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2009-08-26 11:49 pm

oh goodness

Somewhere north of Boston there is an apartment. One that has my last name on the mailbox and my belongings within it. I am... really flaily about this right now.

Yesterday my family and I moved all my large things up there. Had to pick up the UHaul at 7am and then load up everything. Somewhere around the 5th box of books was like, wtf when did I buy so much manga. I need to inventory it really well when I unpack those boxes. So I know. We moved everything up there and I got into a few arguments with my parents over the rooms. See.. one is smaller than the other. But I decided I want the smaller room for myself.. and my parents thought I was being stupid. And at a certain point I was just like, JFC I have to live here so stop it! I have a large room here.. and I honestly don't even use all of it. I am always at my desk.. or sleeping in my bed. There is no need for a massive room. Plus this one is at the back of the house and therefore quieter.

After some unpacking, we drove off to Ikea and I bought a sexy desk, awesome chair and a small bookshelf. Followed directly by getting me a new mattress. <3 Then it was back to the apartment to build things.

I don't have any pictures yet (it'll wait till things are fully organized) but I love the feeling I get from the place already. My room and bathroom just feel so uniquely... mine. I picked out all the stuff for the bathroom and there is a this half-glass faced cabinet in there that I am keeping all my stuff. And it's really just awesome. I can't wait till my books are out on the shelf, my stuff is on my desk and my posters on the walls. I get a good feeling about it.

That being said, it was the longest day ever. Woke up at 6:30am and we didn't get home till nearly 1am! D: And tomorrow I have an appointment at the car garage at 7am for a full-check. And since I will have to walk home after dropping it off... I am going to be very tired tomorrow.

I am unsure about the denting on my car. My brother was all "I should save up for a car!!" (fat chance of that, he can't save for his life) and I just looked at him and said "You should save up to fix MY car". And he like... got mad at me. And got this really panicked and angry look on his face. And I was so close to being all like, "fuck no bitch you are paying to get my car fixed". But y'know.. dinnertable... parents.. etc. *sigh*

I was listening to some pre-idol Adam in the car on the way back last night (totally not news at all lol) and was thinking about AMV potentials...
AMV rambling )
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2009-07-02 12:43 am


Yaaaaay post 1,000!!

I had a long night at work so I need this distraction before going to sleep. Especially as I need to do it all over again at 11:30 tomorrow morning. D:

In other news, I renewed my library card! It expired 2 years ago and my name was no longer in the system so I had to "re-apply" for one. Which is ironic as the librarian remembers my name even after all this time. Got Island so I can finally read it after all the good things I heard. Yay for vacation giving me time to read again. :)

And now it is time for massive picspam!!! OMG THINGS! THINGS I LIKE!! (contains: anime, Merlin, Star Trek people)

NPH and Elmo are excited and want you to click.

things that make me happy PAST AND PRESENT )

So yeah. Post 1,000. Lots of images. Here's to another thousand?
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2009-05-11 01:01 am
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"Colombians are cool. They make cocaine!"

My dad says things sometimes that make me want to facepalm. Then I do. At least sometimes it makes for amusing livejournal subject lines?

I worked today from 9am to 4:30pm. It was... not happyfuntimes. Go figure right? I have the day off tomorrow though (technically today.. oops). I'm going to use it for cosplay and making meatlof/baking.

On a very similar note WHY IS ANIME BOSTON ONLY 2 WEEKS AWAY?! More like a week and half. @_@;; The sewing frenzy is well underway but I'm going to just slowly freak out more and more until we get there. Tomorrow is also "brush out wig and drench in hairspray so I can make the mods to it". Also making my Chidori wig a bit neater as it's been in storage for a while now. =S

I also have a PRIORITY ONE for Connecticon. Making Yui's outfit from the ending of K-on. RayRay is making Mio's and maybe we can con a couple more people to finish the group. xD Either way, I am psyched. Already know where to get the stockings, so after AB I need to find a wig and some patterns. YAY! I am excited.

