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2006-04-30 12:07 pm
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squeaky moose

I lack motivation to do work. That's bad seeing as I have an exam tomorrow afternoon and I haven't done anything for it. *sigh*

But I just had a Dunkin Donuts wildberry smoothie which makes me feel better about the whole thing.

Been thinking a lot about this year. Things I regret, things I like. It's been a long year. Which I think is something of an understatement but it's the best I can come up with at the moment. I'll most likely be making a long post about the year sometime this week when I need a break from finals and just need to reflect over the things I've been mulling over.

It's been a good weekend all things considered though. Thursday my mom came up to pick up a bunch of my stuff from my room. She got about half of it and I still know it's going to be a pain in the ass to move out. Then Friday, after work, Jacob and I went to Applebee's for dinner and then to the barn where a new calf had been born. Yesterday was the last anime meeting of the year. I brought the $60 worth of Pocky and Ramune and random candy. It was gone in about an hour and half. All of it. I was amused. But it was fun and a nice way to end a very jumbled, stressful year.

I think perhaps now I will start on that work. I have study sheets to prepare and papers to read
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2006-02-10 12:31 am
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As I was walking to my exam this morning, iced mocha in hand, I looked out towards Arjona and was treated to the sight of the morning sun glinting off the ripples of Mirror Lake. It reminded me of the ocean and put me in a very pleasant state of mind. This was only compounded by the fact that I wrote on the genetic engineering exam that SSLP stands for "silly snails like popsicles". (It's really a repeating portion of the genome.) Yeah...

I also spend 4 aggravating hours doing my stats homework. Conclusion: I don't know stats, I don't know why I'm in this class. It's so dropped tomorrow. *nods* I can't let my GPA fall anymore and I dont really need it...

Anime was enjoyable as per usual.

I have three exams next week. I think I'm going to die.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.
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2005-12-15 12:51 am
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My exam this morning was soooo not worth getting out of my warm bed for. I finished it in 20 min and left. The proceeded to do not much. And here I have 2 exams later today... sadness... But I got my grade back on the anthro. I have a solid A in that class for the semester. Good thing. Now I have something to balance my plant bio grade.

Marine bio at 1030 and Genetics at 1530. *sigh* I suppose it shouldn't be too bad. It's just pain in the ass to have to study and then know that my whole day is shot as a result. *rolls around*

It appears that my compy harddrive may need replacing... Which means, farewell $200... or more... And then I'd have to install it myself. With my luck, I'll just break something. Last attempt to reformat is tomorrow... *sigh*

I'm not sure if I want school to end. On the one hand, it means no class and such. But then I dont see Jacob much for a month. And I'll have to deal with my family. And it is just much badness. Iunno... gonna be interesting..

Back to study I guess...

Study Break? - 2005 Meme )
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2005-12-10 12:12 pm
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HAHAHAHAH!!!! i win.

UCONN came through for me and cancelled classes yesterday. And the world was happy. Here's what happened...

ZOMG!!!!! I'll have to edit later. It's been brought to my attention that towers dining hall has quiche.... and bacon. I think I might die....

(2 hours later)I love quiche.. and bacon... aaaaaanyway....

So had tons of work to do... So I stayed up all night trying to finish it. We're talking me trying to read genetics-related scietific papers at 5am after no sleep. Twas not fun. Sometime around 7, morning classes were cancelled. Not that it helped me cuz my classes dont start till noon on Fridays. I finished my last summary at 9:30 am. Took a shower. I was supposed to study, but instead i set my alarm for 11 and started dozing on my desk. *sweatdrop*

About 20 min later, I woke up and checked the pages. Classes cancelled. I promptly put on pjs, told jacob to call me for dinner, and passed out. I didnt wake up until 6:30pm when Jacob called me. Hehe... it was awesome. We were supposed to go to the hockey game.. but it was cancelled, so instead we went and watched lots of Bleach. Such a kickass show...

In other words, I'm in a happy place right now. Finals are coming up and I can't believe the semester is over. It's been quite a ride, and thankfully things are definitely more stable for me right now. (thanks jacob!) All I can do is wait out the rest and then make next semester the best one yet. Perhaps the one thing that isn't the wonderful right now is my friendship with certain people who I haven't hung out with in over a week. I suppose people will make their choices though.. and right now... I don't think I care very much. I'm happy with where I'm headed. Finally...
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2005-12-09 04:25 am
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slowly going unsane...

zomg... 4:30am. And here I sit. w00t?


So I have an exam in... 8.5 hours... and i have a few seminar summary papers... a scientific paper summary... oh yeah, and a hw assignment. I kinda half-assed the hw earlier this week and i dont care now, I'm turning it in as is... but these short summaries are killing me.

