fiarra: ([baru] bunny. heart)
Carolina ([personal profile] fiarra) wrote2011-08-03 02:06 am

i love my car. also, i hate it.

Went to Ohio this weekend to visit @Manderkat. It was awesome, I wanna go back. We basically made a nest on her couch out of pillows and stuffed animals... and stayed there for 3 days. (Except for a foray for food and an awesome 30+ room bookstore omg I wanted to LIVE there). I watched Suits (OMG HELLO NEW LOVE) and I started on Misfits (ALSO LOVE) and there was lots of Gabriel Macht. Actually, there was so much of him that we FORGOT TO WATCH XMEN WHILE WE WERE ACTUALLY IN THE SAME ROOM OMG WE ARE SO STUPID. /headdesk.

Anyway, I drove there. On the way back... check engine light YAY. Also, my oil is vanishing as I drive and midway through the trip, I checked and the part around the oil cap was wet. Sigh. Took it to the garage this morning. My catalytic converter is triggering the engine light again. I am pissed because I paid a lot of money for this to get fixed last year and obviously something is up. So now I need to find my receipt from that visit and call the place. As for the oil, the guy claims that the cap wasn't on tight enough (which I call shenanigans on).

GUYS I HATE CARS. Granted, I was kinda asking for this when I decided to drive 700+ miles in one day.....

Can I go back to Ohio now. Our couch-nest was a million times better than my real life. There were kitties.

Oh yeah, also I still don't know where I'm going to be moving in 3-4 weeks. UGH

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