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2009-04-25 01:42 am
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they're coming to take me away. haha!

*bounces around*

My brother sent me the following IM last night:
"we have a laser pointer and we were messsing around with drunk poeple pointing it around their feet one kid yells out SNIPER! and starts running away lol"

I think that sums up the extent of Spring Weekend at UCONN. Lots of drunk people. Lots of stupid shenanigans. I need to remember to recommend that he climb the North Parking Garage to look out over the masses and chaos.

Before I left for work I was going to post about how I got my shipping confirmation for the wig I ordered. But then I walked outside to leave and there was my nice package from China containing one wig for me! That was... a lot quicker than I was led to expect. I have Monday off so I think I will take the early afternoon to go to Jo-ann's for the rest of the fabric I need. Pictures of the wig will be... maybe tomorrow, depending on when I'm back from work. The plastic is very crinkly and as it is now just about 2am.. I don't want to be making tons of noise.

OMG FMA. I did my real-time rambling.. but I won't post it tonight. I just need a second to say OMG NINA IS IN THE PREVIEW FOR THIS WEEK AND I AM JUST NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED FOR THIS.

Oh a calmer note, signed up for another icon meme.

1. Reply to this post with 'Icons!', and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will - allegedly - create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

cut for icons picked by magicalmartha )
Now let me know if you want me to pick 5 of yours!!
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2006-09-02 11:59 pm
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Well... I survived the week and now... I'm home.

The week got very stressful towards the end. Not being able to eat a proper lunch for the entire semester might be somewhat problematic. For now I'm grabbing quick snacks between classes and then holding over till dinner, by which time I'm exhausted, cranky and just generally unamused by the world. Not the best of situations.. but I shall manage. Work has also gotten aggravating just because of the chaos. The system is so new and suddenly the call center has become problematic when we get a staff call. The whole system of authorizations and transfering of calls is so confusing and I can't help but feel I've messed up somewhere when I try to do it. I wanted to cry by the end of my shift on Friday.

In other news, the result of the horrible week of training was 99.25 hours clocked. I'm kinda disappointed I didn't break 100... just cuz it woulda been cool..

So now I'm home. For some reason my parents seem determined to keep me here until Monday which is just strange. I had wanted to go back Sunday afternoon cuz it's 9 months tomorrow so Jacob and I were gonna go out for dinner. But my mom informed me on the way home that we were having guests on Sunday night so I had to stay. I offered to find my own ride which prompted an argument. I asked if Jacob could then come over Sunday for dinner to and then we could return to school that night after the guests were gone. That was not taken well. Today I was told that Jacob could come on Sunday, take me out to dinner near out house and then we could return to my house and leave on Monday. I mentioned wanting to leave that night. And again... they want me to stay until Monday. I guess they could theoretically want to have me around more.. but that never seems to make anyone happy these days so I can hardly imagine why. Perhaps I'm just being selfish again.

Anyway... yeah. monkeys. BRING ON WEEK TWO....maybe?
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2006-08-26 01:57 pm
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REC day 2

Reporting in again from the East REC. I'm much more awake today cuz of the massive iced coffee i got. But as a result, things are annoying me more since I'm alert.

The East Check-In station is in this room. I already want to kill all the CAs who are here. There are like 10 of them and they're being loud and taking our food and water. I have no patience for these things today.

Susana moved into the room today which is exciting. Yeah...

*stabs the CAs*
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2006-08-18 04:39 pm
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so it begins...

well, i'm back at school now in my super awesome suite of doom. It's still a grand mess with boxes and shit everywhere, but whatev. I'm the only one here for a few days so it's not like anyone will complain.

It's weird knowing that this is my last year here. Like.. this is it? Am I ready? Um... yeah not so much. But whatever, I'll just go with it. For now my most pressing concern is what I'm going to have for dinner. Our meal cards dont work till tomorrow at lunch. I have no fridge and no food. And thus fun times for all!