On a related note, watched ep 6 of K-on! tonight. Yes, it was awesome. Yes, it is full of fluffy moe. But y'know what.. with FMA being my other current series.. I need something fluffy and cute.

I need to DL Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei. I bought volume 1 of the manga and it was.. interesting. The art style is really cool though (all black and white with no shading, etc) so I want to see how it worked in the anime.

OH OH OH! Supernatural is torrenting fine now. I grabbed a link that consisted of mostly seeds from a private tracker.. so it was going soooo slowwww. But I fixed that now, so hopefully it will be done soon. But I'm not allowed to sit and watch it forever until after the convention!
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2009-05-08 11:57 pm
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(no subject)

My brother has not changed according to my father. He was telling my dad how this one long-distance runner came in second in this one race. The two Africans beat him. Hmm.. what? lol. It's good to have him home for now at least.

Dumping episode 4 reaction under a cut for history's sake.
omg whyyyy )

This version of Nina-related events was.. so much worse than the first time. Like... the crying.. and the talking. and the death. GAH!!! Well.. off to watch episode five? *whimper*
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2009-05-06 02:10 am
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I looove music anime!

Watched the 5 episodes of K-on that I downloaded last night. It did that thing.. where I started watching.. and I couldn't stop. And now I will sit here and LONG for more. So.. Rayray. THANK YOU FOR BEING ALL "OMG WATCH THIS".

First, Mugi is totally in love with the teacher and probably Mio. The teacher is all sorts of awesome and I'm glad she's borderline crazy. But I think my favorite character is Mio because a) she is freaking adorable... b) um.. more of the same. The show basically REEKS of ~moe~. S'all good. I loooove music anime. (Also I REALLY want that dress Mio wears in the ending song).

*fidgets* Is it next week yet? I need to see if the new FMA ep has been subbed in xvid so I can watch it too!

And here I was going to sit and watch Merlin tonight.. TOMORROW NIGHT I SWEAR IT. *withdrawl*

We had fajitas for dinner tonight. It was Cinco de Mayo, but that was not why we had them. Although it did mean I had to field a concerned call from my mom who was in the supermarket and could not find any tortillas. Also.. all the Mexican stuff was 50% off. *shrug* It was amusing night as my dad made margaritas for him and my mom.. and then spent the rest of the night randomly bursting into the Mexican Hat Dance song.. complete with shuffling around and dancing. Oh my life.

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2009-05-01 12:57 am
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[creative title here]

After shuffling through about 5 songs, I realized that iTunes is not going to play nice and give me a song I can quote for a good title. So we are left with the above. MARVEL AT MY WIT!

We appear to be undergoing some form of spider invasion in my house lately. Everyday I find at least ONE new arachnid I must get rid of. *sigh* Although then I start thinking about the spider segment in the cast diaries. Luckily I have not started telling people that I am restoring balance to nature. Mostly because these spiders aren't exactly being freed outside. ^^;; At any rate, I hope they get the hint and go away.

Work is progressing smoothly. Am possibly being considered for cross-training for something else. I am terified and excited. And also proud because I guess it means I have been doing a good job, or at least good enough to be noticed for something. lulz. We shall see, I just need to be on my toes for the next couple days and see if it gets approved. I feel like I'm finally starting to click with the rest of the group in the restaurant too.

The awesomeness of my flist has linked me to the following vid made by [ profile] lovestories, set to "White Houses" by Vanessa Carlton.

Not only do I love this song, but the pacing behind this video left me in awe. And then I definitelymaybe almost cried a little bit. Even if you have never watched Merlin, you should give it a shot anyway!

DL'ed and watched FMA episode 4 last night. IT IS POSSIBLY EVEN WORSE THAN EPISODE SEVEN OF SERIES ONE. RL-flailing post to follow.. sometime this week. This entry has gotten long enough. xD
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2009-04-22 12:44 am
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i am only living out a lie

I may or may not have been listening to the Repo soundtrack for the past 7 hours (minus an hour for dinner). JUST SAYING.

