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2011-01-28 12:31 pm

shiny things

Haven't had a real update in a while. And this isn't going to be one either. I've been lost in a haze of school with some fangirl on the side.

- RuPaul's Drag Race started this week. I have never watched the show before, but Sutan is on it! #teamraja. I won't lie though, I am totally biased. :D Anyone who can provide me with the picture that is under the cut AND THEN be totally fierce and fashionable in drag has my heart.
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- I forgot to watch Idol this week. Maybe I'll pick it up again when the live shows start. Not that it matters... Steven Tyler is going to win anyway.

- I figured out a slightly more efficient way of making gif with ImageReady. it resulted in this:


- Speaking of Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch (or as he was once nicknamed as a child - Bendy Dick Cum on my Baps - i wish i were kidding), I watched a livestream of the NTAs on Wednesday afternoon. It was like training for the Grammy Awards. With the clutching at my chest and the hyperventilating and trying not to scream.

- Speaking of the Grammy Awards. I made an asofterworld remix with GLOBAL SUPERSTAR & GRAMMY NOMINEE ADAM LAMBERT's face
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2010-12-14 12:29 am

2010 meme


Ganked from [ profile] ayaneva

Post a sentence or two from the first post of each month. And it's your year in review.

I wonder how many will end up being Adam related. xD

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In short..... nearly every month started with something Adam-related around here. LMFAO.

Oh god I leave for LA in two days. I have 1 paper, 1 exam and a shit-ton of grading to conquer before I get there though.
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2010-12-02 12:46 am






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2010-11-16 08:33 pm

well... that happened.

i can't even........
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2010-10-18 11:27 am

exit light, enter night

So... Adam covered Enter Sandman. For Tommy's birthday. First, awwww best birthday present ever. Especially because in a recent interview, Tommy revealed that he missed his own birthday party last year to go practice for his re-audition for Adam's band since he.. basically didn't really play bass guitar. So we go from that.... to this year he was in New Zealand.. on a WORLD TOUR.. playing one of his favorite songs. Eeeep.

Also we got this:
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Um... on a non-fandom note, it was a good-ish week last week, but I still basically think my life sucks. YAY! I am unmotivated.
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2010-10-12 01:37 pm


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In less silly news, I am now a master's student instead of Ph.D. I have a lot of ~thoughts on the matter, but I will go into it later once I am over the anger-phase. Also, under a lock....

/useless post

ps- feel free to add more questions here:

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2010-09-22 01:34 pm

brb, dying

Last night was the last show in the Glam Nation US tour. They are off to Singapore later today and the international fun begins. :)

I will admit, I SOBBED while listening to the ustream of the concert last night. Tears down my faaaace.

However this also happened:

They make it so EASY.

ps - dear adam, the international world is much more accepting of these sorts of shenanigans, please to be kicking up a notch so that I may die in a fiery blaze of UNF.
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2010-09-16 02:08 am
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full circle [you electrify my life]

Exactly one year ago yesterday I made the following post:

And then I drove to New Hampshire and watched the final stop of the American Idol Season 8 tour. I laughed, I cried, I caught a feather boa from the sky and I thought it was the highlight of my life.

Then this summer happened (and is finishing this weekend in Florida). And now I know that 9/15/09, when I drove to a different state with $200 cash in my pocket to give to the stranger who I was going to be sitting front row with, was only the beginning.

It was the third time I got to watch Adam perform live. On Monday, when I get on the plane back to Boston, I will have seen him 20 times. Twenty is an obscene number, I know. But each show has been different. Each show has been special. Not even because of Adam, but because of the people I got to share that experience with.

I love you all for helping make every moment special. And of course, I love Adam for being the reason it all happened. (I get sappy at 2am.. sorry)

So I'll just leave you with 2 videos behind the cut. Two videos that to me... are sort of a visual representation of how far Adam has come... and in turn... how far I have come as well. ♥

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2010-08-31 05:19 pm


I should probably edit my sidebar to say that "my life is totally absurd and I wouldn't have it any other way".

