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I do this thing where I think of everything I want to write about.. and then I blank when I sit down at the laptop. Silly me.

I read this fic a couple days ago that pretty much took me apart and then made it all okay in the end. Again. That seems to be happening a lot. Apparently Superhero!AU is good for that? Who knew.

I spent my day sanding grout from between the tiles in the bathroom. By the end of it I'm sure my lungs were coated in a film of grout powder and Shout stain remover. Also it hurt my arm.

The official letter arrived today! I already accepted the school's offer. Apparently that $5,000 thing they gave me is a university-wide award only given to 25 people. I'm just like.. whoa. Unexpected to the max, I didn't even know it existed.. much less that I nominated for it. Classes start on Sept 9th. Ah I'm getting nervous when I think about it so much.

I decided on what I'd like to make as a second costume. Already ordered the wig. It's really hard to find shoes though.. I might have to alter the design a bit. (Luckily it's something with a not-set design so I can do that and keep the look). There's a second thing I'd like to do though.. and it will require a bit more work. I think I will order a few things for it and see how far I get with the new project and fixing up the Chidori outfit. *nodnod* It'll be fun times.

Next week is the last anime club meeting. I don't know how to feel about that.


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