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Went to Pops N Jazz last night with family. It was a solid show, but I think I need to ramble out a few thoughts about it before it all drifts away.

First, I found the dancers to be very visually uninteresting. Something about their choreography seemed... stiff and unenthusiastic. For a lot of their numbers they seemed to do a lot of the same few twirly moves over and over. I will say that on any dances where they were telling some form of story through the dance it was better.. but still not a whole lot. I feel bad saying it because I know how hard they all work to get this together.. but I feel like a lot of the energy and enthusiasm was missing this year.

Also.. they did a beautiful arrangement of Riverdance with the band and some violinists. I love that damn music, but I was soooo disappointed in the dancer's part of it. They did a lot of swaying and arm waving.. and then they did some linework that just amounted to a lot of twirling in place. It's Riverdance... I know all those kids take multiple dance lessons.. most of them can tap. Surely they could have put together even a little bit of Irish step for it! What they did end up doing in the spirt of it was minimal (and really the same like... 2 steps over and over). *sigh* So much potential. However, the arrangement was good so I just kinda.. zoned out the dancers and listened. xD

The singers were.. alright I guess. I feel like it wasn't the strongest year for them, but they do what they do. And then band was pretty good too. I guess it was a solid show over-all, I just had a few issues with some of the decisions made. ^^;

In other news, downloaded ep 1 of Robin Hood series 3. I think I'd like to try and do a reaction post here as I watch. (Behind a cut of course since I highly doubt ANYONE on my flist even cares about this). I just kinda want to have some record of my having watched it I suppose, as silly as that seems. Mostly because I have no one to geek out with about it. xD

Went out to dinner at PF Changs with Susana, Lena and Heather today. We surprised Susana as she didn't know Heather and I were going to be there. It was.. delicious. *drool* And I have Sesame Chicken left over now to chew on after work tomorrow. Hooray!

As a last random thought, the Pussycat Dolls did an English version of Jai Ho! (from Slumdog Millionaire). *headdesk* Why would they do that?!


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