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2011-08-03 02:06 am

i love my car. also, i hate it.

Went to Ohio this weekend to visit @Manderkat. It was awesome, I wanna go back. We basically made a nest on her couch out of pillows and stuffed animals... and stayed there for 3 days. (Except for a foray for food and an awesome 30+ room bookstore omg I wanted to LIVE there). I watched Suits (OMG HELLO NEW LOVE) and I started on Misfits (ALSO LOVE) and there was lots of Gabriel Macht. Actually, there was so much of him that we FORGOT TO WATCH XMEN WHILE WE WERE ACTUALLY IN THE SAME ROOM OMG WE ARE SO STUPID. /headdesk.

Anyway, I drove there. On the way back... check engine light YAY. Also, my oil is vanishing as I drive and midway through the trip, I checked and the part around the oil cap was wet. Sigh. Took it to the garage this morning. My catalytic converter is triggering the engine light again. I am pissed because I paid a lot of money for this to get fixed last year and obviously something is up. So now I need to find my receipt from that visit and call the place. As for the oil, the guy claims that the cap wasn't on tight enough (which I call shenanigans on).

GUYS I HATE CARS. Granted, I was kinda asking for this when I decided to drive 700+ miles in one day.....

Can I go back to Ohio now. Our couch-nest was a million times better than my real life. There were kitties.

Oh yeah, also I still don't know where I'm going to be moving in 3-4 weeks. UGH
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2011-07-10 09:49 pm
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xmen:first class - fanvid

I am on vacation in Vermont. We are less than 3 miles from Canada. My phone actually thinks I'm in Canada, I got a text message welcoming me to the country. I am really glad that there is a wireless connection.

Anyway, today my life was made better by the existence of this fanvid:

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2011-06-20 04:04 am

fangirl withdrawl

Oh gosh, hi Livejournal. So many THINGS have happened since I last visited you. Where shall I even begin?

Um. Last weekend I went to my friend's bachelorette party at Foxwoods. Went to a comedy show. Had my first Irish Car Bomb (Was not fond of it, honestly). Went dancing for a bit, which was fun too. The dress code was "sexy black" so I wore basically the same thing I wore to Gridlock a year and a half ago. :') Of course then I had to drive home at 3am and it was storming and there were no lights on the highway and I thought I was going to die.


My roommate is in Europe now until the end of the month. As soon as I know I was going to be roommate-less for a few weeks, I put out a call on twitter for visitors. So... from Wednesday night to Saturday morning, I had [ profile] x_serenade and [ profile] maybe77 with me. (I lured them into it with the promise of vodka, oreos and JGL movies)

fangirls in boston. #petpetzoom )
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2011-03-12 07:41 pm
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a lovely day

After a very long week, the past couple days have been quite lovely.

Yesterday my roommate and I went out for Mexican to celebrate her paper being accepted. \o/ There was a 45 min wait so we ended up killing time by shopping at Trader Joe's for a while. (lol, fascinating I know). Then I ate waaaay too much and it was fabulous.

Then I went home and crashed before midnight because I taught ALL DAY on Friday after 2 hrs sleep (maybe). I was up on Thursday watching news coverage from Japan. If I think about that tragedy for too long, I want to cry. I have a friend who is teaching in Sendai now and I was really worried about her. And then after I knew she was okay, I was just sitting and crying at the Al Jazeera livestream coverage.

But yes. Today I did something fun though! I went to a meetup, in the real world, with people I had never met before! (And I know what you're thinking. 'but Carolina, you spend all summer continually taking trips with people from the internet for concerts'. BUT I PROMISE THIS FELT DIFFERENT). So yes, it was a Sherlock meetup! Got to have some lunch and fun talking with people who ~get fandom and flail and all that lovely stuff. And I think it actually restored some of the faith I had lost in fandom recently (see: last entry) by reminding me that it IS fun and there are lots of awesome people who I can talk to about my interests. So yay for that.

Also it reminded me that Anime Boston is next month and OH GOD I NEED TO SEW/FIX THINGS ON MY COSPLAY.

Anyway. It has been a good day. :D
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2011-01-17 03:17 am
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I like how half of the comments on my Johnny Weir recap make note of the fact that I look like SUCH a troublemaker in that one pic. xD It could have looked so much ~smoother if my sister had taken the picture sooner. *shakes fist*

Anyway, not much to update on except that this EXCELLENT Sherlock fanvid was posted tonight.

Falling for the First Time - Sherlock/John from Freakish Lemon on Vimeo.

