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2009-10-17 09:45 pm
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cuz i know this flame isn't dying. so nothing can stop me from trying.

These past few days have basically been total days of flail if I ignore the crap I posted about in my last entry. I woke up this morningafternoon to a twitter alert from the ADAM_SIGNAL account that Time for Miracles had "leaked". It went on sale on the Italian iTunes page. So I basically flailed my way out of bed to listen to it. Pretty much crying the whole time because the song is beautiful.. and I was just like a state of, omgomgomgomgnewmusicomg. And then I guess some Lady Gaga stuff got leaked. And yesterday we found out that Adam is on the cover of Nov's Details mag, has a one page deal in InStyle and is going to be on the cover of Out. Plus the Elle December issue with Kris and Allison. And my weird magazine collection will continue!

Anyway. Someone got ahold of Details and the interview is a lot of fun. And the pictures aesthetically are beautiful, but the comm is already exploding with "omg what does it mean?" as we all try to figure out what the intent was behind having Adam pose with a naked model. I am personally torn I think. I think I need a physical copy and not lens-flared pictures before I can decide.

I just did a massive clean of my room because I realized that my desk was a mess and I had one of those "omg i need to clean or i am going to have a mental breakdown" moments. So I took advantage of this new organization to take some pictures of the place. I promised pics, so look under the cut!

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2009-09-11 10:21 am

in the niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

Apparently morning is my ideal time for updating this. Procrastination = win?

So I bought that ticket from the Providence show. 12th row on the floor, at the front right section. Now I need to find a Best Buy on the way to Providence so I can buy a digital camera that can actually take good pics. I'm thinking that Monday/Tuesday I'm going to stalk ticketmaster a bit to see if I can pick up a ticket for the final show. It's... 2 hours-ish to Manchester NH from here.. so I could theoretically leave here at 5 and get there in time for the start of the show. (christ I am such a fangirl. fangirls with a bit of extra money are a dangerous thing). I just... I want it to be my epic official end of the summer I guess. Before I really start with hardcore school and can't take the time away to be a dork and flail.

Watched the episode of Glee last night on hulu. OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW. Just... "lady justice wept today", celibacy club, "all by myself", I just... no words. I haven't been this excited about a show that's showing on tv at the moment in a while. Hopefully I'll be able to watch it on tv, but if not, it is being posted on Hulu. Yay internets!

This weekend is the open house at the marine center. I am... not sure if I'm "required" to be here. My advisor has told me nothing and I get the sense that it's kinda encouraged. *sigh* I didn't sign up as a volunteer to run any activities or anything. I kinda wanna go into the city to hang out with Phil, but part of me is like... I need to be involved. Especially since I'm the only person in my lab currently so I don't have anyone to bond with right away. Makes me glad my office-mate is my roommate as well.

Yeah... about that reading. I got the first reading for my Molecular Ecology class... and it's... a lot of pages. Basically the first chapter of a book. I'm glad we don't have to buy a textbook, but oh god pages. Thirty of them. *headdesk* Someone smack me.
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2009-09-10 09:56 am

and thus it begins...

So. Here I am. In my office. With a pile of papers.

Oh god so many papers.

Yesterday was my first full day here at the lab. I know that logically, 9am is NOT that early. In fact, by most normal job standards, that is kinda late. My schedule is still stabilizing though... and I'm still sleeping kinda weird. I think it's because I am used to sleeping under my sheets and comforter, even in the summer, because of the A/C at my parent's house. But we don't keep the A/C on at our apartment, so it's too warm to sleep under everything. It's throwing me off.

Anyway, lab. Showed up shortly after 9. Talked to Matt. Got a pile of papers. Then I checked my email a lot. xD I am easily distracted while paper reading, have never been very good at it really. It's not that I'm not interested, it's just that papers are all really dense. And in general my attention is easily diverted. I will go through hours on end where I will sit and read intently... but it takes a special day to get there. (or a deadline lol). So now I have a stack about 10 papers high (average paper is 12-15 pages?) in front of me. I'm going to try and get through.... 2 today.

