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2012-07-02 06:19 pm


Sooooo.... I ended up surviving the end of the summer semester just fine. And I also got my letter for my TA next fall, which is.... really fast for my school? I am convinced that this means everything will go horribly wrong by the time fall gets here. Because, let's be real, this is my life.

The past week has been a bit of a whirlwind because my grandmother left this past wednesday, so I spent the weekend attempting to finish all my grading and spending as much time as possible with her. Then, I went back to Boston on Monday to get work in order so I could leave again on Thursday. I also spent a lot of those couple days crafting. I have gotten good at making these tote bags and after I make the couple friends have asked me for, I am considering throwing the rest I make on etsy. We shall see.

In other news, I am currently on vacation with my family. We are currently in Maryland, right by a bit of the Bay. It has been nice, minus the part where we didn't have power on Saturday and most of Sunday. It was very hot and humid and generally miserable, but now that the power is back, there has been much basking in the A/C after going down to the beach to read in the sun.

I should probably be glad about the break, but the back of my mind is worried about all the things I need to get done before comic con. I am determined to try and finish this costume before I leave. Plus packing... and dealing with work... and bah!

SPEAKING OF WHICH.. the schedule was finally released and I am stuck with the agonizing realization that the Grimm panel is scheduled right in the middle of the WB panel, which is going to include the Hobbit. Literally, I weep. I am still trying to decide what to do, although, right now I am leaning towards the Grimm panel because it will probably be less stress and less time sitting in line and sitting through things I don't actually care about.
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2011-07-10 09:49 pm
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xmen:first class - fanvid

I am on vacation in Vermont. We are less than 3 miles from Canada. My phone actually thinks I'm in Canada, I got a text message welcoming me to the country. I am really glad that there is a wireless connection.

Anyway, today my life was made better by the existence of this fanvid:

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2010-12-28 10:52 pm
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from the wilds of... new hampshire?

Hello LJ!

I hope that everyone who celebrates had a lovely Christmas. Mine was full of dealing with my family! I did however get a few lovely things as well as a lot of practical things.

We are currently off on our family vacation in New Hampshire where my patience is wearing thin - to be quite frank. basically... I am ready to go back to Boston now.

Yesterday we went over to North Conway to go.. OUTLET SHOPPING. I bought a darling little Coach wristlet. IT IS PLAID. Yuppp. Also my siblings bought me the shoes they owed me as my birthday present. :D AND $10 CORDUROY PANTS FROM JCREW = WIN.

Okay anyway, so yknow how the NE has gotten a tonnn of snow? So we drove back from shopping... over a mountain... in the pitch dark with gusting winds and a road covered in ice. Also, my dad drives fast. I legit thought I was going to dieeee. DDDD:

But I didn't! Hooray! And I didn't die today while skiing either! Oh well, there's always tomorrow. ;)

So yes, my life.
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2009-12-28 07:09 pm
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vacation = too much family time

Gaaaaah. This vacation. omg.

Yesterday we went outlet shopping. As we started the hour drive back, the engine temp spiked. We stopped. It spiked again. All the anti-freeze was gone. We drive back to town to a Shell station. We put in more anti-freeze. It all promptly leaks out of the bottom of the car.

... We were in that damn shell station for an hour waiting for AAA. Then we had to walk like a mile to some little motel ~thing to stay the night.

lol. It'll make a funny story in a few months.

Then we skied today and it was good.

In other news, this is what Im wearing for New Year's

I am in love with the shoes. :)
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2009-07-13 12:21 am

a dream among the sharks

Well... settled in back at home. Whatever that means since I don't have my own bed still, just the sofa bed. Nonetheless, everything is unpacked and it's back to work on Tuesday.

The most annoying thing about being gone for a week is that I have firefox set to save links in the address bar for 6 days. Normally I start typing in "community" and it'll pop up with all the lj comms I visit the most. And now I have re-build. And OF COURSE this would be what I am all "rawr!" about. xD

Went to the mall today. Looking for a cell phone for my cousin (which didn't work out btw). i think I am burnt out on shopping after our outlet day though. I got so much stuff. Including this awesome pair of converse with ladybugs and polka dots! And some cute tshirts.

