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2009-12-07 03:45 pm
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i wanna hold-'em like they do in texas please

First off, thank you to anyone who sent me a snowflake. I apparently sarvered the snowflake movement and therefore ended up sending out none.

As an FYI:
Still accepting card requests for this week since I need to finish making them. (they are going to be late obvs, but you WILL get one).

I have been.. so sleepy the past week. And it's like, no matter when I sleep.. I stay tired. It's not fun and it makes me lazy when I *am* awake. *sigh* Also it's cold, so that's just sapping all my energy away.

... Wow this post has no point. *gets back to work*

(omg i am so cold someone come snuggle with me *cryyyy*)
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2009-08-27 07:27 pm
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guys. GUYS.
I didn't check the [ profile] loli_valentines comm until just now because I assumed I wouldn't be up there in the massive love-fest that happened. Except I was. And I just needed to say that I LOVE YOU ALL SO FUCKING MUCH. I'm so sad I couldn't go to the kite meetup (all potential awkwardness aside) because of this moving thing. And I don't know what I'm gonna do once I'm moved for real. I suppose I could try meeting the Boston lolitas (have any of you met them?).. but it's like.. not YOU. *woe*

*smothers everyone in love and hugs* <3

That being said, let's talk about clothes! I was at the mall yesterday (I am so sad Urban Outfitters no longer exists at Buckland Hills.. I wanted this one shirt they sell...) and I realized something. I am so much more fashionable in my head. I walk around and can like, make coordinates in my head. Crazy things that work and would look totally fierce. BUT I LACK ALL CONFIDENCE TO EVER TRY. It's kinda sad really. Like, I was in... I wanna say H&M and I saw this top and was like, I would love to rock that I bet it would look good. But then part of me squirms at the thought because.. attention. I wish I could stop, it would be nice to break the cycle of wearing jeans and screen-tees all the time.

Oh yea, also I took my car to the garage. They told me that the drive belt was cracking, I needed a new battery, I needed new rear brakes, and the muffler assembly needed to be replaced. D: So $900 later... ugh.
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2009-07-14 02:04 am

life is silly

I was productive today!! It's amazing. I mean, I still slept till like 1pm.. but then I did things after!

I waited at the bank for a really long time. Then waited some more at the post office to buy some stamps for some letters with checks I need to send out. Then I went to Starbucks for green tea lemonade because it is like my crack. xD

I got the fabric I need for Yui at Jo-ann's. I was gonna get this really pretty suiting, but there wasn't enough on the roll and they didn't have any more. I was sad panda and I hope the stuff I got instead won't end up being too shiny/a pain in the ass to work with. They also didn't have any black ruffle tape, but I won't need that for a bit still. I also got my wig in the mail so I doused it in hair spray. Once it dries, I get to cut it. It's a little darker than I would have liked, but I'll be able to work with it. I need to work on priming the styrofoam balls I'm using for all the embellishments too. Funfun.

Then I went to Borders where I had my weird encounter of the day. I was waiting in line to pay (omg last volume of Kitchen Princess!!) behind this large man with a pile of stuff. I was mostly thinking about how the guy at the register is the one who likes to talk to me about shoujo manga and is generally very awkward about the whole thing. (I try to avoid him..). So this large dude is like "never enough money for books". I made some vague agreement and he started telling me how his mother is always worried when he doesn't lock his car cuz someone will "steal his books". (Keep in mind, this guy was old enough to be my father). THEN!! Then he says, "So tell me. Do people of the... female persuasion like it when guys are bookworms?" I SHIT YOU NOT. There was even a pause before he said "female" and everything. I was just like, "umm... it depends on the girl". AND THEN IT WAS HIS TURN TO PAY AND I WAS LIKE, THANK YOU GOD. The awkward register guy told me that the last volume of Kitchen Princess is a bit anti-climactic, which is just NOT COOL OF HIM. And that's the story of my adventure at Borders.

After dinner I went to karoke with Rachel and Marsha and had an awesome time. I sang a song. And I really wish I could like... hear myself sing because I don't know what I sound like AT ALL and am convinced I make a fool of myself everytime I do. *sighface*


ALSO MY LAPTOP IS A PIECE OF SHIT. Earlier, everytime i hit the apostrophe the quick find box would come up. And now I can't use my arrow keys but the apostrophe works again. WTF
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2009-06-23 02:51 am
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Oh man today has been just.. guh.

Woke up super-late. Rushed around trying to clean up all my books. I am missing a lot of them! DO NOT LIKE. I don't know where most of the Nightwatch series is. And I'm missing random pieces of series. *sigh* Will have to track that all down. But it is finished and my bookshelves are neat again.