I have my syllabus for the class I am TAing. Also have one for one of my classes. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I feel very.. unprepared for teaching in general. And it's intimidating looking at the 3Cs students and being like, oh they all are my age... and probably know more straight marine stuff than me. *deep breath*

Anyway. Apartment is awesome. (we had a watermelon "incident" last night. I will not be eating watermelon... for a while I think). I took pictures while driving to the lab yesterday morning, so I will try to post those tonight for you all to be jealous of where I get to work. =P Apartment pics... still coming. I need to figure out how I'm going to hang my poster frames.. plus I need to buy another couple for some smaller things. Also I don't own a hammer? How silly.

I took a couple NOH8 style pictures for a project over on [ profile] ontd_ai. I am going to try and post a few of my faves on here too. If you have me friended on facebook, you've already seen one of them. :D It was fun, even if it took a while to wash the marker off my face afterwards. lol.

omg providence american idol show is this weekend. I keep getting this one floor ticket to pop up on ticket master, but it's 12th row way over on the right of the first section. Which is.. not ideal. *sigh*

Okay back to reading.....
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2009-09-02 10:36 am
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the saga continues

*clings to the library again* And this time I'm on my laptop and can actually save things. Oh sweet joy.

Never got a call back from the landlord last night about the plumber. Talked to him this morning, apparently the guy is going to come today? And I'm like, blah I'm gonna be in the city all day. Whatevs. So long as the damn thing gets fixed and we can move on with our lives.

Roommate arrived last night. Things are good. Although she was definitely a little, "wha?" at the lack of contact between the old and new students. I honestly haven't heard anything from anyone except that I need to be at this training the next 2 days. So hopefully I can pick out the other marine bio students in that room and make some connections. Also realized last night that I have forgotten ALL of the bags I own that are not backpacks and can fit a notebook. So today I get to take a small bag and carry my notebook around. Figures. I'm thinking I need to drive home on Sat to get this stuff because I need a smaller bag and I'm going to be a mess in a few weeks if I don't have a hairbrush. lol.

In less OMG REAL LIFE news... Adam's CD was announced "officially" (well.. via his twitter) to be released Nov 24th. And aaaahhh I know where my money is going over those few weeks. Kris and Star Trek the 17th... Adam the 24th. *flails*

Hrm... my laptop is not showing me my battery bar. Does this mean it's going to suddenly yell at me then turn off while I watch helplessly? Most likely. *woe*

ps- It occurred to me as I woke up at 9am this morning that this is what sleeping in is going to feel like. And then I was sad. Normal people hours. DO NOT WANT.
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2009-09-01 01:40 pm
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omg sweet internets

Ahaha I love public libraries. They have glorious things like public computers that you can use for an hour of amazing connection to the rest of the world. Also there are signs everywhere about free wireless, so I think my laptop and I are going to be good friends of the place.

For those of you not on twitter, I will not have internet in my apartment until Sunday. If I think about it too hard, I start twitching... so... not... thinking about.. it.... *twitch* Oh god I am awful. I just feel so disconnected from everything when I can check my friends page or my lj comms or get on the forums.

Otherwise the move is going... okay. Slept fine last night on the sofa pullout. Got my mattress at 11am today. Except then I went to call the gas/electric... and my name/soc # combination was coming up with nothing. And apparently that can happen when you don't have enough credit... except I should have enough? I paid rent on an apartment for a year... and had the cable/internet in my name. I was under the impression that all that generates credit. Bah I hate financial matters. So I had to walk to this dollar store which is run by an Indian couple, to pay $3 for them to fax over stuff to both places. *sighface* So now hopefully that got there ok. I have till Tuesday to straighten this out before they turn it off... lol?

And then I went to take a shower in my shiny new bathroom.... and discovered that NO HOT WATER COMES TO MY SHOWER. I turned on every other water source in the house and all of them got hot water instantly. But not my it just loses pressure and stays cold. So then I took a shower in the other bathroom.. except that shower has a leak somewhere. And I'm just standing there in my towel in a state of WTF?! What deity did I offend? Who/what do I need to sacrifice to make this work? And then of course I realize I forgot my hair dryer AND all of my multiple hairbrushes. So fun times this morning. Supposedly the plumber is coming back later today to check it out.

Anyway, I have 45 more minutes left on this computer. I'm going to go soak myself in fandom, look up a few addresses/maps and then it's off to the supermarket so that I actually have some food to eat.

edit: And I'm totally checking twitter and my email compulsively through my phone, so I'm not *totally* disconnected. All those comments on my last entry made me smile. *huggles all*
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2009-08-31 05:44 pm
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um... um... oh god

Guys... I might be starting to freak out a little bit. Like, I just said bye to my sister. And to my dad over the phone. And I'm looking around my room here and how everytime I pack one more thing away... it looks less and less like my space. And I know that it's because I have a new awesome space to call all my own.

