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Carolina ([personal profile] fiarra) wrote2012-04-18 02:39 am

pop that lock till you're lighter than air

So.. remember how last week I was like "I need a Grimm icon"? I should have probably checked my LJ icons before making that statement. Self, you have TWO. shut up, i know i have a lot of icons. Also, I went looking for more tonight and I ended up saving some Sherlock icons instead. My kingdom for a good Captain Renard icon. Don't make me do this myself, internets.

ANYWAY. Last week's episode of Grimm was everything I wanted and more! I already word-vomited over most of the people who care, so I suppose I shall spare you all my ~feelings. The fact remains that I love all their perfect faces.

It was a pretty off day for me today. Mostly it was leftover funk from last night. I was lying on my bed, reading on my kindle, and I ended up passing out for a couple hours. I ended up waking up around 11pm so I could watch last week's h50 with people, but I was in a really mopey mood. The worst part is that I know WHY I was in such a terrible mood, but it's so stupid and petty that I don't even want to talk about it. As a result of my nap though, I ended up barely sleeping from 2am until the sun was up (we're talking like... I could not get comfortable and I woke up every 30 minutes or so). Then the sun was up and I promptly passed out (managing to sleep through all 3 of my alarms) and didn't wake up until noon. So.. that was less than awesome since I was SUPPOSED to be at the lab around 10:30-11. *sigh*

So yes. My life.

In other, more fun, news: I have decided to try the 100 Things Challenge. I will make a new post for it tomorrow, but I wanted to throw my idea out into the universe before signing up and intro'ing it properly... for the 3 people who will care.

The premise is to pick a topic and write 100 blog posts about that topic. I was thinking about it today while avoiding grading and I have kinda chosen a topic. I want to do 100 Awesome Science/Nature Things. It's not going to be super deep. Sometimes I just have moments where I'm like "man, the heart is really awesome" or "i really just want to talk about trophic interactions", so I figure I can use this as an outlet. It could be like mini-science lessons, except with more of me being excited. (OMG I AM GOING TO DO A POST ABOUT BARNACLES AND IT WILL BE AWESOME, JUST YOU WAIT.)

...Have I lost you all now? I bet I have. *woe* I promise there will be lots of pictures?

Anyway, I will think more about it tomorrow and possibly start an intro post for it. Sometimes I feel like being in grad school has made me LESS excited about science and I'd really like to get that back. This project might be a good start. :)

edit: After some thought, I am also going to do 100 Things I Have Cooked. That would will take much longer to accomplish, but I do enjoy documenting new things I have tried in the kitchen.

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