Then I went out to Target with my mom. Except we never made it to Target because some idiot lady SIDESWIPED OUR CAR while we were stopped at one of the lights in front of the mall. Everyone is okay. The car no longer has a driver-side mirror and there are a few scratches. Some lady in a van apparently didnt see the red light and decided that the proper course of action was to try and zoom between the two lanes of stopped traffic and run the light. Instead she hit like three cars on the way and lost her own mirror and hubcap. It was scary as all hell too. I heard her hitting the other cars behind us (we were first in line) and then suddenly there was a thud and a red blur and a smash. The best part was that she then pulled into the mall parking lot and tried to hide. We found her in her car and she argued with the mall security, claiming it wasnt here, while we got the police on the line. I pulled out her hubcap which matched the other three still on her car... and she pulls her car in reverse, hits the security officer in the knee WITH HER CAR while he tried to stop her and then got chased around the parking lot by mall security. It was a goddamn mess. And of course it's raining the whole time and I'm running around in flip flops trying to explain the whole thing to my dad while trying to keep my poor mother calm.

OH LORD. And then I got home, brother's gf was over here upset about something and my sister's best friend's bf broke up with her tonight so she's on the phone. So.. I went and did karaoke at Zen Bar with Rachel cuz just.. screw this man.

And then I get home and there is this video of ZQ falling down while being followed by a man dressed like a steak. And there is cursing. And omg I am so uncomfortable about the whole thing. Especially how he's all like "are you happy now?!" And I'm just like, noooo world why are you awful?! T_T I'm trying really hard to just not think about it...

ps- I have a few new friends from the pthon friending meme. Hi guys! <3
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2009-06-07 11:20 pm

i presume you have prepared new insults today

It has been a nice weekend.

Accidentally went to bed at 4am last night, so I slept till 1. And there was sadness because I'd been having a really nice dream and then my mom opened the door really loudly and in the process of being jolted away.. I lost the thread of the dream. So I was just left with a vague sense of "that was an awesome and relaxing dream, come baaaack". *sadness*

Then I went out for P.F. Chang's with Janet. Followed by omgStar Trek movie! (ahahaha 4 times now) It was.. just as amazing the 4th time and about half way through I realized that I can't wait until the DVD comes out so I can just watch it all the time. Actually, before the movie we went to this awesome store where all the books are 75% off and they had nearly all of the "So you want to be a wizard" series. So I bought the last 3, as well as the first 2 books in the Looking Glass Wars. And some other random things. SO AWESOME.

Random movie thoughts:
- the little things that Vulcan children stand in to learn things.. are kinda awesome. I wish I had one to play with.
- Towards the end I realized that anyone who was Vulcan in the movie like.. never blinked. Which I feel like was intentional to convey lack of emotion, but is also one of those details that I think is really cool. Although Spock did blink a few times that I caught, but it was always when he was A) surprised by something or B) showing emotion for reals. Which makes sense.
- the Romulan ship design.... so pretty *drools a little*

I have to work tomorrow and I'm not sure how I feel about that. xD Luckily I am not filling so it will be a shorter day for me.

Also, tomorrow I am going to the store. I was Star Trek Waffles. And cereal. Sepcifically Rice Krispies... because then I can just make dessert with them. AND I get the cool toy. xD
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2009-04-28 07:32 pm
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when you smile, the whole world smiles with you

Dear internets,

Today has been a good day. If I were doing the happiness meme, it would be easy to list 10 things that had made me happy. *hums*

When I woke up this morning at 10:45 I felt well-rested (been a while since that happened), and thus I made it work on time. I ended up leaving at 2 after feeling like maybe I am a bit closer to my co-workers and generally happy. Then I went to get a bagel from the bagel place and a green tea lemonade from Starbucks. The guy working there actually knew what he was doing so it was basically perfect.

Then I went home, tried on the boots for my cosplay and realized that while they will be snug, they will fit fine. Now I just need to figure out what will work best for dying them. Yay! THEN I went to Murasaki with Lawrence and it was delicious. (SUCH a good idea, thank yooou!!) And now I am home, going to pull out some cosplay, put on some music and generally just chill.

Life.. is good. Let's keep it that way. *knocks on wood*
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2009-03-29 11:48 pm

dance dance dance

Went to Pops N Jazz last night with family. It was a solid show, but I think I need to ramble out a few thoughts about it before it all drifts away.

First, I found the dancers to be very visually uninteresting. Something about their choreography seemed... stiff and unenthusiastic. For a lot of their numbers they seemed to do a lot of the same few twirly moves over and over. I will say that on any dances where they were telling some form of story through the dance it was better.. but still not a whole lot. I feel bad saying it because I know how hard they all work to get this together.. but I feel like a lot of the energy and enthusiasm was missing this year.

