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2011-06-20 06:23 pm


My plan for today was to make a pie for your belated father's day dinner. My sister had sent me a text on Saturday night saying that my mom wanted "a tart or a pie". I find pies much easier and faster to make (I hate making crust, so I just use a pre-made situation) so I thought I would use all blueberries sitting in my fridge to make dessert. Except then I wandered out of my bedroom in the afternoon and as I started assembling my ingredients, my sister said "I think she really wanted you to make a tart, but I told you both".

I should take a moment here to note that last time I tried to make a fruit tart, I hated the filling recipe, my crust was a disaster and the glaze just didn't work. However, my mom LOVED it and apparently takes joy in making my soul cry by requesting it. But, when my sister said that my mom has specifically asked for a fruit tart (and NOT a blueberry pie), I had to pause and think.

I put away the fruit, and googled till I found this:
I still used a pre-made crust and I skipped the glaze (the fruit we have is so fresh anyway), but I was determined to defeat the pastry cream once and for all. I even watched the instructional video!

does our heroine master pastry cream this time? )

And now for a meme!

Comment with "Come at me, bro," and:
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

[ profile] shouldboverthis asked me some questions that I will answer.

1. I know you just went to see 'Panic at the Disco.' What are some of your other favorite bands and artists?
Oh goodness. I have an rather mixed collection of music. I tend to fixate on one band/artist for weeks at a time until I find something else. I adore Adam Lambert (and I just want him to give me new music so the fandom can stop imploding). I listen to a lot of Top 40 on the radio. I listen to a lot of soundtracks honestly; tv, movie and anime. Other bands who I also love include Ludo, Sugarcult, Disturbed and System of a Down.

2. What's the last movie you watched at home?
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original one) was on ABC Family the other night so I watched that.

3. Do you follow other fandoms?
Ahahahaha. DO I EVER! I actively read Sherlock, Hawaii Five-0, Inception and X-Men: First Class. I also read bandom and Merlin. Most of my fandom involvement is through reading and discussing with people on twitter. I have a bingo card though, so soon there will be writing as well. :)

4. BC or MF? Sherlock or John?
This is a difficult question since I love them all for different reasons. When it comes down to it though, I am shallow and I think BC is gorgeous. He clearly has a passion for what he does and it's awesome to watch unfold in his various roles. I definitely have a special place in my heart for Martin though. The interview where he talks about rage is great and the story of how he met his wife just confirms my thought that he is awesome.
I am also very firmly a Sherlock-girl. I always have been, from the books to various other mediums. I love the way his mind works, which is why I tend to read fic that examines the way he thinks (vs fic that focuses on BAMF!John like some people I know). It also helps that in the BBC version.. he is very pretty.

5. I know this might be sensitive, so feel free to substitute something else: how did you get into your area of study?
I'm always happy to talk about why I like the science I do!! The current situation is ideal, but I just have to get through it and then I can move on to bigger and better things. :) We lived in California until I was 11, so I spent a lot of time on the beach with my family during the summers. My dad is also a scientist and he liked taking me on walks with him to go look at the tide pools and poke around in caves and such. He also did things like going to my elementary school classrooms to teach small science lessons and taking me to his lab to do mini-projects. Needless to say, science has always been a part of my life. But the beach part of things really stuck with me the most. Monterey Bay Aquarium was my favorite place ever. So... basically, since I have been about 8, I have wanted to do science to study the ocean. :D

If anyone wants some questions, let me know!
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2009-06-14 02:03 am

why with the moneys!?

Today was such a freaking long day. Walking around the fair. Then work. Luckily around 3:30 the manager went "who wants to go home" and I was like "OOOH PICK ME", except y'know... calmer. And then I went and got yummy pad thai and a blue sno cone and kettle corn and stuffed myself silly. I also bought this gorgeous pink and silver glass pendant thing from the art show. I'm totally gonna rock it at work with the all-black I have to wear.

Oh my gosh there is this artist guy with a stand and I freaking love his art. It's all silk-screened by hand. And just GAH! I want like 5 of his pieces and even just a normal sized silk-screen is FIFTY DOLLARS. *woe* I plan on getting two of the postcardy things he is selling for $5 and framing them together to make my own art.