First things first

I joined up on the latest Merlin friending meme. So.. anyone new around here... WELCOME TO MY JOURNAL. Help yourself to cookies.. drink the Kool-aid at your own risk. etc etc... I was definitely starting to feel bit of a fandom void lately. Still have plenty of people left from the HP days (I still love you guys even if I don't comment places and such!), but mostly it's people I know IRL.. and I feel guilty when I squee too much at only that audience. *woe* So this came right in time and I forced myself to be all not-shy and join in.

Let's talk about my morning. And how I was scheduled at 11:30. And then how I woke up.. at 11:30. Ahahaha... I sat up wide-awake and called them right away. I was out the door in 10 minutes. I felt so bad because I'd been really good about getting up in time and then I went and messed it up. *sigh* As a result, I was out of sorts for the shift. And I was working with someone I don't normally work with, so I was a little... not happy with the shift. So glad when I got to leave earlier.

Tonight I was making lasagne noodles while my mom was ironing and she said the following to me: "You're starting school now so I think you need to start backing down with the anime stuff because school is more important". I was... vaguely appalled? I mean, I'm not stupid and I know that I NEED to do well if I want to get anywhere academically. But like... she was saying it like... it was something stupid and childish that I need to be leaving behind. And I'm just like, goddamnit anime is what saved me in college from any variety of stupid things that could have happened. Bah to that.

I have ep three of FMA sitting on my harddrive... maybe I should watch that when I'm done modding...
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2009-04-19 12:51 am
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plankton... no... plantoons... NO WAIT.. PLANTAINS!

Subject line credit goes to my brother at dinner tonight. He couldn't remember the proper word for plantains and tried to tell us that he doesn't like to eat plankton.

I managed to get bribed into staying at work longer tonight. I got there at 11:15 (whoa I saw some of staff alignment this morning!) and I was supposed to leave at 5. Sometime around 4 the manager came up to me and asked if I could stay. They'd had 2 people call out and it was shaping up to be a busy night. I hesitated.. I got a pleading look... I hesitated some more... I got more pleading looks and an offer of a free dinner... I gave in and agreed to stay. Sometime around 5:30 I was wondering if I was insane. xD It was alright I suppose. I did some greeting.. got out at 8. *shrug* Extra hours is nice as I need to save up, especially since I'm making a lot of purchases now for AB, not to mention hotel payment, parking and swag. Mmm... swag...

Did another "omgz fma" thing with episode 2.

waaaaaah whyyyyyy )
Definitely a great episode. I am left once again wondering how people who are not familiar with the story are following this. They certainly went right through all this really quick, presumably figuring that people will know the deal and just want more story.

...Bah I am much too tired for this. Work at 10am tomorrow.. and likely till 5. T_T *woe*
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2009-04-17 02:10 am

these lines of lightning mean we're never alone

I do this thing where I think of everything I want to write about.. and then I blank when I sit down at the laptop. Silly me.

I read this fic a couple days ago that pretty much took me apart and then made it all okay in the end. Again. That seems to be happening a lot. Apparently Superhero!AU is good for that? Who knew.

I spent my day sanding grout from between the tiles in the bathroom. By the end of it I'm sure my lungs were coated in a film of grout powder and Shout stain remover. Also it hurt my arm.

The official letter arrived today! I already accepted the school's offer. Apparently that $5,000 thing they gave me is a university-wide award only given to 25 people. I'm just like.. whoa. Unexpected to the max, I didn't even know it existed.. much less that I nominated for it. Classes start on Sept 9th. Ah I'm getting nervous when I think about it so much.

I decided on what I'd like to make as a second costume. Already ordered the wig. It's really hard to find shoes though.. I might have to alter the design a bit. (Luckily it's something with a not-set design so I can do that and keep the look). There's a second thing I'd like to do though.. and it will require a bit more work. I think I will order a few things for it and see how far I get with the new project and fixing up the Chidori outfit. *nodnod* It'll be fun times.

Next week is the last anime club meeting. I don't know how to feel about that.
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2009-04-08 05:12 pm
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uh... huh...

