.

I'm going to have 3 paychecks to deposit this weekend... Can you say shopping spree? I think I might go rape hot topic for its anime shirts... and if I show up at school with a lot more manga... oh man.... <3.

I love my life sometimes....
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2005-09-10 09:53 pm
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yay home

Yes.. I'm home and leeching wireless yet again. I've discovered that I definitely make a connection when I am sitting at my kitchen table. Unfortunately this means I can't just be online for the heck of it. And I like being in my room, but now I cant be. Perhaps I will go get my work and do it here till my parents get back and then pretend I just work better out here. Which is probably true anyway since I have no anime on the actual comp to tempt me into not doing anything. Usually the home routine consists of me watching anime till 2am in my room.

It's quite odd though. Everytime I go home, no matter how much sleep I've gotten, I'm always exhausted and take a nap. Granted, last night I went to bed at 4am and *didn't* get enough sleep, but we're gonna ignore that part. I really wanted to go sit outside on one of the benches in the quad and draw. Or go for a walk. But I didn't. Oh well. Next week perhaps.

I think I like being home. It's been a really long time what with the being in Cape Cod all summer and then leaving 2 days later for school. It's nice... Yeah.

I hope I can get to the Asian store tomorrow morning. I want to go stock up on Japanese snack food... Like those tiny jello cup things.. and Pocky... and Ramune.... and Pocky.... and gummies.... and.. well you get the point.

And now to make fun little planty notecards for plant bio....