Speaking of art, my totally awesome Star Trek poster showed up in the mail today. I unrolled it to verify that it is the right one.. and then put it right back in the tube. I just need a poster frame for that and I'm all set for hanging in my room when I move. :D I am such a dork.

I also found a site that lets me cut parts of songs and sends them to my phone so that I may use said cuts as ringtones. First order of business, I cut the opening theme to Merlin and sent it. My phone.. is totally pimp now. I'm thinking of doing the first part of the Lucky Star opening just because it will be the most annoying thing in the world. Or maybe the english Cardcaptors theme. My phone can declare to the world that.. I am ridiculous.
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2009-06-09 04:23 pm
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mm... salsa verde

I really need to like, start eating better on days when I have work late. I've been home all day and I've eaten a rice krispie treat and a pile of chips with green salsa. Wtf self. And now I have work in like 40 minutes. *fail*

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I can hear the song in my mind already.

Now for a meme that I know I saw floating around a while ago, but I was lazy then.

I want to know 28 things about you. I don't care if we've never talked, never really clicked, or if we already know everything about each other. I really don't. You are obviously on my f-list, so let me know with whom I'm friends!
28 questions )

Also, a fandom meme from [ profile] issahime
Name a fandom, and I'll tell you:

1. The first character I fell in love with:
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
3. The character I would shag anytime:
4. The character I'd slap:
5. Who are my 3 favorite characters.
6. What are my 3 favorite pairings.
7. The coolest thing about the canon:
8. The lamest thing about the canon:
9. My guiltiest pleasure in this fandom:
10. What story I wish I could read (or art I wish I could see):
11. What story I wish I had written/still want to write:

I watched the pilot of Glee last night and was surprisingly charmed by it. It was cute and very stereotypical high school... but entertaining. I will definitely be watching it in Sept. Also, I have heard that Heroes S4 starts filming right around now. yay tv!
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2009-05-11 10:46 pm
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obscene amount of cake

The title to this entry used to be "I need a cooking/food icon". And then I remembered this one and the problem was solved! <3

I spent much more time than usual in the kitchen today. The results are four loaves of cinnamon bread and a meatloaf. The meatloaf was my mom's fault as we had this ground beef that needed to be used and I guess she didn't want to make pasta sauce with it. So.. I poked the side of the bread crumb container, looked up some recipes online.. and frankensteined it into some form of food. It was pretty good and even my dad ate it despite not really liking meatloaf. (Although maybe it was out of pity.. who knows). And now we will be eating cinnamon bread for the next week and a half.

My day of "get lots of cosplay done" was hindered by my mom calling me in the afternoon. I ended up spending 2 hours at the mall looking for a purse for my little sister. She is going to junior prom next Saturday. I ended up buying a lot of stuff at Michael's that will make this whole project a lot easier though. Also my brain did that thing where it buys things and I ended up with SPN season 1 from Target, on sale for $19. My brain went "hey that's normally $45 and now it's $19 and that torrent is going really slowly anyways".. and then I was walking out with it. lulz. I also did brush out and arrange my Chidori wig so it's a start.

There.. was something else I was gonna say here, but now I've gone and forgotten. So instead I will go back to my sewing.
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2009-04-28 07:32 pm
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when you smile, the whole world smiles with you

Dear internets,

Today has been a good day. If I were doing the happiness meme, it would be easy to list 10 things that had made me happy. *hums*

When I woke up this morning at 10:45 I felt well-rested (been a while since that happened), and thus I made it work on time. I ended up leaving at 2 after feeling like maybe I am a bit closer to my co-workers and generally happy. Then I went to get a bagel from the bagel place and a green tea lemonade from Starbucks. The guy working there actually knew what he was doing so it was basically perfect.

Then I went home, tried on the boots for my cosplay and realized that while they will be snug, they will fit fine. Now I just need to figure out what will work best for dying them. Yay! THEN I went to Murasaki with Lawrence and it was delicious. (SUCH a good idea, thank yooou!!) And now I am home, going to pull out some cosplay, put on some music and generally just chill.

Life.. is good. Let's keep it that way. *knocks on wood*
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2009-04-26 02:41 pm
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Ahahahahaha. Have I mentioned in here how restaurant time makes no freaking sense? Yesterday I was scheduled for 1pm-9pm. Which I feel like should be a double-shift, but wasn't listed as such. And then I ended up staying until 11 anyway.. without a break or food or anything. And the manager who said I would get dinner ended up leaving and everyone else forgot. And it was just sad. By about 10pm I was shaking and barely standing up straight without zoning out.