Live action Full Metal Panic... Zac Efron? I am so confused.
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2009-04-08 01:32 am
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omfg that was badass

File #2 worked. omg so much delicious FMA again, I am beyond excited right now.

I know right now that it's going to kill me that I have to wait for each week because OMG I HAVE MISSED THIS.

First things first, I did a "comment while watching" thing in notepad while I was watching, so I'll throw that under a cut and then do a more coherent review of it. xD I started a few minutes into the ep with the real-time squee.. so it's missing some of my initial reaction.

FMA Brotherhood - Ep 1: The Fullmetal Alchemist )

OK.. coherent review time. The opening song is fitting in lyrics. I was too busy fidgeting about how excited I was. I like how we start the series in the middle of everything. You see Mustang interacting with Bradley from the get-go and the first intro to Ed and Al is when they're facing down the Ice Alchemist. Lots of references to the war and everything that's happened. I think that if I were a new viewer I would be confused (and intrigued).. but I am glad I do know the background here. There's a lot of action in this ep which was definitely on purpose I think. Any people returning to the series would already know what was happening and it would be very boring to just go through the whole "this is how they ended up like this" from the beginning. And all the old faves make great entrances. Armstrong with the sparkle and rampant need to tear off his shirts... Mustang with the whole 'I am a badass who will light you on fucking fire so BOW DOWN' attitude... Hughes. omg Hughes it was like a SHOCK to see him again. And we get instant intro to his family (which features Elicia right-off) and I LOVE the interaction we see between him and his wife. T___T So sad. Did I mention the action??

And of course we get a lot of RAWR I AM NOT TINY from Ed because based on the interactions between Ed and Al and everyone else... they are all actually just meeting him. (Except for Roy). Lots of mistaking Al for the alchemist, etc. It was cute to see again. And there was a shot of Lust and Gluttony at the end that had me flailing because Lust is all sorts of awesomesauce.

And the ending theme song had animation that looked like cute crayon drawings!! Which was so cute. Preview for next week indicates what we're going to get the origin story next and I am verrry interested to see how it differs from the first version.

...srsly why isn't it next week yet??

T_T Be prepared for a lot more of this rambling from me as the series goes on. SORRY!!
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2009-04-07 11:50 pm

ahahahaha.. *bites laptop*

Sadness is sitting down with a cup of tea and realizing that the episode of new FMA you've been looking forward to is in the high quality format that the stupid laptop can't play properly.

Time to find a copy I can actually watch then. -_-;;; Oh technology.

I bought Hood by Stephen Lawhead today just on a whim. I like the Robin Hood legends well enough and it's been a while since I read anything by a new author. We shall see I suppose. It's not too long (488 pages). At the rate I read, I'll know soon enough. I also have this copy of Le Morte D'Arthur sitting here staring at me. I've been meaning to read it for.. well a long time now. I have to admit it's fairly intimidating. 795 pages of small strange font and difficult wording. It'll be an adventure!!

Also got volume 9 of Kitchen Princess which continues to be adorable. Except this volume had some gasp-worthy drama in it so I'm going to eagerly wait volume 10 and be sad that it is over after that.

Got email from program director at Northeastern. My official letter is on its way!! Program offers tuition/health insurance coverage, fall/spring TA position every semester, and stipend for the first summer. Also they decided to give me some $5,000 excellence award that I can renew every year. That last bit? ...AWESOME surprise.

Now to work a lot until then so I can have plenty of moneys saved up!!
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2009-04-06 05:15 pm
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whatever tomorrow brings i'll be there

So.. drove up to Nahant this morning. I am.. cautiously optimistic. =X I chatted a lot. Most intimidating part of the day is when he pulls out a COPY OF THE PAPER MY NAME IS ON FROM WOODS HOLE. Like.. physical copy. So we talked a lot about my work there. (I totally stared at that paper for like an hour last night so I could remember everything we'd done). His grad student is really nice. She's only been there for Spring semester, but she definitely seemed to like it and based on Recruitment Weekend, everyone is really nice. I love how it seems like a little community. Talked to one of the other faculty as well, I'd talked to him last time. He told me about a molecular ecology class he's teaching that sounds really interesting. I've always kinda liked genetics.. but not really enough to want to specialize in it. xD

So... yeah. I think it went well. *crosses fingers* I should know.. hopefully by the end of the week as I think most places need decisions by the 15th anyway. Ahhhh I don't know how I'm going to make it till then. I'm trying SO HARD to not totally freak out and think it's okay... especially after the UNC thing. But I can't help but feel that it did go well and that I have a solid chance. I mean... it must mean *something* that he asked me to come back, right? We didn't get a chance to talk when I was there in February and he took the time to make sure we could.

