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2012-08-17 09:20 pm

SDCC 2012: aka, i suck at timely recaps.

So remember a month ago when I was like "I will do the rest of my write-up tomorrow" AND THEN I NEVER DID? Well.... here I am to try and throw some words out about Friday and Sunday of my convention experience? (Does anyone care anymore?)

Friday: firefly day with bonus JGL )

Sunday: the sad day, for multiple reasons )

Monday: the farewell )

So that was SDCC. I already bought my 4 day w/preview night for next year, even though I have no idea what I will be doing in July 2013 (since, in theory, I will have graduated by then?).

So yes, I hope you are all well? I have a book post to make sometime this week, because I like talking about books! Have a lovely weekend. :)
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2012-07-18 10:04 pm

SDCC 2012: aka, that time Teen Wolf ruined my life.

This is going to be a picture-less recap because I haven't had a chance to sort through them all (from my phone and my camera) and upload them to facebook. Mostly, I need to get the words out while I can still remember everything (and while I am still awake).

And if anything makes less sense than usual, I am blaming my current case of Con-Crud.

Wednesday: the lay of the land )

Thursday: zombies and teen wolfs and elementary, oh my )

....I am fading pretty quickly here, so I shall do Friday, Saturday and Sunday tomorrow. After sleep.
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2012-03-03 11:57 am




Now for the fun part... what am I going to wear?!

*shrieks excitedly into pillow*
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2010-04-06 11:18 am


Guys I am sick. And when I get sick, I turn into the biggest baby. *cry* The sickness can be summed up in two words: con plague.

My throat feels like it's lined with sandpaper. Oddly enough, when I sneeze, it feels better for a few seconds. I am half-tempted to order spicy wings tonight or something to try and clear my sinuses.

So yes, Anime Boston was this past weekend. It was a lot of fun. I wore lolita on Friday and Chidori cosplay on Saturday. It was kinda a bummer that I had to sample on the mornings of the con and the hour commute was sucky. Next year, I don't care that I live just north of Boston, I am getting a hotel room and not dealing with all that travel. Argh.

I bought so much freaking stuff too! 13 volumes of manga (I am not finally current with Nodame, Hayate and xxxHolic), 4 blind boxes, a Gurren Lagann Keychain, a little white Monokuro Boo, a mid-size Gloomy Bear, lots of pins to put on my AI tour bag and some art of the chibi 7 sins to put on large wall of my room and more art for my office. :D

h.naoto (the company rep, not the designer) was there promoting Hangry and Angry and I definitely went to pet the clothing at their dealer's room booth. *sigh*

I really want more naoto but I really also need to save money because I am dying after buying all these concert tickets. Gaga for my sister and I. KISS108 Concert with Kris, Adam, Kesha and Orianthi for myself. Plus Adam tour this summer, which I basically plan on going to every show in the area, plus I wanna take like a week off to go to LA, visit people... and go to the shows there. really. I'm not crazy.
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2009-08-03 12:10 am
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THIS WEEKEND WAS EXHAUSTING. Except now I am sad because it is over. So I sit here... drinking some of my delicious Japanese energy drink with the grossest name ever (srsly Japan.. Pocari Sweat?) and replaying the fun in my head. Although I did take depressingly few pictures of cosplay. I don't know if there just wasn't as much epic.. or what. Soo.. quick recap.

Went to bed at like 4:30 because I needed to re-sew the zipper to the top for Chidori... and finish sewing the dress for Yui. Spent a good half hour fighting with the zipper... and a good hour learning pleat. *headdesk* Refer to my twitter for silliness. Woke up at 8:30 and got ready. :D Wigs are hard. Got to the con at like 10:30 and went through reg in like 2 minutes... and realized that I had no idea what to do... or who was even there. Walked around, was sad the dealer's room was not open yet... and then ran into Rayray. AND THEN I FINALLY WENT TO THE PARAPARA PANEL AND IT WAS FUN. (No one EVER wants to go with me ususally). I need to go again next year. Wandered dealer's room, ate food, went to Anime Unscripted, wandered some more. I don't even remember what we did. o_o;; OH! RIGHT! Lolita fashion show. It was um... something. The outfits were nice I suppose, definitely have some comments on how they set things up. Hopefully there is a post somewhere for me to comment on. And I wish it hadn't been a main event honestly. Then we went to go see the Vampires Don't Sparkle panel.. which was basically an hour of angry ranting with audience participation. IT WAS AWESOME. Then we got Wendy's and got lost in East Hartford. xD