Yes, I am doing something crazy again.

And yes it will be worth every single penny and ounce of stress.

New Orleans, holla.
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2010-08-27 04:04 pm




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2010-08-25 01:23 pm



Guys guys, this is crazy. I got to meet Adam and he shook my hand and smiled at me. And when I walked away, I burst into tears and sobbed on my friend's shoulder. It was kinda absurd and amazing.

So here's how it went down. As I;'m sure many know, DonorsChoose is running the Glam A Classroom project. We were told that if you donated, you could maybe win a Meet and Greet with Adam. I have donated on and off through their page with the Badgers group, so pretty recently, I donated a bit again. As many of you also know, I have spent the past 2 weeks in a haze of Glam Nation shows.

On Tuesday, the night of the Providence show, DonorsChoose sent me an email asking if I had a ticket to the Staten Island show (last night) because they wanted to meet some of their supporters. Now, I was basically mentally checked out by then. I think I may have seen the email, but I didn't read it.

Now skip to Monday morning. I am driving from one show in Albany to last night's in Staten Island and a friend of mine reveals to someone in the car that they are going to meet and greet, but that it is very hush-hush. At that point, I remember the email from DonorsChoose.. which I never answered. So I freaked out and sent her a DM on twitter asking if it was from DC. She said it was and I nearly burst into tears on the highway. We pulled over into a rest stop and desperation took over.

I emailed all 3 people on the original email, explaining that I had been traveling and just got the email. I asked if it was too late. I gushed about their charity (which I honestly love, but this was perhaps laying it on a bit thick). When I got one of the staff girls' out-of-office, I called the number she listed and left a phone message. I gave them my cell number.

Yes, I was desperate. I knew that if I'd messed up my one in a lifetime chance.. I would hate myself forever. All 3 people in that car basically watched me slowly try not to break down and cry. lol I am a mess.

Basically, this has been an amazing 2 weeks.. but by yesterday I was totally stretched thin. Physically I am a mess... and I was slowly turning into an emotional mess too.

Finally, an hour after my initial contact, one of the assistant girls emailed me back to say that they would check if there was space... AND THEN CONTACT ME IN A FEW HOURS. Now, I was still driving and the thought of waiting 2+ hours was hurting me. Plus, we were driving into the heart of NYC, which is stressful anyway. Then...... sometime around 3pm.... while I'm trying to find Penn Station... I got the email with info on where to go. I flailed. A lot. I almost cried again.

Then we got to Staten Island (which is kinda scary?) and I had a beer on an empty stomach and inhaled a quesadilla. Basically... I was tipsy and felt like hurling the whole way to the meet and greet restaurant. xDDDD But it's ok. The restaurant was soooo random. Totally tiny, very strange. They didn't even have a separate room for him to meet us.

SO we sat.. and waited. ...and waited. ...and waited some more. (lol adam is always late). The founder of DC said some lovely words about the charity and everything Adam has done for it. Through his charity pages, we have donated near half a MILLION dollars. I beamed when he said that. Basically Adam fans are amazing. :') I talked to some very lovely ladies at a table while we were waiting too. It's awesome hearing fellow fans talk about him and how much they love him. :)

Anyway, I was basically shaking the whole time. I couldn't even eat any of the food that DC so kindly provided us with.

Funny story, they decided to go alphabetical. WHich means.. I WAS FIRST.

He came in and brushed right past me. and oh my god i shared air with him. It was incredibly overwhelming. So I went up and introduced myself and shook his hand. And he smiled at me and said it was nice to meet me. And after that initial handshake I couldn't even make eyecontact anymore. So I pulled the GLAMKIWIS out of my bag... and babbled something about how they represented some friends from New Zealand. And that they were sad that he wasn't gonna be down there. He said something to the effect of "well we might still be going down there" with a big smile (don't give up hope guys!) and then we got a pic, i made him hold one of the kiwis. :D

And then I thanked him again..... AND WALKED AWAY. I was halfway gone when I realized that I FORGOT TO ASK HIM TO SIGN SOMETHING. So I like turned really quick and was like "waityouneedtosignsomething!" and he looked... kinda confused? And then I practically flung my bag at him to sign. And omg I am hanging the bag on my wall.

