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Today was such a freaking long day. Walking around the fair. Then work. Luckily around 3:30 the manager went "who wants to go home" and I was like "OOOH PICK ME", except y'know... calmer. And then I went and got yummy pad thai and a blue sno cone and kettle corn and stuffed myself silly. I also bought this gorgeous pink and silver glass pendant thing from the art show. I'm totally gonna rock it at work with the all-black I have to wear.

Oh my gosh there is this artist guy with a stand and I freaking love his art. It's all silk-screened by hand. And just GAH! I want like 5 of his pieces and even just a normal sized silk-screen is FIFTY DOLLARS. *woe* I plan on getting two of the postcardy things he is selling for $5 and framing them together to make my own art.

Speaking of art, my totally awesome Star Trek poster showed up in the mail today. I unrolled it to verify that it is the right one.. and then put it right back in the tube. I just need a poster frame for that and I'm all set for hanging in my room when I move. :D I am such a dork.

I also found a site that lets me cut parts of songs and sends them to my phone so that I may use said cuts as ringtones. First order of business, I cut the opening theme to Merlin and sent it. My phone.. is totally pimp now. I'm thinking of doing the first part of the Lucky Star opening just because it will be the most annoying thing in the world. Or maybe the english Cardcaptors theme. My phone can declare to the world that.. I am ridiculous.


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