Stayed up again sewing trim. Slept at like... 4. Then woke up at SEVEN THIRTY AM. Had to be at work at 8 for a mandatory meeting. Totally wandered in feeling like a zombie and grabbed a glass of OJ and a mug of coffee... and zoned out. Left at 9:30 for the con center whee! Ended up being late to the AMV contest by an hour because I needed to change and put my Yui wig on. The contest was good, I am sad the Kodocha one didn't win anything. Um... then it was dealer's room, food, COSPLAY COURT CASE. Which is run by [ profile] tmchiba and was awesome times. I sat right behind "grey shirt guy" and just.. yay. After that, wandered a bit, then found Rayray for the masquerade. It was... ok. Some of the skits were cool.. some were... lame. But the walk-ons were awesome and the hosts were amusing, so I think it all evened out. After that, stood around and people-watched for a bit.. may have scared [ profile] tmchiba and 2 more people from anime club with my crazy ranting about ZQ and his awesomeness... mostly because I am aware (and in possession) of a scary number of pictures of him.. and apparently can remember enough details about them to look crazy.

OH TANGENT! They had a three-picture thing in the dealer's room... Capt Kirk, Kirk+Spock, Spock.. all framed in a column... WITH AUTOGRAPHS FROM THE GUYS. $250 that I DO NOT HAVE. *woe* I went and stared at it... a lot. *sigh* And the guy didn't have any smaller pictures with ZQ or Pine's sig. buu...

ACCIDENTALLY SLEPT TILL LIKE ONE. DDDD: I missed all of cosplay chess... which apparently wasn't chess at all this year cuz something fell through. Instead I hit the dealer's room again, almost lost my camera, and then talked some more with friends and watched the con wind down. it was good times.

The Swag
I bought... SO MUCH FREAKING MANGA. I can't help it... it's all discounted and everything. I ought 7 volumes of Dragon Knights. It's out of print now and I only had 1-17+22. So I bought 19-21 and 23-26. I am now only missing volume 18!! woooooo. Also got the last volume of Penguin Revolution and 11 of Hayate the Combat Butler. The only other notable thing I bought was a Gurren Lagann phone charm with the dragon emblem. *pets it* So yea... lots of manga lulz.

Anyway... now I need to think about real life stuff and I am so not happy. *waits for AI concert ticket to arrive in the mail* At least I have one more spastic fan-thing to look forward to.
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2009-06-20 10:51 pm
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everything you ever

I am.. so freaking tired. It was totally worth it, but I seriously don't want to do that again for a VERY LONG TIME.

I left West Hartford with [ profile] 21stcherryboy a little bit after 7pm after filling my car with gas. We went down to Clinton and got [ profile] silver_youko at like 8pm... where we then went to get [ profile] michygeary and friend in Durham at nearly 9 (after getting a bit lost-ish). Then I shot up to Boston with the full car. We got there a little past 11pm. (4 hours straight driving guh). Phil met us and I ran into Carin, Adam and their friend Megan.. which was all sorts of awesome!

Anyway, the showing! It was a lot of fun. :) I'd actually not seen all of Dr. Horrible in one sitting. Just bits and pieces here and there. I'm listening to the soundtrack now because it's awesome. I believe it's my duty now to make my sister watch it. I bet she'd enjoy it. Then of course there was Serenity which I had not seen in AGES. T_T

And then... it was 3am. So.. yeah math, I got home at 7am. The drive actually wasn't too bad. I was running on a bit of an adrenaline high after the showing. Then I had some goldfish to munch on for a while. And by that time, the sun was coming up so it kept me alert. Although.. going to bed a solid 2 hours after the sun has risen is just not fun. It even still took me like 20 minutes to fall asleep.

Long story short: I felt and looked like a zombie this morning. I'm surprised no one said anything at work. Maybe I always look vaguely zombie-ish? At least it didn't get too crazy.

In other news
*puppy eyes* Give it a shot...? for me?