And then I ran to where tarted_up was in line and burst into tears on her shoulder. Like... sobbing...

I am such a moron.

The End.

ps - I just bought a VIP package on the fan club site. So I am meeting him again in FL... and this time I am getting the hug I forgot to ask for. :x
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2010-08-11 01:16 am

so.. THAT happened.

Mhm..... OH MY JESUS.

ps - i'm going to upper darby, PA on thursday. for adam.

I need to make a map of all the states I've been to this summer for this tour. I'm sure it will terrify me.
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2010-06-28 12:48 am

seal clap

I will update later with a proper recap of this week of total epic win.

But right now I am going to post this and continue to flail like a small child over it.

(omg i saw that live omggg)

ps - this also happened. ON THE FIRST NIGHT.
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2010-06-06 02:02 am


So remember how I was all like, H)#)JSISIAHJKLSJQ:OI Adam's tour is started!

Well we're two night in... my laptop is already down 3gb space... and omg.
I can't wait until New York because not only will I get to hang out with awesome people BUT I WILL ALSO BE SEEING SOME OF THIS IN REAL LIFE.

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In other news, I have a long day at the lab tomorrow (sunday) because I set up my first field experiment on Monday afternoon and I have a looot of prep to do. I am nervous but also really excited about my project.
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2010-06-01 02:39 pm

oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~


Y'all are gonna be hearing a lot about this tour for the rest of the summer. ;)
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2010-05-18 03:46 am
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This is all you need to know about my life right now.

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2010-05-02 01:40 am

let's talk about how i'm a fool for adam lambert

guys. GUYS.

No really guys I don't think you understand.

Remember how I flew off to LA for the weekend over New Year's for an Adam concert? And then how I did it again for a casino show in the middle of nowhere in Southern LA?

So he's touring this summer. Across the US. I think if I had the time and money... I would like.. stalk the tour. The whole tour isn't even announced and I'm already like "oh i'm going to three shows... three nights in a row... during the weeks.. in 2 different states... states that are not the one my apartment is in" (OMG REALLY I SWEAR I HAVENT TAKEN TOTAL LEAVE OF MY SENSES...)

May 22: KISS 108 concert. Adam, Kris, Kesha, Orianthi. omg
June 22: NYC Nokia Theatre (maybe as this is a Tuesday)
June 23: NYC Nokia Theatre, the redux. (if i can only do 1 NY date, this is it)
July 2: Lady Gaga with my sister (omg!)
July 3-10: family vacation
3rd week of july: mom and grandma visiting me?

And this is without all the dates announced. I'm reeeeeally hoping for a late summer date in LA (all down Cali?) that will let me use my plane voucher from the NYE fiasco for a vacation longer than 3 days on the West Coast. (if that fails.... I may go to Las Vegas for Halloween? what?) And there's is HOPEFULLY going to be a Boston show. And maybe Southern NH. AND OMG I KNOW THIS IS INSANE YOU DONT NEED TO TELL ME.

But omg then I watch things like the following fanvid and remember how TOTALLY AMAZING HE IS LIVE ITS LIKE A RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE WHERE YOU WALK AWAY FEELING DRUNK (or... more drunk that you already are) AND LIKE OMG.
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.....EDIT: jfc self, say OMG more. I dare you. Something will happen nothing will happen
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2010-04-28 03:12 am


ignore me, i am adam-flailing (but don't really ignore me because you love me. y/y?)


lyrics )

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2010-04-15 02:20 pm

2 things

First, oh. my. god.

I just.. I don't even know. He is perfect.

That was linked on my twitter feed and I thought it was interesting.

Also, the Library of Congress has been given access to archive all public tweets from March 2006 and into the furutre. Thoughts (lol the library on congress will get my flail)
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2010-03-04 11:22 pm

if you could have sex with a song...

Lyrics now correct. Adam tweeted them all to us. lmao
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