Oct. 17th, 2009

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These past few days have basically been total days of flail if I ignore the crap I posted about in my last entry. I woke up this morningafternoon to a twitter alert from the ADAM_SIGNAL account that Time for Miracles had "leaked". It went on sale on the Italian iTunes page. So I basically flailed my way out of bed to listen to it. Pretty much crying the whole time because the song is beautiful.. and I was just like a state of, omgomgomgomgnewmusicomg. And then I guess some Lady Gaga stuff got leaked. And yesterday we found out that Adam is on the cover of Nov's Details mag, has a one page deal in InStyle and is going to be on the cover of Out. Plus the Elle December issue with Kris and Allison. And my weird magazine collection will continue!

Anyway. Someone got ahold of Details and the interview is a lot of fun. And the pictures aesthetically are beautiful, but the comm is already exploding with "omg what does it mean?" as we all try to figure out what the intent was behind having Adam pose with a naked model. I am personally torn I think. I think I need a physical copy and not lens-flared pictures before I can decide.

I just did a massive clean of my room because I realized that my desk was a mess and I had one of those "omg i need to clean or i am going to have a mental breakdown" moments. So I took advantage of this new organization to take some pictures of the place. I promised pics, so look under the cut!

maybe it's time for miracles )


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