There have been a lot of reviews out and it's been kinda mixed. But in the way where you wonder if the people who gave bad reviews even watched the show because what they say makes no sense. And then the rest of the reviews are pretty optimistic about it. I don't even care, I'll be sitting in the tv room with my laptop on the [ profile] merlin_us reaction post flailing. We are having company for dinner tomorrow and I'm just like, "UGH you are not allowed in the tv after dinner for coffee, I've been looking forward to this for like a month now". So there. Oooh my gosh why is this so exciting?!

Janet brought me the pages from the most recent People magazine that feature ZQ and Capt Fine. And I just keep... looking at it. *content sigh*

ZQ pics from the Heroes set )

As a final note, I think that "My Eyes" is my favorite song from the Dr Horrible ost. I think I'll go watch So NoTORIous until I can't stay awake anymore.
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2009-06-19 12:50 pm
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OK, quick update because I'm supposed to be eating and organizing my room. And making banana bread.

Woke up FAR too early considering the amount of late night/early morning driving I will be doing. I am.. driving down to Clinton, then up to Durham, then to Boston where I will need to navigate the streets for parking somehow. Then after the craziness it's back to Clinton, Durham and then home to West Hartford. Where I will be collapsing in bed in preparation for going to work on Saturday morning for a full 6 hour shift. You better believe I will be getting there with enough time to get some coffee so maybe I won't be a total zombie.

I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR GUYS. I'm hesitant on the lolita just because of how long I will be sitting in my car driving. Thinking about my naoto.. but also thinking about how last time I pulled out anything unusual from my closet, my parents were like bwaah? Hrm

OH! If you bring some non-perishable food for the foodbank, there is a raffle you get to enter for all sorts of fun prizes. Just something to keep in mind. :)

Aaaaahhh so much to do before I leave!
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2009-05-31 05:55 pm

you can't take the sky from me

OKAY! Boston trip stuff!

[ profile] michygeary, [ profile] silver_youko and [ profile] 21stcherryboy
Do you all want me to just buy tickets for the lot of us and then you can give me the $15 for it on the 19th? Also, Michy did you think your friend was going to be interested because I have one more space in my car. Lemme know and I can get that all bought for us asap and we can plan the drive out.

On that note, I bought fabric and stuff so be prepared to be in a car with me all dressed up for this. xD Because I am a dork who jumps on excuses to make costumes. It'll be fun. really.

Finally emailed the girl I will be working in the same lab with in the fall about emails. Sounds like there might be someone looking for a roommate so I need to email her and see if she's still looking. *crosses fingers* Otherwise, it's off to craigslist. x_x;;
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2009-05-28 12:55 am
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Can't Stop the Serenity.

I plan on going for the June 19th showing because that is when Carin and co will be there. That is the Friday night.

It starts at 11:55 pm so we would need to be on the road by 10pm at the latest.


I know that [ profile] michygeary is already in for it. Any more takers? Dr Horrible and Serenity ftw guys.

Tix are $15.
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2009-05-25 12:08 am

Anime Boston 2009

So Anime Boston is over for yet another year. Once again despite thinking that I just wasn't going to finish what I wanted, I made it work. And I am just so freaking happy that I got my Chidori cosplay up to "wearing in public" standard. So.. have a report and then a pile of pictures!!

Friday we arrived in Boston at about 1:30 in the afternoon. After last year, we dreaded registration and the thought of a line. In the end, it took us longer to find the damn reg room than it did to actually get our badges. We literally walked into the room, scanned our barcode papers and they handed us the badge. Robin and I were in shock. It was nice to have a lot more free-time though. Ended up going to the dealer's room to scope out the place and I majorly splurged. Three Gurren Lagann blind-boxes plus a FULL COLOR artbook full of all sorts of awesomeness. Totally worth every penny. They had so many awesome artbooks I wish I could have justified buying another. The Simon and Kamina portaits book is awesome.

Max got there with Aimee and we headed up to the room with all our stuff. Thus started the elevator fiasco. The 5th floor is only acessible from one set of elevators that are not the main ones. We tried the main ones first and ended up getting a freaking tour of the hotel because we couldn't get to 5. Finally after wandering in the executive area and finding someone to ask, we ended up climbing 2 flights of stairs (NOT FUN IN ROCKING HORSE SHOES) to get to the 5th floor. Then waited forever for an elevator to get back down later. Basically... all the elevators we tried to get on were cursed in some way... all weekend. LineCon was no more, it was CursedElevatorCon instead.