I did go to the craft store though. The cosplay prep begins yet again. Gonna be awesome!

I have vacation pictures, but they need to be on my laptop first. Then I can spam them at you all.

last random note. Have been re-reading the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane. Had forgotten how much I love them. There was also been 3 new books since I last read book 5... so I have to catch up! Totally one of the first instances of me shipping anyone. Before I knew fandom existed. Fun stuff.

OMG HARRY POTTER ON TUESDAY. Totally already have my tickets. :3
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2009-07-11 12:32 am

vacation almost over boo

*points to title* Leaving tomorrow. Have to be out of the house by 10. Getting on ferry at 4. Spending some time doing.. something between then. Woo. My arms are all itchy I'm pretty sure I managed to get some poison ivy on myself or something, it itches. Also I managed to get sunburned on the last beach day. Go figure.

I can't wait to be on my own laptop again. Imageshack got haxored by some anti-sec movement and a bunch of the images in my random-sig for Mene were affected. So now I need to re-upload everything elsewhere. *shakes fist*

There was a ZQ walking post today. There is a new hat. Yes, this is noteworthy news. Don't question it.

OMG. So I was walking on the beach today and I had a though. Tengen Toppa Gurren.. Merlin? I was definitely walking along thinking about who would be which character. I got Arthur = Simon. Merlin = Nia... but then I got stuck. Crack.. it's all crack. idk.


writing reminders for me, feel free to ignore )
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2009-07-08 11:25 pm
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i am itchy

Twice in the past 2 days I have been suckered into "short walks".

Yesterday my mom was going for a short walk down the shore. Hot pavement and 2 hours later.. we wandered back to where my sister and cousin were sitting on the beach. Then today in the morning, my parents were like, oh let's take a short walk. Three hours later... *ded* I got a lot of fun pictures today. Including nice shots of all of us climbing on old cannons in an "under video surveillance" area. Later we saw the signs asking people to not climb the exhibits. Oops..

Work on heroes_bigboom is stalled until I can do proper research. BAH. And I think I've planned out reel_merlin the most I can on paper. Contemplating free-writing something... but then I think about how I'll have to type it out later... plus worrying about prying eyes. We'll see.

Tomorrow we are going to the outlets. Which means spending money for pretty things that I don't really need. It'll be an adventure. Or something.

I dunno. Drama continues ever onward with brother and his girlfriend. I don't even know half the time. I just know that I keep getting pulled into the middle of things. Oy.

Anyway, bedtime. At the very least, there was a delicious Chris Pine walking post on ontd_startrek tonight. It can only mean good dreams tonight. :D

have some ZQ pictures )
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2009-07-07 11:02 am
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How to have an awesome family vacation. part 1

1. Take 7 people in a 7-seater van for 6 hours of driving. Don't stop for food.
2. Have your grandmother catch a cold.
3. Have your father hurt his foot somehow and be grumpy.
4. Have your cousin get face sun-burned enough to blister.

5. Mix and enjoy!

Oy.. At least I'm having fun lying on the beach reading and working on my reel_merlin and heroes_bigboom. Plus, I still have internet access.. best vacation ever.

...minus the above.
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2006-03-11 09:55 pm
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Well... Spring Break is over.

As usual, amount of work actually done=0.

But it was an interesting week nonetheless. Home and visiting Jacob and doctor's appointments, oh my! Speaking of which, I'm about halfway through Wicked which is turning out to be surprisingly good.

Amusing point of today: My dad had the most unfortunate timing for walking into the room while my sister and I were watching Rent.
First time: The start of the scene where Mimi is dancing at the strip club.
Me- *sweatdrop*
Gaby- *sweatdrop*
Dad- Oh is she going to do a striptease?! *watches* ... *walks out* she didn't do a striptease...
Me- *sweatdrop*
Second time: La Vie Boheme song, just as they are singing about masturbation
Me- *facepalm* you have the worst.timing.ever.
Dad- what are you watching?! they're making fun of ethnic groups in this movie.
Me- *sweatdrop* do you even know what this movie is about?
Third time: Funeral scene
Me- *sniffle*
Gaby- *tear*
Dad- *walks in* turn it off, it's time for dinner
Me- way to kill the most emotional scene in the movie....