Anyway.. off to perhaps clean and try and put some of my shit away...
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2006-08-13 11:31 pm
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clothes and data and school, oh my!

Monday and Tuesday are my last two full days at the lab. Since I move back to school on Friday, I'm taking Wednesday and Thursday to pack. Fun times for all. Then it's RezWeb training... and then the semester starts. Where did my summer go?! It died while I was working. As it stands I have like 4 excel data files to sort to do stats on tomorrow morning. Yay procrastination.

Lately I've been lurking a lot on [ profile] egl just looking at pictures and such. Japanese fashion can be really strange and out there. But some of it looks like fun. *gasp* Could I possibly be considering trying it?! Maybe fringes. I'm not about to go spend hundreds on japanese brand dresses, but I might consider making something.. maybe... If anything, I kinda like how punk loli looks... *shifty eyes*

Anyway, I'm buying these shoes: g in black. I figure, if anything, I can wear them with my black skirt and other things. >:3 I wanna wear them to work with the new dress code.

I also plan to buy . I really wanted but my boobs wouldnt fit in it... *cry*

Anyway... I really ought to be working on my data analysis...
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2006-07-19 03:35 pm
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J-Pop till your ears bleed and some UCONN asshattery

Yesterday I finally go to do my first experiment on human blood. I stayed at the lab till 6pm and thought I was going to die by the end. Today's data acquisition has convinced me that someone up there must hate me. All the cell profiles look all wrong despite the fact that the other plates we did (with not my stuff on them) looked perfectly fine. So either I fucked up (probably..) or something it messing up with the chemicals. *sigh* So it's just kinda of upsetting cuz now I don't think I'm going to have very good data at all. At least my project is starting?

Also, UCONN continues it's fine tradition of trying to utterly screw me over at every turn. In the fall I had planned to do an independent study with a W and honor's conversion so that I can finish my research and write a thesis. A 40 page thesis that more than fullfills the W requirement. First step: talk to Sylvain and make sure it's ok. Done and perfect. Second step: email the CLAS academic center to secure a W conversion. Now the UCONN admin comes into play. My answer: due to the reduction in required W classes, we dont allow conversions anymore. Maybe try a different class.. like Anthro W. *screams* Seriously people. I'M WRITING MY HONORS THESIS!! THIS IS HARD ENOUGH WITHOUT YOUR UNPROVOKED FUCKERY TO COMPLICATE THINGS!!! *sigh* So now I'm waiting for my cry for help at the EEB person to be answered. I don't know if I need to handle this through them... the honor's program... or if I need to go over and bitch at someone in CLAS. I'm not going to spend my semester writing a thesis and THEN take another W class with more writing. God knows I'll have to write a paper for Algae Bio too since I'm taking it grad level in the fall.

Oh UCONN... you never fail to try and screw me over.

In other news, home is getting unbearable. I'm sick of hearing my mom complain loudly to me dad about me. I'm sick of not hearing 'good morning' or 'good night'. Tired of the accusing. The disapproving looks. The other day I asked my dad why he couldn't approve of a perfectly reasonable plan of mine that would ensure a week in Virginia *and* Ozzfest before hand. His answer: Do you think I approve of every person I see ever? My thought: I'm not any person.. I'm your child.. I would think that should count for something.

Meh... Such is life
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2006-04-30 12:07 pm
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squeaky moose

I lack motivation to do work. That's bad seeing as I have an exam tomorrow afternoon and I haven't done anything for it. *sigh*

But I just had a Dunkin Donuts wildberry smoothie which makes me feel better about the whole thing.

Been thinking a lot about this year. Things I regret, things I like. It's been a long year. Which I think is something of an understatement but it's the best I can come up with at the moment. I'll most likely be making a long post about the year sometime this week when I need a break from finals and just need to reflect over the things I've been mulling over.

