fiarra: ([gurren lagann] boota. sleepy)
Carolina ([personal profile] fiarra) wrote2012-06-10 12:24 am

pipe down and carry on.

And thus the world goes on.

I am hanging out in my sister's room as usual. My siblings have deserted me... as they have every other weekend I am here. It's honestly a bit depressing. I kinda let most of my friendships fade away after college happened (and honestly it started before that) so I never make the effort of contacting anyone when I am in town. As a result, I spend a lot of my nights here just hanging out on the internet and reading.

But enough of that pity party. Celebrate West Hartford is this weekend and I went today to browse the art, buy many things and eat too much. My favorite artist every year is James Polisky. I have bought so much of his art that he recognizes me every time I visit. This year I feel in love with this print and ended up buying it, even though I said that I was only going to buy some postcards. (I have no more wall space in my bedroom. Am going to have to start lining my stairs with art.) He was really nice and also threw in a free postcard anyway.

So yes, that happened. Also a snocone. A blue one. Noms.

In other news, I was at the mall yesterday and I feel this crazy urge to buy a bunch of clothing to change up my style a bit. (....not that there is much to change since I live in tshirts, jeans and hoodies, BUT I WANT TO LOOK NICE SOMETIMES), but then I realized that I still need to lose like 15 more pounds before I feel okay with it. SO.....yup. Then I went home instead. MY LIFE IS JUST SO INTERESTING!! :D

Tomorrow I have plans to hang out with Kadie and watch the One Direction tour DVD, because I fell down that rabbit hole when I wasn't paying attention. It's going to be awesome.

edit: I was planning on going to see Frankenstein and go to the Boston Sherlock meetup next Sunday... except then I realized that the 17th is Father's Day so I can't be in Boston for it at all. I am sad, but I guess I at least have already seen the show? :|

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