And this conclude my adventures..

I should probably pack. I need to be ready when Jacob gets here tomorrow....
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2006-03-09 02:37 pm
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<td align="center"> Carolina --

A human transformer (Robot in disguise)

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at</td>

*makes beeping noises and hums the Transformers theme song*

I'm somewhat disgruntled that it is now 2:30pm and I've only been awake for an hour. My phone decided to power off overnight so I had no alarm at 10:30. Now I'm just feeling kinda lethargic.

Yesterday was a good day though. Went to my eye doctor appointment (which took like 2 hours!!!) and got my new prescription. Turns out our old doctor over-prescribed to all his patients, so my eyes aren't as bad as my current glasses indicate. But... that also means that when I get my new ones, it's going to be interesting getting used to them... But! I picked out glasses that I like. They're going to be a big change cuz they're not oval, they're rounded rectangles! I get to go back and buy them today.

After the appointment, we were driving past the Health Center where my dad works and my mom was like, "I'm hungry, call you father and see if he needs lunch. If he hasn't, we can go to Japanica." Now, I've never been one to turn down free food so I called him and he was more than willing to be taken out to lunch. *grin*

In the meantime, Jacob had arrived so he got to go grocery shopping with my mom and I. And then it was off to the mall where I spent far too much on strawberry soap (!!) and 2 dvds (Howl's Moving Castle and Rent). Yup... twas a good day.

Hmm.. I feel like I was going somewhere with this, but I suppose not.

Oh yes... my parents are leaving on Sunday morning to go to Virginia to be with my grandmother. The other day when my grandfather went to the hospital he had fallen down and was being unresponsive. They've decided to send him to a hospice so that he can have 24 hour care.. Things aren't looking good at all... =\ I dunno what to say about that anymore I guess...

*edit* ok i'm bored and doing this very, very long set of questions...
boooored )
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2006-03-07 11:03 pm
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So it occured to me that I might, y'know, have exams coming up. So I went and looked them all up.

...i think I might die. *sighs*

So far I have:
Tues March 21 - Genetic Engineering
Wed March 22 - Political Science
Thurs March 23 - Gene Expression
Friday March 31 - Physiological Ecology
And I still don't know when my exam for CSE is, and for all I know it's going to be on the week I already have 3 exams and then I'll spend another glorious week like the one I fainted where I'll be stressed and studying all the time and just generally being unpleasant... *runs around flailing arms*

All this means is that it's going to be crunch time. I kinda need higher than what I got in gene expression. And I fully intend to pwn the others....

In other less stressful news, I got really bored today and dug out my old yearbooks from California. I then proceeded to look up all of my friends from Cali on Facebook and friended the ones I found. Kind of as a test to see who friends me back; and of those, who comments in a way that indicates they actually remember me. Of the I-dont-know-how-many, 8 have friended me back and 4 have shown indication that they remember me with messages or wall comments. The best part is, everyone looks nearly the same! It's crazy how the shape of someone's face really don't change even when they're like 10 years older. There are still a few I'm waiting on, but it's still pretty damn cool.

Anyway.. I should probably get on that reading I need to do for my upcoming exams.... *sigh*
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2006-03-06 01:01 pm
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mmm.. food... *munches*

Vacation has been pretty boring so far, the highlight being yesterday when I went out shopping with my mom and sister. The objective: jeans. The result: sneakers. *sweatdrop* Pants don't like me I've decided. And the one pair I really liked... they didn't have in my size. *woe*

And today is my doctor's appointment where hopefully she won't tell me that I'm dying. =P
Eh... I'm somewhat neutral on the subject of seeing the doctor I suppose. It'll be nice to know what's going on, but getting there is going to require a lot more questions that her usual set of "you're a teenager/young adult and subject to angst and sadness and stuff... so let's pry your brain for the stuff" questions. *shrug* I suppose I will make it all better by going to Old Navy before, where I know the pants fit me...

For now I think I will just enjoy my chips, guacamole and soda. *happy sigh*
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2006-03-04 10:42 pm
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Tearing down windows and doors...