So much love. Same vidder who made my FAVORITE Sherlock vid. :)

At some point I am going to make a massive "omg this is all the Sherlock fic that I love". But that day is not today.
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2010-11-21 03:06 am
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you called me beautiful


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2010-10-16 04:01 pm
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kris allen/lifehouse concert

Last night I went to Foxwoods Casino in CT for the Lifehouse show, with Kris opening. It was fantastic!

It was a long and stressful THREE HOUR drive down there. The traffic was AWFUL and I was on the verge of tears pretty much the whole time. I had wanted to be there for dinner with the other girls, but the traffic meant I got there 20 minutes before the show started. :(

Kris was up first and I was soooo excited. @sucia_bonita and I had front row in the balcony, so the view was awesomeee and I could lean forwards on the railing and bounce around without bothering people. I always forget how much I love Kris until I see him live again. He is such a solid performer and you can tell he has fun up there with his band. During our set he talked about the trees in CT.. and almost told us what floor of the hotel he was staying on. Oh Kris! The theatre was maybe half-full? Up on the balcony I couldn't see the whole floor, but at least the front half was pretty sparsely populated. HOWEVER, there was a looot of noise coming from the back part that I couldn't see... and SAW a lot of Kris t-shirts outside the theatre, so I bet it was much more populated back there.

His set seemed SO SHORT though! It was 35 minutes, I don't remember how many songs he played. He got us all to sing along during Alright With Me and Live Like We're Dying. The man sitting next to me even put in the effort to sing, which made me laugh. xD The whole vibe was so chill and it was nice to be at a show where I could sit in my chair, bounce around a bit, and just ENJOY! I hope that Kris has a chance to do some solo touring at some point, would love to see a longer set from him. :)

And then it was time for Lifehouse. They put on a solid show. True story: I used to be listen to Lifehouse A LOT during my freshman year of college. We're talking like.. if had existed, the stats on them would be scary. At the time I was in a relationship (internet-based) and they were kinda the soundtrack for that. After things ended, I moved on and I stopped listening to them. I literally hadn't listened to their music for like.... 5 years, except what is on the radio sometimes. So I wasn't really sure how much I was going to enjoy them.

As it turns out, I spent most of the concert realizing that I knew most of the songs that they were singing. And the atmosphere was so awesome. Very chill and happy. There was an adorable couple in the front row totally rocking out together. At one point, the lead singer just bounced off stage and started wandering in the audience, shaking people's hands and such while singing. And it was so calm! no rushing to try and shake his hand, no cameras shoved in his face. Sitting up there on the balcony I was like, oh... wow this is really different. But it was awesome! My favorite part by far was then the lead singer took the stage with just his guitar and sang song snippets. He was like, "yknow... we do lots of shows and there are always fans who we see all the time at every single venue. and a lot of the time, they are asking us why we didn't play their favorite song." I was laughing because.... I guess Lifehouse has their own cray too. Anyway, so he starts asking for people to yell out song names, and he even went over the cute couple to get a song that she wanted him to sing... and then he just..... sang pieces of different songs.

It was really fun and laid back and just... :') I really needed it.

Then I sat with the other 4 girls in the food court while I stuffed my face and we talked about everything and anything until 1am. <333 These are the nights with fandom that I stick around for.

I will leave you with this: (hands down my favorite lifehouse song, which was sung during the song-snippet portion. i had forgotten about it)
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2010-01-15 03:09 am
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pants on the floor

I am dead from the sheer amount of pretty.

(as of 3am est, it was still processing. it will be better quality soon)
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2009-12-21 01:31 pm

cybersex IV: the last mindfuck

RE: subject line.
see exhibit A:

lol I have no idea either, but it made me laugh.

Anyway, my darling LJ. I have been remiss in my updating duties. I swear it won't happen again. Our love cannot be sustained on funny youtube videos alone. *lone tear* I think I haven't made a REAL post in like a month.

So what exactly have I been up to? Well.. I was finishing this train-wreck of a semester! After Thanksgiving, it's like I was determined to crash and burn in the most spectacular fashion. I procrastinated... I didn't pay attention to deadlines... We're talking like, subconsciously trying to sabotage myself. Which as a result made me hate myself a little because I just felt like a failure all the time AND ISN'T THAT JUST THE BEST THING EVER. Regardless, I managed to turn in papers on time and show up to class. As it stands, I got an A in Molecular Ecology and a B+ in Experimental Design. I am annoyed about the B+, but can only blame myself. That's what happens when you turn in a rough draft of a manuscript (which is worth like 15% of your grade BTW) where the discussion section contains no citations... because I wrote it at like 6am, was probably hallucinating.. and didn't feel like looking for more papers. (omg wtf is wrong with me)

So yes.... self-sabotage. fml. And of course my ADVISOR was the one grading that section.. so he read it.. and omg the look on his face when he handed it back to me. D: In conclusion: I am a fail grad student who needs to get her shit together.