It's been an interesting week though. And this weekend should be fun. Going to the ice hockey game. Maybe ice skating. Also finally reformatting my comp while Jacob puts Linux on his second hdd. mmmm... computer geekery... basically a couple days to relax before the studying for finals begins. Funn...

Perhaps I should continue that writing. Ugh... is it evening yet?
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2005-10-30 11:43 pm
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Mmmmm... ITEB is scary...

...when you're sitting alone in the big lounge. I'm being an imposter engineer and studying here... it's fun. I have my plant bio retake tomorrow at 5pm. I should be semi-ok. I dont think I'll do as well as I *really* want, but it's ok. I'll live. I just have to make sure to pwn the rest of my classes. Plus, I just drank some Ramune, what other happiness could I want?

This weekend was fun. Basically it can be summed up as lots of Starcraft, little sleep, 2 trips to Wendy's, a walk to the movies, and fun. Yup. There was some sleeping in there too I'm sure.

Hmm.. I'm not sure why I'm updating at all. I don't have a reason to. I guess more a need to get my last entry off the top. Yeah.. meh. It's gonna be a long rest of the semester I think.

Back to staring at plants.

(edit) NaNoWriMo starts in 2 days... a novel, 175 pages in one month. Can I do it this year? Who knows, but I'm sure as hell gonna try. =)
I've been trying to formulate something of a plot the past few days. It's going to be awesome. I'll prolly post as I type on [ profile] starsparkdreams since it's my art/icon journal.
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2005-10-24 04:43 am
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Got a 22% on my plant bio exam. Whatever.

Finished watching FMA finally. So good. Makes you think about the balance of the world. When lose something, was it for the gain of something equivalent. Is it possible to gain without loss?

I don't know.

But sometimes I wonder about the balance. Logic says that there must be a balance somewhere. We just can't see it sometimes. And how crappy is that?

I hate myself and my thoughts sometimes. It's like... chasing myself in circles.

But mostly I think I just hate myself.
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2005-10-21 03:08 am
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I have a big exam in less than 12 hours, so naturally I'm going to do a meme.

10 to 1 )

Well that was extremely pointless.

Argh.. exam. DEATH!!

To sleep I go.
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2005-10-03 06:53 pm
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In which Carolina is most definitely traumatized

What a freakin bad day...

So I spend most of the weekend and then stay up late studying for this genetics exam... I'm ready to pwn the hell outta it. Noon today was my duel with destiny.

Then I slept till 3pm... First thought when i shot awake: FUCK!

This was followed by me calling my professor, pretty much sobbing at him. I mean.. the lowest grade is dropped anyway, but there was no way I was gonna miss the easiest test of the semester. -_-;
His answer: I'll think about it, email me and I'll email you back when I decide.

Cue Carolina hating herself and crying for a good half an hour. *sigh*

4:05 I check my email. At 3:40 he had emailed me to say if I went right then, I could take the exam. I was out the door in a minute flat. I took the time to email my ResNet boss to let her know I would be late, grabbed a pencil, my phone and my ResNet shirt (Padma would be proud of me, even in a moment of crisis i was thinking of work).

And then I took my exam... zomg.

And now my tummy hurts.. mostly because I ate 2/3 a package of pepperidge farm cookies and drank a bottle of coke with lime... and I haven't eaten anything else today...

*curls up into a ball*

is the day over yet?
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2005-09-29 07:35 pm
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I thought about it... calculated it... and the conclusion still remains that since monday morning I have slept a total of 15 or 16 hours. It's now Thursday.... Why? I have no freakin clue.
Monday night: stayed up mad late, ended up passing out not in my room and slept like 2 hours.. maybe 3..
Tuesday: slept for about an hour and half on same futon from 10:30pm-midnight. Then stayed up the rest of the night studying.
Wednesday: Went to sleep at 6am when my mind was feeling dead. Woke up at 2pm with a headache.
AH... that was last night... my sense of time is warped... Anyway, went to anime club. There was drama. Ended up talking to Steve till 4:30 am... Went to sleep at 5am. Woke up at 9am.
So yeah... 16 hours... @_@

And why did I wake up at 9 today? I had my marine bio exam at 10am. And I must say, I OWNED that exam. w00t.

And now I'm at work. And I probably won't be going to bed anytime soon after work either. I have a quiz tomorrow, an exam monday, and a busy weekend ahead of me.

meh. sleep is for the weak. *eats a pumpkin*

ps- did i mention that when i ate dinner on wednesday, it had been 24 hours since my last meal.... this has been the week from hell...