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I swear that I didn't mean for my LJ to turn into a "Carolina reviews things" blog, but I've been out and about lately and I like to have thinky thoughts. (This is part of my unofficial "Find Some Damn Culture" project).

Last Thursday I went to the opening presentation of the Boston Irish Film Festival because they were screening Parked! I guess it won best film, or something. idk. Since it was a Thursday, I had to haul myself after class to get there before 7pm and nearly walked right by the building. Oops. I am not familiar with that area of the city. As soon as I got there, I felt woefully under-dressed for the occasion. Mostly because I'd been on campus all day and had dressed for comfort and there were all these people looking nice with the various film directors milling around in suits. Also there was beer, which I was really tempted by.....

So yes, film! Before I start with a more complete summary under a cut (I know there are people on my feed who might not want to be spoiled? Maybe?), I will say.. If you have a chance to see this film, I definitely urge you to take the chance. The cast is fantastic. Obviously, I mostly went because of Colin, but everything was wonderful.

RE: Colin. There are movies that change your entire perception of that person as an actor. With JGL, that movie was Mysterious Skin. Parked has done the same thing. Outside of some short film-y stuff, I have only ever seen Colin as Merlin. And now I have that layered over Cathal and just.... eep. So good.

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