On the happy grad school front, I got a pilot experiment set up! I got 12 nutrient dispensers set out on the shore. Sadly, it looks like the method is not working right now. So we're going to re-do it when I get back in January (omg it's going to be so cold and miserable) and in the meantime, I am preparing to present some of this method at the Benthics meeting in... I wanna say April. Ironically, this meeting is going to be held at UNC Wilmington.. y'know.. the school that treated me like shit when I was applying. I hope I see the lady I interviewed with, because it will be satisfying.

Otherwise, I am going back to CT today. It will be good to be home. If the amount of sleep I've been getting lately is any indication (I've been sleeping too much), I suspect I am fighting off something and I hope that being home and not having to worry about making my own food and such will help it go away. Of course I am ignoring the fact that I need to go Christmas shopping something fierce. Also I need to shop around for New Year's... BECAUSE WTF AM I GOING TO WEAR OMGG WHYYYYYY.

SO yes, New Year's Eve in LA. It's a long story and I think I won't tell it because you are all going to judge me. The point is that I now need something fabulous to wear and... I dunno. I am bringing so many shoes back to CT with me because I don't know which ones I will need. I bought a really cute black party dress last week because my advisor and his wife were hosting a cocktail party at their house on Friday, so I may go with that. But then I need to accessorize it somehow.. possibly with something a bit more punk? idk, I want it to look fierce. (lol can I even pull off fierce? idk) I suspect that I will be playing quite a lot of dress-up in the next week, potentially with lots of posting pics to the internet and going, HALP ME BE FASHIONABLE.

To that end, I think I will take a trip to Plato's closet tomorrow and see if there is anything cheap. Otherwise, I want to get a pair of silver heels for my new dress (it has a silver accent on it). I'm thinking close-toed.. or maybe with a peep-toe, but definitely not sandals. ...ok so maybe I just want silver heels, but that is totally not the point.

On the fandom front, I apparently missed a Merlin friending meme and it makes me sad because I fell out of touch with the fandom. I was looking forward to season 2 and then AI fandom came along and I'm still not free. *woe* I solemnly swear to catch up on the season over break.

Um.. I'm buying a new laptop. I had been thinking this one Toshiba model... except that it didn't have an CD drive... and it wasn't a netbook so that is totally messed up. I'm eying a couple other Toshiba models.. or maybe a Dell. I'd looked at Sony, but there's nothing there that really jumps out at me. And I'm not sure about HP right now. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear it. I want to order before Christmas so I have a few days to play before I come back to MA. (Also it might be nice to bring it with me to LA.)
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2009-10-17 09:45 pm
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cuz i know this flame isn't dying. so nothing can stop me from trying.

These past few days have basically been total days of flail if I ignore the crap I posted about in my last entry. I woke up this morningafternoon to a twitter alert from the ADAM_SIGNAL account that Time for Miracles had "leaked". It went on sale on the Italian iTunes page. So I basically flailed my way out of bed to listen to it. Pretty much crying the whole time because the song is beautiful.. and I was just like a state of, omgomgomgomgnewmusicomg. And then I guess some Lady Gaga stuff got leaked. And yesterday we found out that Adam is on the cover of Nov's Details mag, has a one page deal in InStyle and is going to be on the cover of Out. Plus the Elle December issue with Kris and Allison. And my weird magazine collection will continue!

Anyway. Someone got ahold of Details and the interview is a lot of fun. And the pictures aesthetically are beautiful, but the comm is already exploding with "omg what does it mean?" as we all try to figure out what the intent was behind having Adam pose with a naked model. I am personally torn I think. I think I need a physical copy and not lens-flared pictures before I can decide.

I just did a massive clean of my room because I realized that my desk was a mess and I had one of those "omg i need to clean or i am going to have a mental breakdown" moments. So I took advantage of this new organization to take some pictures of the place. I promised pics, so look under the cut!

maybe it's time for miracles )
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2009-07-30 03:49 am

Writer's Block: Let's Be Friends

[Error: unknown template qotd]
*chokes a little bit on her own amusement*

I have nothing to even say here besides the fact that I am in full-on OMGCOSPLAYFINISHNOW mode and am thus taking a break from Mene till Sunday night. Just... stuff. Meh.