Also.. they did a beautiful arrangement of Riverdance with the band and some violinists. I love that damn music, but I was soooo disappointed in the dancer's part of it. They did a lot of swaying and arm waving.. and then they did some linework that just amounted to a lot of twirling in place. It's Riverdance... I know all those kids take multiple dance lessons.. most of them can tap. Surely they could have put together even a little bit of Irish step for it! What they did end up doing in the spirt of it was minimal (and really the same like... 2 steps over and over). *sigh* So much potential. However, the arrangement was good so I just kinda.. zoned out the dancers and listened. xD

The singers were.. alright I guess. I feel like it wasn't the strongest year for them, but they do what they do. And then band was pretty good too. I guess it was a solid show over-all, I just had a few issues with some of the decisions made. ^^;

In other news, downloaded ep 1 of Robin Hood series 3. I think I'd like to try and do a reaction post here as I watch. (Behind a cut of course since I highly doubt ANYONE on my flist even cares about this). I just kinda want to have some record of my having watched it I suppose, as silly as that seems. Mostly because I have no one to geek out with about it. xD

Went out to dinner at PF Changs with Susana, Lena and Heather today. We surprised Susana as she didn't know Heather and I were going to be there. It was.. delicious. *drool* And I have Sesame Chicken left over now to chew on after work tomorrow. Hooray!

As a last random thought, the Pussycat Dolls did an English version of Jai Ho! (from Slumdog Millionaire). *headdesk* Why would they do that?!
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2006-02-03 10:23 pm
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i wish things were different. sometimes.

nights when i sit. alone. wondering where everyone went.

and then with nothing else to do. i bury myself in work. listlessly shoving my mind full of school. work. trying to forget that people are out there having fun.

it's probably my fault. pushing people away or something. it happens i suppose.

i do have a lot of work to do anyway. might as well spend time getting it done. or something.

also. i wish emotions werent so hard for me to figure out. or even express. then i worry people. i dont like worrying people. sigh. perhaps i am just being dumb.

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2005-07-12 12:51 pm
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So... what has happened to me lately?

This weekend Brian came up to visit me. We went to Provincetown which was just amusing. It's a nice atmosphere up there. Really lively and colorful. Some of the stores are a bit questionable.... (we *had* to walk into the store called Forbidden Fruit.... it looked normal from the outside...) but it was fun. Also an amazing view out there. Watched Fantastic Four. blargh. what a poorly exeuted movie. Then Sunday we went to the beach with some of his cousins which I was afraid would be awkward but turned out to be really fun.

Been doing my kayaking fieldwork. Friday and yesterday... all day in a kayak. Which would be nice except that it rained all day Friday and yesterday was *really* sunny and thus I was tired and dehydrated by the end of it all. And damn..... those seats are so uncomfortable... Thus, it is refreshing to be in the lab today just puttering around. Granted it's boring, but I'm inside where it's cool and not doing physical labor.... We go out again on Thursday. I hope it will be nice out...

There was something I wanted to say...... and now I forget. Damnit. That always happens to me. I suppose I should go look busy now.. or not. I kinda already finished everything I can do for the moment. Maybe I'll go check my mail....
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2005-06-20 09:12 pm
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Lazy Monday

This weekend was freakin awesome! Lena, Phil and Pat arrived around 10 on Saturday and we went off to the Falmouth Strawberry Festival where we ate yummy strawberry shortcake. Then we chilled in Woods Hole for a while and such. Dinner was a chinese takeout picnic on the beach followed by a failed attempt to toast marshmallows over a lighter. Then we went to the hotel and played cards. It was fun.

Sunday was spent at IHOP and then Old Silver Beach getting sunburned. (well i didn't get burned, but everyone else did) Then we took a pizza to the beach and had a final moment. And then they were rather sadly off. I didn't have time to mope around though because I went with my housemates to go see Batman Begins.

*hearts* Now... I havent seen any of the Batman movies, but even I liked it. yeah.

Today was boring and lonely though. Everyone is gone in Spain and I'm just puttering around. Eh.
At least it was nice outside today and I went outside.

Anyway... off to play a game or something...
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2005-06-13 01:44 pm
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And my crazy dream continues

I didn't have to bike in today which was nice. Except now I'm bored. Mirta (the student I am working with) hasn't showed up. I was told by Ivan that she 'had to work at home for a while' so I have been reading all day. Bleh. I thought 'a while' meant till like after lunch, but it's nearly 2. So I think I'm stuck reading for a while. I'm annoyed that this comp doen't have PowerPoint. We have to prepare 5 min talks about our projects for Wednesday and I need to work on mine. I'm scared to mess up though because both Ivan and Mirta will be at the meeting and they both know my project very well. So if I mess something up, it looks really bad cuz they'll know. *sigh* Oh well. I'll just prepare tonight.

*glares at her reading*

Sometimes I wonder if I'm not getting the full experience since I'm not working with one set person. I see everyone else working right with one person and forming these bonds. And I havent really started anything yet. I mean, both Ivan and Mirta and most of the lab will be in Spain for a week soon and I'll be left here doing more prep work and reading. Bleh.

But I'm not unhappy. Not one bit. I like it here a lot. Yes.

This weekend Lena, Phil and Pat are going to visit me!!!!! *dances* It's gonna be fun. We're gonna do fun stuff, etc.

Well... back to work. Ivan will prolly be back from soccer soon and I need to look busy and stuff. Yays.