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Sooo... yeah. School. Heh. So far so good?

First day was yesterday with half my classes. 8-10:45am back to back genetics classes might just kill me. The guy for the 8am is not that great a lecturer, but I will have to make sure to drag myself to every single class. Every class, we're going to be spending the last half doing groupwork that needs to be turned in and all groupwork is worth 40%. *Also*, any missed class means half a point taken from your final grade. *sigh* But at least my second class is awesome cuz the professor is really excited about the subject and everything looks cool. Then there's Stats 2, which is boring and taught by some lady who bores me to tears... Eh...

It's raining out. It wasn't when I left this morning. And then it was when I walked out of bio... and I had to walk across campus in windy rain. Only to discover that I was supposed to go to the comp lab... *not* the lecture half. So I walked back across campus and went to get my login name. Yup... and now its noon but I'm not hungry.

My throat is still in major pain. Jacob took a look at it with a flashlight and said everything is all swollen around my tonsils and lymphnodes... *sigh* So I'm taking a quick trip over the infirmary later today to see if there's anything I can do because it's getting to the point where doing anything except breathing is hurting... and even then, I can feel like pressure from that area and it's giving me a headache. (It even hurts when i yawn...)

._. how typical... maybe I can go eat some soup... *wibble* or maybe i'll try stir fry just cuz it's so good....



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