*fidgets* omg so nervous! I already send an email thanking him for the chance to talk. :) Polite = win.

Although it's sooo gross out now. Driving back on the Mass Pike, half-asleep since I woke up at 630, in the pouring rain is just not something I want to repeat. Hydroplaning is not cool!

I think I'll watch the first ep of the new FMA tonight as a reward.
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2009-03-28 12:07 am
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cheesecakes are heavy

I almost dropped a cheesecake today at work. It was awesome. I was asked to help carry a bunch from the back so we could re-stock the bakery. I started out carrying two at once, one for each hand. That was cool for about the first 5 trips. Then my arms started hurting... and on the 6th-ish trip, my left hand was not quite under the center of the platter.. and I could feel it tipping but my arm was really tired so I couldn't quite sort out the balance... lulz. I managed to barely get the right one onto a table before the left one slid. I still got a little whipped cream on my pants. *flail* Good thing I didn't drop it.. those things cost like $45.

Started downloading Repo tonight. Figured that I've heard enough about it by now, mostly mixed reviews. I am curious so.. why not. Finished Corda d'Oro the other day. Typical fluff but it makes me want to play my instruments again. The second season apparently just started like.. 2 days ago so I might keep up with it. Robin Hood airs tomorrow in England. Someone needs to get that on the torrents asap. I will fidget until then.

I am exhausted.. prolly bed soon. Went to bed at 2:30 last night.. read for a bit (not more than 20 min).. and then managed to toss and turn until 4am. *headdesk* I fail.
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2009-03-11 12:07 am
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he got service, i got service, baby we can talk all night. go.

Just added a mess of Merlin icons to my rotation. I have 125 icons now. wut. Two left empty for Gurren Lagann icons once they are no longer spoilers. xD

Dude.. we finally reached time-skip in anime club and it is SO EPIC. But I am so scared for later certain episodes where I sat and sobbed for like 10 minutes when they finished. I AM NOT READY FOR THIS DAMNIT. Butbutbut... omg so epic.... *shuts up*

First two days of work have been cool. I need tobuy.. a lot more black shirts. xD It's all I can wear with black pants.. and shoes. Incidentally, I needed black sneaker-y shoes anyway. Training has been kinda a whirl at this point. And gosh table numbering systems are confusing. Monday I took like 3 parties to the wrong table. And today there was one. I am made of so much fail. And then I feel soooo bad. T_T And I have to take this test on Thursday to see if I pass since this is still technically probation. waaah.... And I need to work on my small talk. I feel so lame asking about the weather ALL THE TIME. ughughugh.... this is hard. But I will get through it. ^^ At least everyone I'm working with has been nice. It's a bit intimidating since they all know each other and chat easily. And I'm seriously having issues remembering names half the time. And half the bussers are hispanic of some sort and they all talk to me in Spanish as I'm wandering around. lulz.

Speaking of anime (yknow.. a paragraph ago..), I am torrenting La Corda d'Oro. I saw a screenshot of it and pretty much had a strong craving for music anime. I still need to watch Nodame Paris Chapter, but part of me feels like I'm not ready for that just yet. So perhaps Corda can fill that hole for a bit.

But first I need to watch more Merlin! :o Damnit BBC... damn you and your historically inaccurate but totally addicting shows.

On that note. I DONT KNOW WHERE MY ROBIN HOOD SEASON 1 DVD 1 DISC IS. *CRYYY* I'm pretty sure it got left at Justin and Max's apartment. T_T I want it back.. I need to finish watching the series. And I promised my sister I would watch with her so I need to start at the beginning.. *woe*

...This has totally gone on a weird tangent.