So instead have a Lambert gif.
have a cut too! )

ps- totes bought a ticket to the concert tonight. lower level hells yes
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2009-07-27 01:11 am

i need an idol icon

i am seriously considering buying a ticket to the american idol concert on aug 16th at the xl center in hartford.

um.. does anyone else care/want to come? if not, i'll end up going alone regardless. xD just throwing it out there.
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2009-07-21 12:09 am
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the ghetto-est ice cream truck

This weekend was pretty fun. Saturday was the annual clambake at the house of a UCONN Health Center faculty member. It was the usual. Lots of booze (never ending, jesus), tons of clams/lobsters/yummy food. Except this year they got an Elvis impersonator as well. On my computer there resides a video of my father drunk-dancing. And lots of pictures. Once I get around to uploading everything onto facebook, there will be show and tell. :D I did not actually consume anything alcoholic because I am veru awkward about that stuff around my family. Not like I would gotten drunk or anything.. but I feel weird about even drinking a beer or something.

Then on Sunday I saw the most sketch ice cream truck ever. It was basically a giant brown van. You could see the coolers that contained the ice cream peeking up at the bottom of the windows. And there was just a mega-phone style speaker attached to the top. And the guy driving it looked pretty sketch too. I was just drove by and laughed. I would not want to buy ice cream from that man.

Also I went to the mall and remember that I need to buy my American Apparel hoodie asap.

Today was work. It was slow. My fave person, who should not be such, was not there. I did buy myself a sandwich though.

I am obsessed with this cover, this is awful. I haven't watched American Idol since David Cook inspired some form of rage in me. (I don't even know why.. I can't make myself like the man). But some people on my friend's list will talk about it all the time (in particular, Adam Lambert). Then I started youtubing and... this cannot end well.

For reference - cover I am liking:

Also, there is a vid of him singing "Kiss From a Rose".. which is just not fair. NOT FAIR I TELL YOU.

*cough* Anyway... carry on.
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2009-07-17 02:05 pm

brb, rofling forvever

[ profile] tmchiba has linked me to the following image posted on TMZ.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Not only is it Mr. Pine.. but the fact that he is sitting on a bench advertising LAMILL COFFEE made me laugh quite hard when I first saw it. Even when he isn't drinking the coffee from there... it's still following him~

*stalks ontd_startrek to see if it shows up there*

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2009-07-17 12:52 am
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more flags. more fun.

Frustration is... reading a multi-chaptered fic (like... 12+ chapters), getting to the end.. and realizing that it's not the end and that the author hasn't updated it in a year. *sigh*

Also I managed to start one of my fingers bleeding and it won't stop.


Went to Six Flags today with my cousin and sister. It was a great day for it really. Thursday, a bit overcast so it wasn't too crowded. We got there about half an hour before open and jumped right on some rides. Mind Eraser... lived up to its name for sure. I am seriously wondering how I didn't just pass out from the repeated head-bashing. I have also decided that Flashback is like... cursed for me. It had techical difficulties and got stuck went we rode it on Physics Day senior year. And today, we rode it... and then sat strapped in at the platform for like 5 minutes watching for the tech guys to get there to fix something to let us out. I was just like, that's it. Never again. It hurt my head anyway!

After all that, we managed to over-stuff ourselves and then I wandered around alone because I am not overly fond of the water park thing. It got me on the Bizzaro (previously known as Superman) an extra time.. IN THE FRONT ROW. So badass. Also rode the tower drop twice - thank you single riders line.

After the girls were done with the water rides, we wandered a bit more. Got on Bizzaro again. Went to this weird Houdini ride that wasn't really a ride... just a total MINDTRIP OMG. Then we got ice cream. In the process... the sky opened up on us.

LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT HOW ONE OF THE THINGS I AM MOST FRIGHTENED OF IS DRIVING IN A THUNDERSTORM. It was 8:10. We had finished our ice cream... lightning had been flickering for a while so it was obvious that the day was over. As we start walking to the car... HUGE COLD RAINDROPS. Everywhere. And then the thunder started. And then we were trying to walk back to my car because my sister was like "let's not take the shuttle, it's an adventure *skipskip*". Meanwhile I am freezing to death slowly and trying not to think about how I needed to drive in the now-pouring rain. I was soaked and shivering as we pulled out of the lot. I'm not entirely sure how we made it home alive. I was so busy clutching the wheel with both hands trying not to twitch that I missed a lot of that time. Definitely hydro-planed a few times. Hoping my car has a chance to dry out tomorrow before I drive it again.

Just.. awful stuff. I don't like driving because you see the lightning.. but you don't hear the thunder. Except when you DO hear it, it's more terriyfing somehow because it means it was loud enough to be heard over car noises. So I'm always torn between trying to drown it out... or to listen intently.

Anyway. I'm home now. Looks like everyone is off to Mystic tomorrow so I will have free reign to do cosplay stuff before work.

