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After the excitement of the Merlin premiere.. I AM SO BORED TONIGHT.

I slept WAY too little last night as I managed to get in bed at nearly 3am with a headache.. and then woke up at 9:30 to make fruit salad while my siblings made pancakes and omelettes for our father's day brunch thing. It was yummy and he liked the gifts we bought him. (My contribution was a fermentation cookbook with all sorts of tips and recipes, he was excited).

Then we went to the mall where I retroactively used a $20 coupon for the things I bought last week. ...I lead a life of excitement and joy.

I got my brother and sister to watch AND THEY LIKED IT. *flail* I almost killed the TV though because our reception is annoying and it wasn't working for a while. It was amazing seeing it all big and clear the tv. *_* I HATED how they did the commercial breaks though. It's like everything just cut at awkward moments without warning. Worried that newer viewers would be discouraged by it. And then our power cut out twice for a few seconds like right around the part where Arthur fights Valiant and I was like, NOOOO WHYYYY?!

Consensus from the siblings was great. Sister agrees with me that the first episode is weak and she wasn't convinced until we saw the second ep. So kudos to NBC for showing both tonight because I can see people not coming back next week if only ep 1 was shown. CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK.

Merlin was a trending topic on Twitter for a little while after and I had fun watching that. Looks like people either had already seen it, were new and loved it... or were new and didn't "get it" and thought it was stupid. Oh well. Can't win everyone!

Hrm... yea. My life. xD


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