Sep. 11th, 2009

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Apparently morning is my ideal time for updating this. Procrastination = win?

So I bought that ticket from the Providence show. 12th row on the floor, at the front right section. Now I need to find a Best Buy on the way to Providence so I can buy a digital camera that can actually take good pics. I'm thinking that Monday/Tuesday I'm going to stalk ticketmaster a bit to see if I can pick up a ticket for the final show. It's... 2 hours-ish to Manchester NH from here.. so I could theoretically leave here at 5 and get there in time for the start of the show. (christ I am such a fangirl. fangirls with a bit of extra money are a dangerous thing). I just... I want it to be my epic official end of the summer I guess. Before I really start with hardcore school and can't take the time away to be a dork and flail.

Watched the episode of Glee last night on hulu. OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW. Just... "lady justice wept today", celibacy club, "all by myself", I just... no words. I haven't been this excited about a show that's showing on tv at the moment in a while. Hopefully I'll be able to watch it on tv, but if not, it is being posted on Hulu. Yay internets!

This weekend is the open house at the marine center. I am... not sure if I'm "required" to be here. My advisor has told me nothing and I get the sense that it's kinda encouraged. *sigh* I didn't sign up as a volunteer to run any activities or anything. I kinda wanna go into the city to hang out with Phil, but part of me is like... I need to be involved. Especially since I'm the only person in my lab currently so I don't have anyone to bond with right away. Makes me glad my office-mate is my roommate as well.

Yeah... about that reading. I got the first reading for my Molecular Ecology class... and it's... a lot of pages. Basically the first chapter of a book. I'm glad we don't have to buy a textbook, but oh god pages. Thirty of them. *headdesk* Someone smack me.
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So I was sitting here in my room reading Cookleta (what?!) and eating pie. And I just kinda blinked and was like, what on earth is my life?

... and then I went back to reading fic.


I uploaded the pictures of my drive to work my first day at the lab and thought I should share. Today was shitty and raining, tomorrow will likely be more of the same. These pics make me smile as they are.. not shitty and raining lol.

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And last but not least, some of my NOH8 style pics for that project I was talking about. Just warning you that they reek of MySpace-yness. There's only so much I can do at 10pm with a self-timer. For reference, I am wearing my lolita blouse because it needs to be a white shirt and that's the only one I have with me.

NOH8 )


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