*eyes piles of cosplay supplies in the corner* I wanna work on this stuff tomorrow.. but instead I am driving my brother to Rhode Island so he can see his girlfriend. *sigh* I am totally making him pay for the gas in my empty car... and Starbucks before we leave... and maybe something else. Cuz he owes me big... giving up my day-off to wake up before noon and drive around. bah.
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2009-02-27 01:42 am
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jai ho

Still job hunting. Whee. Sent in a ton of applications to places so I'm really hoping that someone bites. While not having to do anything is nice.. I need to get out of the house for more than just anime club!

That being said.. for some reason I haven't been able to get to sleep before 4am all this week. And then I sleep restlessly. The other day I woke up just about every 2 hours. The end result is always that I end up oversleeping. BAH! I suspect that the lack of outside the house activity means I am not using up all the energy I should be. *sigh* Need to fix that. Luckily the weather is getting warmer, so I hope to spend a few days a week going to walk at the reservoir with my iPod soon.

We reached the time skip in Gurren Lagann.. and therefore my favorite part of the series. So excited.

I finally started watching Merlin. AHHH NOT ENOUGH HOURS TO WATCH. I am so hooked it's awful. It's like.. all the cheesiness of Robin Hood (gee Lady Morgan sure likes her purple knit armwarmers.. wut?).. but with the King Arthur twist. More.. knights and magic... But 100% less Guy of Gisborne and leather. *woe* I'm a third of the way through now and realizing that if I plow through it.. there will be no more for a long time. Luckily Robin Hood is set to re-start in April so I can at least look forward to that.
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2009-01-03 05:26 pm

oh internets

While browsing f!s today, I discovered something.

Minesweeper fanfiction exists. Not only in the form of someone playing the game.. but there is a Bomb/Smiley fic on where Minesweeper has its own section. I am amused.

I guess rule 34 always wins?

I have decided to once again do what I tried to do.. two years ago (?).. in terms of setting a goal of anime I would like to watch this year. The fact stands that I have a massive backlog of things I would dearly like to watch and I just need to make the time to watch a bit here and there. I'm not sure what to aim for though. I already will be counting the 5 anime club series towards that list... so I suppose maybe saying 10 on top of that is a fair number.

So far lined up I have:
1. Speed Grapher
2. Soul Eater
3. Lucky Star
4. Black Cat
5. Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori
6. Nodame Cantabile - Paris

And I still need to get Vampire Knight, Hayate and Princess Tutu.

*shrug* I can try again at least. This time the series I want to watch are all not too long (like that time I tried Kenshin).

Gonna try to up my reading as well. Finished reading Ender in Exile over vacation (it was so awesome!) and I bought Xenocide yesterday to re-read. I figure maybe now that I'm not in middle school, it might make more sense to me. I also am a good way into House of Leaves and a Terry Brooks novel. (lol I start reading again and go right back to my old ways of starting like 3 books at once).

So I guess those are 2 of my resolutions for 2009. Anything else can be written down for me to ponder over.

edit: Hah. After I posted this, I got a Coho AIM bot connection (as I normally do). The message sent was "Stop trying to do the impossible!" and I totally wanted to send back some Gurren Lagann lyrics.

In other news, my brother is pitching a fit because my parents told him he isn't allowed to leave on a road trip tomorrow with his friends to take one of them back to school in Virginia. *eyeroll*
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2008-12-21 10:58 pm
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dance with the devil tonight

So Thursday was the Immunology Dept Holiday party. It was good times. The secretaries got tipsy on wine, some of the students made some hilarious ElfYourself videos with pictures of the faculty.. and there was good food all around. I got a bar of soap from Blue Moon from the grab bag exchange. I almost had the $5 Dunkin Donuts giftcard.. but... whatever. I love the Blue Moon soap so damn much, even if everyone made fun of me for it.