Also.. my finger is still bleeding. I think I need to go patch myself up and then sleep. I am so tired.
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2009-07-11 12:32 am

vacation almost over boo

*points to title* Leaving tomorrow. Have to be out of the house by 10. Getting on ferry at 4. Spending some time doing.. something between then. Woo. My arms are all itchy I'm pretty sure I managed to get some poison ivy on myself or something, it itches. Also I managed to get sunburned on the last beach day. Go figure.

I can't wait to be on my own laptop again. Imageshack got haxored by some anti-sec movement and a bunch of the images in my random-sig for Mene were affected. So now I need to re-upload everything elsewhere. *shakes fist*

There was a ZQ walking post today. There is a new hat. Yes, this is noteworthy news. Don't question it.

OMG. So I was walking on the beach today and I had a though. Tengen Toppa Gurren.. Merlin? I was definitely walking along thinking about who would be which character. I got Arthur = Simon. Merlin = Nia... but then I got stuck. Crack.. it's all crack. idk.


writing reminders for me, feel free to ignore )
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2009-07-08 11:25 pm
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i am itchy

Twice in the past 2 days I have been suckered into "short walks".

Yesterday my mom was going for a short walk down the shore. Hot pavement and 2 hours later.. we wandered back to where my sister and cousin were sitting on the beach. Then today in the morning, my parents were like, oh let's take a short walk. Three hours later... *ded* I got a lot of fun pictures today. Including nice shots of all of us climbing on old cannons in an "under video surveillance" area. Later we saw the signs asking people to not climb the exhibits. Oops..

Work on heroes_bigboom is stalled until I can do proper research. BAH. And I think I've planned out reel_merlin the most I can on paper. Contemplating free-writing something... but then I think about how I'll have to type it out later... plus worrying about prying eyes. We'll see.

Tomorrow we are going to the outlets. Which means spending money for pretty things that I don't really need. It'll be an adventure. Or something.

I dunno. Drama continues ever onward with brother and his girlfriend. I don't even know half the time. I just know that I keep getting pulled into the middle of things. Oy.

Anyway, bedtime. At the very least, there was a delicious Chris Pine walking post on ontd_startrek tonight. It can only mean good dreams tonight. :D

have some ZQ pictures )
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2009-07-02 08:23 pm
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*hums absently*

In two days, we will be on vacation. I am excited, even though I know nothing about where we are going.

Played DDR for like an hour tonight. I am so tired and out of practice. This is not acceptable world. As I was playing though, I realied that I would never again play at TGA and it made me suddenly sad. I feel like the auction was last month and I need to see what the results of that were. *returns from looking* Ok now I am just depressed.

ANYWAY! Meme and then I work on plotting out my Heroes story. x_x;

- Leave me a comment saying "ASK ME!! FOR SRS!!"
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

questions from issahime )
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2009-07-02 12:43 am


Yaaaaay post 1,000!!

I had a long night at work so I need this distraction before going to sleep. Especially as I need to do it all over again at 11:30 tomorrow morning. D:

In other news, I renewed my library card! It expired 2 years ago and my name was no longer in the system so I had to "re-apply" for one. Which is ironic as the librarian remembers my name even after all this time. Got Island so I can finally read it after all the good things I heard. Yay for vacation giving me time to read again. :)

And now it is time for massive picspam!!! OMG THINGS! THINGS I LIKE!! (contains: anime, Merlin, Star Trek people)

NPH and Elmo are excited and want you to click.

things that make me happy PAST AND PRESENT )

So yeah. Post 1,000. Lots of images. Here's to another thousand?
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2009-06-30 12:24 am


Well here I am.. reporting to you live.. from my basement.

My grandmother and cousin arrived at 12:30 this afternoon. I was up at 10:30 trying to do some last minute cleaning and then showering. It was.. not so fun. It's awesome to have my grandma here though! She set a new ice cream buying record today.

Everytime my grandma is here... whenever we go out, she will always offer to buy us ice cream. And we always will agree to it, even if none of us really want it. The end result being that we are all rather tired of ice cream after a few weeks.

Today we went to Walgreens. After, she bought us.. ice cream. A mere three hours after she arrived. New record! It was good though. xD

I signed up for [ profile] heroes_bigboom. Why? Because I hate myself. I was taking a shower, and suddenly I had a thought. That turned into an almost-plot. And then I was like *headdesk*. So there we go... time to think about writing 10,000 words by the end of the summer. Plus reel_merlin, for which I need to rewatch Life Aquatic still.. and then plot out.

Am working every day this week. The it's off to vacation on the 4th. Oy.. so much to get done.

*goes back to Mene modding before bedtime*