Anyway, went to the AMV contest, saw some good stuff, voted. And then we went to PF Changs and got some delicious food. Oh yea, and then I spent 2 hours in the bathroom making the finishing touches to my costume.

Saturday I got all costumed up (wigs are hard!) and it was off to roam. Watched 5cm per second and quite enjoyed it. I mean, it was very understated and sad.. but the art was so pretty. I'm glad I made a point to go watch it at least. Then there was the Sailor Moon panel which was awesome of course. They showed some truly horrific videos ( if you're interested lulzz) and then it was all fun and such. Went to the Masqurade which was kinda lame to begin with and slowly got better. The Dead Moon Circus skit made me stupidly-happy. Then it was CHeesecake Factory for dinner! I got a handful of people take my picture and I got some nice ones alone outside. One of the first times I've ever gotten good documentation of my costume! YAY

Then today I spent obscene amounts of money on manga. Also I met the most annoying dealer's room member ever. She was at the manga booth and I had a couple books in my hand. She was all like yelling in my face about free hentai with id and then was all "I'M WATCHING YOU SO DONT YOU DARE TRY AND STEAL RAWR!" and then when I tried to walk to a different shelf she was like "HEY YOU STOP" and I was just like "...I'm going over here?" I should have told her that if she didn't knock it off I would take my business elsewhere. Stupid girl. Anyway, went to Cosplay Chess. It was.. lamer than usual. Some of the fights were amusing by the kept interrupting it.

Gah... forget it. I'm gonna post some pics and then maybe I'll ramble about this some more.

Hrm... I was going to say more but as I've been writing this entry for the past hour and a half.. I think I will call it good for tonight. More thoughts later
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2009-05-21 06:11 pm


omg Anime Boston tomorrow! As I am still somewhat in "omg must finish mode" it's not quite sunk it. But it will later. YAY!!

Just making a list of things I need to do/bring

Ahhhhh!!!! *flail*
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2009-04-09 01:14 am


Anime Boston pre-reg is paid for. According to the system I am badge number 9600. I approve.

My mom has given me back my sewing machine.. so the time of the sewing must begin. Especially since my aunt and uncle are coming to visit in just a few weeks so I won't be able to madly sew until all hours of the night in the week leading up to AB. Which is lame, but I guess it's for the best?

Things to do:
Buy yards and yards of white fabric.
Rip seams on top from first attempt to make it actually fit me.
Totally remake bolero.
Make headpiece and figure out how to attach the knife thing.
Figure out how to make the anklet spikes in a way that won't stab me.

Totally do-able assuming I start asap. I also need to decide what else I wanna make. I could toy with re-finishing Meilin. I could start whats-her-face from Lucky Star. I could decide on a Pokemon gijinka that won't be too hard (read: not Beedrill because I don't think I want to add "learn how to make craft foam armor" to my list). Regardless I need to decide soon because I will likely need to order another wig for it all to happen.

Also.. mini-ramble about something I've been thinking about regarding fanfic. So I started reading it again.. in the Merlin fandom. Which is ironic because I haven't actually FINISHED the source material. I mean.. I know what happens aside from a few small details that are a bit fuzzy.. but the fact remains that I have not completed watching it. How totally lame is that. Anyway, so I'm reading all this amazing multi-chapter stuff.. and it's freaking PAINFUL how amazing some of it is. *sigh* Like the other day I read Tintagel which played with the idea of what was paid as a result of Arthur's birth.. and the past... and oh my angst it was so good. And seriously there was so much freaking emotion in the words that I couldn't think about it too hard afterwards because it kept making me tear up. Which probably sounds totally deranged BUT I CANT CHANGE IT. *woe* And then tonight I read "We're a Storm in Somebody Else's Teacup"... which is 80,000 WORDS OF DELICIOUS PAIN. Ah god. First of all.. hello word count. And I just got sucked into the story and the feelings... and Morgana was kind of perfect and again I can't think about it too hard without being in awe and pain and glee and everything about it. Which makes no sense too.

Bah.. again I babble. Totally not fair. Srsly.. fanfiction is awful when it's poorly written... but give me something well-written and true to character and I will devour it like nothing else.

Ah fandom...

*wanders off to bed*