Then the weekend started earlier than I would have thought. All non-essential employees were told to go home at 11:30. I'd gone in right at 9 to get everything done since I figured that's what would have happened anyway. It was good times.

Then it snowed.. a lot.

Yesterday my sister and I made a foolish trip to the mall. Needed to get a couple things. I never wanna do that again honestly. The traffic was a nightmare. And the slushy snow combined with the small inclines around the mall meant my car was sliding around. So much hate for people while trying to drive around there. At least we got everything done.

Last night was a major suck-fest emotionally for me. Blah. I'll get over it.

I have work tomorrow and it is making me sad.

Making the final push on my applications now... it's annoying.

I am almost done with Gurren Lagann and I am enjoying the ride quite a bit.
Robin: I replaced all the files you gave me with all Black-Order subs (which are awesome) up until 19. And then I have 20-27 in the next best quality group. So no worries about that.
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2008-12-10 10:41 pm
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My internet is acting like crap tonight for no reason that I can identify. It's very frustrating...

My wrist, which was starting to heal up and not hurt, appears to have reverted back to ouch-mode.. except this time more. So now I'm back to being super careful with my actions so as not to aggravate it. Back to straining my left wrist I guess!! Yay!

Apparently they are making an Avatar: The Last Airbender movie. It is being directed by M. Night Shamalamadingdong and they are trying to get Jesse McCartney to play Zuko. Amused? Why yes.. yes I am. Maybe someday I will actually watch the show since every seems to eager to fall all over themselves to say how awesome it is.

(Apparently my internets hate me so much that I can't even bring up my playlist on project playlist. No music for me I guess.)

I am suddenly reminded that I need to test my sewing machine.. but it's too late for that now. I will do so on Friday for sure though. :) Once I know it works, I can be a total dork and finally make that Edward Elric inspired coat I've had fabric lying around for years.

Buu I wanna watch more Gurren Lagann.. but episode 15 on the DVD Robin burned me was all skippy and sad. Also, the BSS fansub group makes some.. not so good subs and I need to replace 14 and 15 before we show them at club.

Yea.. back to applications.

edit: Both this and my last entry have resulted in getting a Coho-bot IM. I am disappointed that whoever has been on the other side hasn't tried to start a conversation.
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2008-12-03 01:17 am
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maybe you're not even human cuz only an angel could be so unusual

Mmyep.. my wrist is still bothering me. I've been trying to baby it, but that's hard when your workplace involves a lot of pipetting, moving things around and computer work. And I can't very well say that I can't do those things. So I just do what I can. Luckily there will be less tomorrow and Thursday. I played with the liquid nitrogen today. By which I mean I moved some tubes over to the -80 freezer. Funny story that... We left the little eppendorfs in a box that had no lid to snap-freeze them. Except apparently the box was low enough in the rack to be submerged in liquid.. and the tubes were small enough to fit between the rim of the box and top of the rack. So.. somewhere in that tank, there are 6 little tubes floating around. We tried to fishing them out (with a fish net!), but alas. Lesson learned. Then later we got a package with a cell line that needed to go in there too. -_- I don't like liquid nitrogen. It scares me a little.

Today I was trying to figure out something for a new experiment Linda wants to do with some DNA and I realized about halfway through the lit search that I was having fun. I like being set on new projects and trying to figure out how to plan the experiment and what we would need. We didn't figure it out in the end because it got late, but I plan to continue tomorrow. Moments like that reaffirm my desire to continue with research. Good thing too since half the time I'm working on my applications I feel like it's the shittiest thing ever. *sigh*

These past couple days I've seriously wanted to watch anime. Maybe it's because I've been wanting to watch more Gurren Lagann but have to wait for anime club. But I really want to sit and watch pieces of Kaleido Star and ParaKiss... and maybe start on something new too. I've been trying to use myanimelist to track things too. I think all my print manga is in there now, along with the handful of things I've read online. I know all my DVDs arent in there though... and neither is everything I've ever watched. x_x I suppose that doesn't help my desire to watch something. Pity ani2d is looking rather dead now... so no more streaming. Guess it's a good thing I ordered that harddrive.