...and I could not find eyes like yours..

I've been on a strange Shakira kick this week. Who knows..

Feeling kinda blah. I had a headache for most of today which wasn't cool and put me into a rather meh-mood. I went to the Northern Regional Music Festival to see my sister. She had a perfect audition, so she got to be first flute and play a short solo for the first song. It was cool.

My mind is in something of an abstracted mood though. Not really here, not really anywhere. Just floating. I wish I could say it's fun, but it's really not.

Got into an argument with my mom yesterday about housing. She thinks it's a bad idea for me to room with Susana at all because we've been friends for so long. She thinks same suite might be ok, but that I should have sleep/desk space in a room not with her. This in addition to the usual, "you're not going to honors housing?!" The theory being that honors kids are going to have better interests. I'm just like, uh no... *sighs* Whatever. It's dumb...

I should be glad for vacation. Instead I'm just bored and lonely. Meh...
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2006-03-03 11:15 am
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Cuando miro en tus pupilas sé que Dios no dejo de existir

Quiet neutrality. That was what I said my mood was a few days back. I'm still there.

It still hasn't quite sunk in that break starts tomorrow. I've been so busy, and even know with classes done and an overwhelming need to pack... I'm still not there. I haven't been home in ages now that I think about it. Kinda sad. It's going to be a very quiet week to. Susana and maybe Lena are going to be in Florida all week and no one else is going to be around which pretty much means I'll have no one to hang out with for the whole time. Meaning the week is going to turn into a blur of sleeping in, staying up late and doing nothing inbetween. I'm hoping to bring a bunch of work and just bury myself in it and get lots done. One can hope. At least it will let me focus on something, I've gone so long with constant focus I'm not sure what will happen if I don't have to worry about work. meh, that and I know I'm going to be lonely... The only things planned are a doctor's appointment on Monday (where she's going to yell at me for being so sick lately) and an eye appointment on Wednesday. Hopefully Jacob can come up Wednesday afternoon and help me pick out a pair of new glasses. (finally! i've only had this pair for... 8 years now).

Speaking of which... Jacob and I have been a couple for three months as of today. This makes me happy. Maybe mostly because I'd kinda lost faith in my ability to be going out with anyone for extended periods of time... Not that there's any reason I should, but I'm quick to find fault in myself. It kinda sucks that we both have to leave for home this afternoon... it woulda been nice to y'know... spend time with him... *sigh*

I finally joined fencing. I can only go on Wednesdays and I'm woefully behind the rest of the beginner people which makes me feel kinda bad cuz Jacob has decided to try and bring me up to speed on his own, which is just taking up his time. But it's fun and damn is it ever a good workout. We'll see...

Anime club got its funding for the projector which is a huge weight of my shoulders. Now I just have to worry about finding a make-up day to catch up with our series. And planning an event. And figuring out the rules for selling things for profit (like Pocky). dot dot dot. GAH!!! *dies* So much...

Anyway... my room looks like it's exploded and I need it to not look like that in about 4 hours... Therefore I shall listen to my Shakira spanishness and attempt to pack.....

Or maybe I'll just shower and play computer games in my haze of quiet contemplation... *sighs*
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2005-12-29 11:41 pm
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WHEEEEE!!!! *splat*

So.... family vacation. Always fun, but not without some issues as usual. *shrug*

Skiing was awesome as usual. We got to go all day Tues Wed and Thurs, all at Cannon Mountain. They have a terrian park. And I have a crazy brother. And thus by the end of the third day, there I was flying off of jumps.. and somehow not falling and killing myself. I can sum each day up in one word. 1- COLD! 2- perfect. 3- WET!!! >.<

There were only some minor parental issues revolving around my mother's insistance that I go to the pool and my non-desire to follow such a wish. Apparently me choosing to not swim one day "ruins everything". Meh, whatever. I can choose to have my own vacation the way I want.

I need to get working on stuff though. I really should email profs to see if they will tell me what books I need so maybe I can order them early. Plus I need to list my old books online somewhere. Also really need to start emailing people for a summer job. Oh yeah... plus all the anime club stuff which needs to be done asap.