Also I am sad because my necklace broke and a bunch of the beads fell all over. I gathered up all the ones I could find, but I suspect I missed a few so now I need to figure out how to fix it without being obvious that some of the beads are missing. *woe*

Although I did eat some delicious ribs when I got home. And there are more delicious ribs waiting for me tonight when I get home. We close at 10.. so hopefully I will be home at 9 for real this time. Thank GOD I am not working tomorrow.

Nooo my lj is turning into "rant about work" zone. *thwaps self*

I have volume 13 of xxxHolic sitting here on my desk.. unread. I need to re-read 12 since with all the Tsubasa cross-over, I am starting to get a bit lost. Silly CLAMP.

*goes to get ice cream* It is quite warm today...
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2009-04-02 12:57 am
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*pulls out every good luck charm ever*

Before I start freaking out. I was browsing Cristina's blog and got curious and clicked on a link off to the side. I was greeted by the following blog entry: How totally awesome does that sound? Especially that lemonade. I am seriously considering this idea because I love fresh lemonade, especially when it starts getting warm out. That link went right to my bookmarks for futher exploration. So Cristina.. I know you're out there somewhere reading this: Your blog does awesome things.


I got an email

From a faculty member at Northeastern. Apparently I am back on being heavily considered for a position in a lab. I am going up there again on Monday (pending confirmation from him) to talk to him specifically.. and his lab. And omg I have so much reading to do on the subject. I felt sooo lame at recruitment weekend because I was just kinda awed by the calibur of the people I was with. Feeling inferior made me act quieter than normal and I'm hoping that I've already met a lot of these people.. that it'll be a lot easier for me to actually.. y'know.. say lots of intelligent things and seem worth it. because damnit I know I'm worth it, I just need someone to see it already! Ahhh I'm so nervous this is awful.

Plus after that weekend I kinda really convinced myself that I want to go there and it would basically put me in a such a happy place to have that happen.

BUT OMG TRYING NOT TO GET MY HOPES UP. I don't want this to be UNC all over again.. *mutters*

I am babbling.

Work tomorrow after having 2 days off. How sad. Hopefully it will be not-busy and I can go home early.

I was going to type something else here.. possibly fandom-related.. but now I can't remember. So.. back to your regularly scheduled programming?
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2005-06-12 09:44 pm
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Real World: Cape Cod. Weekend One

Well... enough people have said it when I told them how I would be living when I was here, so I give up and will use it too.

Last week was interesting. I got to go out in the field a couple times and I was in the lab some figuing out what my project was going to be. I think I know what it's gonna be on now, but I've been procrastining on the reading which is bad. So I'm terrified of tomorrow cuz if someone asks me a question, I might end up giving them a blank stare. But it's ok.

The house is great but I wonder about the dynamics sometimes. Like... I feel kinda isolated sometimes. Mostly because 2 of the girls have really bonded and no one else is really making an effort to be really friendly. But I think I can deal because I think soon we're all gonna be really busy with our projects.

This weekend was fun though. See, our house is about 11.5 miles to Woods Hole which is where we all work. And the other girls have been riding into work. So yesterday, when we didn't have internet yet, we wanted to check our email. And since the MBL library is open 24 hours, we biked to the town of Falmouth (about 9 miles) and walked around. Then we went on to Woods Hole and stayed at the library for a bit. I did get a really good wrap though. Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and guacamole. Yummm. Went to the beach for a bit, then returned to the house with a very sore butt.

Today, still recovering from yesterday, we biked to the Falmouth Harbor and took the ferry to Martha's Vineyard. Once there we biked around three of the towns and poked around. It was fun, but my legs feel like they're going to fall off and my butt hurts like nothing else. I really need to get a cushion for that damn seat.

So in total... I think I biked like 55 miles this weekend. And the irony is that despite feeling like I'm drowning in soreness, I intend to bike to work tomorrow. Oy vey. I'm crazy.

Anyway.... I'm damn tired and it's not even 10pm. That's really sad. I think I need to go read myself to sleep or something. I have to leave at 7:45 tomorrow to make it on time.

*wanders away*