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Long couple of days...

Thirsday was the anime club president election. I won. 16-17. This despite a rather alarming display of dirty politics. It would have been happy either way I suppose, but it's nice to see that I'm being given another chance. Of course there was a question/answer session with Ian and I where June asked the "drama question" about the situation this year. I almost cried. Trying to answer the question was very distressing especially given the fact that I regret how things turned out. And of course half the people who showed up to vote, then decided to leave. Including Pat, Dain and then after some rather harsh words to both me and Kate. I... wasn't entirely sure what to think. I honestly am sad at the way things are right now. I look at Pat, I try to see the person I fell in love with last year... and I don't see him anymore. It's weird. Really weird. All I see arising from this situation is that we're going to drift apart. Summer and distance will do it. And eventually we just wont talk. Maybe I'll be better off like that.. maybe I wont. I suppose all I can do is wait.

This weekend was fun. Friday night after work, Jacob and I went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner. Then we wandered the East Brook Mall and discovered that the Border's Express has a lovely collection of manga. Then we went to see Ice Age 2 with Kate and Andrea. OMG so funny. It was cute and I had fun.

Then today and yesterday I went to Jacob's fencing tournament. Took a lot of pictures today. It was fun, but two long, schoolwork-less, food-less days. Jacob won the competition and got rated for epee today which was really exciting. Yeah..

Now I'm definitely feeling kinda blah and not wanting to do any of the vast amounts of work I should be doing..

right.. about that...

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