*sweatdrop* Something tells me it's going to be a very busy next couple of weeks... *goes off to look up prof names*
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2005-12-26 12:38 am
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Overall it was a good day. Soooo many presents, I feel guilty for it. The best stuff was prolly my ipod speakers, a new bathrobe, a new backpack(FINALLY), white gold hoop earrings, and a Costeau book about the ocean. *spin*

But I have to say that the best part of the entire affair was my sister's expression when she opened a box to find a note telling her that her piccolo will arrive in the mail. I seriously thought she was going to cry... It was cute.

I've spent the rest of my Christmas packing for our short vacation. We leave tomorrow bright and early for New Hampshire and skiing. We return the 29th. It ought to be a fun vacation provided that we can all keep from killing each other due to forced proximity. My brother in particular gets more annoying by the day. Meh. I'm just gonna have fun and let my worries drift away on the slopes.

The one thing that really sucks is not being able to talk to people *coughjacobcough* online at night like I have been. But I suppose I will just have to make good friends with my phone. And anyway, I'm going to visit shortly after I get back. So I'm thinking that the days will just fly by and I'll get back home to happiness.

And on that note... time to finish organizing playlists for the ipod!
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2005-12-24 12:04 pm
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Heh... I just thought of the poem I wrote in 4th grade that my parents still haunt me with...

It's Christmas Eve
We have a tree
One problem
We forgot the ornaments...

Clearly I was literary genius when I was 8... *sweatdrop*

It still doesn't feel like Christmas. Granted, I haven't wrapped anything, haven't been listening to Christmas-y music. Nothing. And with the various events and discoveries of the past few days, I can't see how anyone would expect me to be in the spirit.

Maybe the Christmas party tonight will do it. But I doubt it. That party is always awkward. I'm too young to be sitting with the adults talking in Spanish about random shit and drinking wine. And of the younger people, the oldest is only a senior in high school. Me being a junior in college does nothing for me. I can't relate anymore. *sigh* 20 is an awkward place to be.... So I can hardly imagine I will do much more than eat lots of food and float between the 2 groups trying to look interested. All I can hope is that Daniela doesn't start asking me questions about college life like last time I saw her. My college life is hardly normal and the normal-type things that do happen to me aren't something I really want to be talking about when my parents are in the vicinity. Meh.

It's strange how much a stagnated over this past week. I've been sort of listlessly floating through everything.

*sigh* I was going to wonder about that stagnation, but I've just been reminded why I don't like home. My brother is a pain in the ass ALL THE TIME. And he sees me borrowing wireless and bugs me endlessly about getting internet here. It's not like I haven't tried. I've talked to my dad. I've talked to my mom. And that never ends well. Ever. It ends with lots of yelling and everyone angry at everyone else and then I get frustrated and just go to my room and wish the world would go away. And maybe it's dumb, but I dont appreciate it. And then my mom accuses me of hiding things from them. Hiding what!? If they really wanted to know what I was doing on the computer, they can freakin ask me. But I think I'm past the stage where I should need to tell them everything I'm doing. I'm prefectly capable of doing my own thing, and I just want to know why they can't just open their eyes and see that. I've been* doing my own thing for a few years now. *sigh* I dunno... it dumb and I wish I were at school so at least I would be with my friends there and, yes, going to class. Cuz anything is better than this...

Speaking of which, I don't even know who I'm going back to school for besides like Jacob and Kate and the HS friends I have there... I've hardly spoken to anyone cuz of everything that's happened with Pat. Everything that's still happening really.. There's not much I can do. I offered my apologies, and I guess I got my answer to that. Others are drifting or just straight up walking away... And others... well I dont know where they stand with me anymore.

I'm not quite sure what's going on anymore to be quite honest. And with everyday that passes I can't help but think that this vacation came to soon. Thanksgiving break was a period of stabilization, but that could only last for so long. And just as things were starting to unravel again, we all went home. And now there's nothing to stabilize because it's still in the process of falling apart. And I feel like... we all needed to still be at school. We needed to be able to still talk to each other face to face and figure out this tangled disaster. Or maybe that was just me. I need to figure out this tangled disaster I've been calling my life lately.