But.. yea. Freaking out a little bit. *clings* So in like 4 hours I'm going to be sitting alone in an apartment (which now that I think of it, will have no actual food in it), without an internet connection to try and keep me sane. (Unless there is a stupid neighbor out there).

And aaaahhhhh... I won't even have a real bed to sleep on. The mattress isn't delivered till tomorrow. *flaps helplessly*

...tell me it's gonna be ok.
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2009-08-26 11:49 pm

oh goodness

Somewhere north of Boston there is an apartment. One that has my last name on the mailbox and my belongings within it. I am... really flaily about this right now.

Yesterday my family and I moved all my large things up there. Had to pick up the UHaul at 7am and then load up everything. Somewhere around the 5th box of books was like, wtf when did I buy so much manga. I need to inventory it really well when I unpack those boxes. So I know. We moved everything up there and I got into a few arguments with my parents over the rooms. See.. one is smaller than the other. But I decided I want the smaller room for myself.. and my parents thought I was being stupid. And at a certain point I was just like, JFC I have to live here so stop it! I have a large room here.. and I honestly don't even use all of it. I am always at my desk.. or sleeping in my bed. There is no need for a massive room. Plus this one is at the back of the house and therefore quieter.

After some unpacking, we drove off to Ikea and I bought a sexy desk, awesome chair and a small bookshelf. Followed directly by getting me a new mattress. <3 Then it was back to the apartment to build things.

I don't have any pictures yet (it'll wait till things are fully organized) but I love the feeling I get from the place already. My room and bathroom just feel so uniquely... mine. I picked out all the stuff for the bathroom and there is a this half-glass faced cabinet in there that I am keeping all my stuff. And it's really just awesome. I can't wait till my books are out on the shelf, my stuff is on my desk and my posters on the walls. I get a good feeling about it.

That being said, it was the longest day ever. Woke up at 6:30am and we didn't get home till nearly 1am! D: And tomorrow I have an appointment at the car garage at 7am for a full-check. And since I will have to walk home after dropping it off... I am going to be very tired tomorrow.

I am unsure about the denting on my car. My brother was all "I should save up for a car!!" (fat chance of that, he can't save for his life) and I just looked at him and said "You should save up to fix MY car". And he like... got mad at me. And got this really panicked and angry look on his face. And I was so close to being all like, "fuck no bitch you are paying to get my car fixed". But y'know.. dinnertable... parents.. etc. *sigh*

I was listening to some pre-idol Adam in the car on the way back last night (totally not news at all lol) and was thinking about AMV potentials...
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2009-08-11 02:45 pm



There may have to be f-locked freaking out later, assuming I don't get lazy. Just... life.

I haven't updated in ages and I've been barely keeping up with my f-list. :( It makes me sad. Last week after my apartment hunting, I was having serious issues with technology. And it just made my days SUCK. As I said over on Mene, "not even Kris Allen singing about prostitutes is making me feel better". I have switched to Chrome for my browser since then because I realized that it's just Firefox taking up too many resources. I can actually watch YouTube videos now without feeling like the world is stuttering. And I can see multiple gifs! The one thing I hate most about it though... is the lack of a twitter plug-in. I didn't realize how much I pay attention to Twitter until I didn't have that little pop-up box in the corner!

I don't have to live in a box. :D I just need to sign the lease and get roommate's half of the deposit money. This place... has the most AMAZING kitchen. AMAZINGGGG. All new appliances. Huge! SHINY! I am so excited. Although I will have to get used to the gas stove. Oh god now I need to plan moving though. D:

Otherwise, nothing of note has happened. Mene is consuming my time lately since we've picked up the advertising so there is a tonn more activity. Plus the event is happening. I just let the music loop and let myself stay in the happy place. :D

My sister's bday was Saturday. It was a huge clusterfuck of a night and I feel so awful for her. I'm not even gonna bother trying to explain.

In other news. Adam Lambert is still amazing and I might pass out from sheer joy at the concert on Sunday. ZQ needs to walk more.. or do more photoshoots or something.. Um. Yea. Hi.