In other news, I was doing searches of my cousin last night cuz she models and I wanted to see if she's done anything new. Turns out... she was cast in the title female role for what is being billed at the first Chilean martial arts movie!!! And all I thought was, WTF!? NO ONE TOLD ME!!

(two hours later)Went to lunch with Phil. Good times. and now i have more anime to watch! w00tage times 10.

anyway, time to wrap presents
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2005-12-22 04:53 pm
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Unproductive-ness ahoy!

If I thought *yesterday* was pointless... I clearly wasnt anticipating today...

Woke up at 2. Showered. Ate a salad. Sat around. And now it's 5pm. The only things I've done are make my sister's bed for her (apparently being home means I start doing other people's chores) and wrap a present for my brother so he can bring it to the band party tonight... Bleh.

And now my mother is getting on my case for not having done anything at all today. Sorry I decided to take something of a vacation... She's also taken to complaining at my about my brother. See.. with the jazz band he gets to go to Europe in the spring for a concert tour of sorts. And it costs $2000. So they have to go and sell advertisements for the program book for Pops and Jazz. The kid has gotten $1800 so far. But only because my mom keeps yelling at him to call places and such. And apparently some of the other jazz people beat him out to a few places and such. So I get to hear aaaaaall about it.

Hmm... I'm hungry... I should fix that soonish...

*wanders away to be bored*

(EDIT) &*($&#(*$#&*(&#$(**#$*&( fucking a.... i didnt save my folder with the anime club info stuff when i reformatted my comp... meaning i lost all my lists... i lost all the website html coding... i such a fucking idiot sometimes.... *sigh*

time to go see if i can somehow salvage that website stuff... gaaaaaaaahhhh watashi no baka desu~!
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2005-12-21 04:26 pm
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why is it only 4:30pm? this day has lasted *forever*.

Went to lunch with Cristina which was awesome. Yummy Cosi sandwich and talking. The only sadness was that we couldnt hang out after because I had to babysit. Babysat from 1:30-3:30 for the little less than a year old baby across the street... (note to self: put sweatshirt in the laundry -_-) Was fun, but babies are tiring.... and it took me an hour to get her to sleep... *sigh* At least I got $16 out of it...

Now I'm just bored out of my mind. My brother's winter concert is tonight which means returning to good ol' Hall High. Fun times.. maybe. At least I know that the music will be quality. Blah.

I still need to figure out which harddrive to buy..........

oh yeah.. and they're having issues with the screenplay for Ender's Game. At least they're trying though.... damn. now I wanna go read it again. for like the 10th time....
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2005-12-20 10:37 pm
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And cue a good 2 days.

Yesterday I had a Kirstikin day! We went out to lunch at Butterfly and I filled her in on the drama of the semester. Then it was off to Buckland Hills mall to do lots of browsing. I was good and only bought a used dvd. There was much drooling at Hot Topic and much sadness when the pair of pants I tried on at Weathervane didnt fit me. (The large was waaaay too baggy and the medium didnt even fit around my hips.... *sob*). There was also ice cream and ddr-age! w00tness.

Then there was much sadness again when I got home. After dinner, Moony (my laptop) decided to not come back properly from the screensaver. So I restarted.... and restarted.... and restarted... and every time, it got stuck somewhere. And then I restarted and it went right to CHKDSK. And then CHKDSK aborted... And there was cursing. My harddrive sounded like it was skipping... *sigh* I will now have to prepare myself to spend over $200 on my computer. Luckily, I took it apart and have discovered that replacement of the drive will be very easy. Oh damn... it occurs to me that I dont have the cd to install windowsage.... damnation...

Today was also good cuz Jacob came to visit me. And there was poking of the computer, and getting angry when it worked perfectly at first. (That evening it would die spectacularly). Then it was off to the mall for walking around. We went out to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Twas yummy and sooo much food. And then I bought some manga (woot) and pants at Hot Topic. The nature of said pants will remain unrevealed until I get back to school and get a chance to wear them. I was doomed from the minute I tried them on... they fit perfectly... that's like instant purchase in my book... And then he came with us to my sister's concert and was just generally awesome. *spins*

Hmm... I suppose I should start looking for that harddrive.... *siiiiiiigh*