It's been a good weekend all things considered though. Thursday my mom came up to pick up a bunch of my stuff from my room. She got about half of it and I still know it's going to be a pain in the ass to move out. Then Friday, after work, Jacob and I went to Applebee's for dinner and then to the barn where a new calf had been born. Yesterday was the last anime meeting of the year. I brought the $60 worth of Pocky and Ramune and random candy. It was gone in about an hour and half. All of it. I was amused. But it was fun and a nice way to end a very jumbled, stressful year.

I think perhaps now I will start on that work. I have study sheets to prepare and papers to read
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2006-04-28 11:50 pm
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(no subject)

Carin gave me 5 interview questions so I suppose I should actually answer them.

5 questions )

And then I found this meme online somewhere, so I might as well do it and kill some time.
A to Z )

Well that was fun.

School is officially over and now I need to start hardcore work for next week. Yes. Hardcore. Fortunately, I think I'm setup for some pretty ok grades.
Genetic engr. - def a high B
CSE - probably a B unless labs are worth a lot more than i think
Poli Sci - B
Gene Expression - maybe a B if I pwn the final
Ecology - A (grin) at least an A-

Tomorrow is the makeup anime meeting. Ought to be interesting. Went and signed papers for this year at the funding office. We got the funding for the first month of next year. Things are looking up.

Oh yeah, I also officially got a position in Sylvain DeGuise's lab for the summer. Gonna start the 15th and go for the summer. I get to play with oysters. And human blood. And flame retardant chemicals. fun fun. I'll be living at home and driving up most days, except when I get lazy and stay with Rachel since she's here working for RezWeb. Yup yup.

Maybe I'll try to do the work I wanted to start 2 hours ago....
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2006-04-23 06:25 pm
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wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee applesauce

Long couple of days...

Thirsday was the anime club president election. I won. 16-17. This despite a rather alarming display of dirty politics. It would have been happy either way I suppose, but it's nice to see that I'm being given another chance. Of course there was a question/answer session with Ian and I where June asked the "drama question" about the situation this year. I almost cried. Trying to answer the question was very distressing especially given the fact that I regret how things turned out. And of course half the people who showed up to vote, then decided to leave. Including Pat, Dain and then after some rather harsh words to both me and Kate. I... wasn't entirely sure what to think. I honestly am sad at the way things are right now. I look at Pat, I try to see the person I fell in love with last year... and I don't see him anymore. It's weird. Really weird. All I see arising from this situation is that we're going to drift apart. Summer and distance will do it. And eventually we just wont talk. Maybe I'll be better off like that.. maybe I wont. I suppose all I can do is wait.

This weekend was fun. Friday night after work, Jacob and I went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner. Then we wandered the East Brook Mall and discovered that the Border's Express has a lovely collection of manga. Then we went to see Ice Age 2 with Kate and Andrea. OMG so funny. It was cute and I had fun.

Then today and yesterday I went to Jacob's fencing tournament. Took a lot of pictures today. It was fun, but two long, schoolwork-less, food-less days. Jacob won the competition and got rated for epee today which was really exciting. Yeah..

Now I'm definitely feeling kinda blah and not wanting to do any of the vast amounts of work I should be doing..

right.. about that...

random quiz )
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2006-03-29 09:29 am
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I would have thought that after last week, this week would be easy and stress-free. I should know by now that I'm never that lucky. At least it's been getting nicer out so it's relaxing to walk to class.

Signed up for housing on Monday. I'm going to be in South C next year with Susana, Kate and Andrea. That should be fun with a suite and 3 fun people. Jacob signed up yesterday. He didn't get into south, instead he's going to stay in Towers... all the way across campus from south... I would be lying if I said that this didn't upset me. It's my last year at UCONN and it's going to suck having to haul myself across campus to hang out. Especially since I know I'm going to be busy next year with class, work, thesis writing, grad school prep. *sigh* But what's done is done, all I can do is deal with the results for now.

And with all this, he's been uber-stressed and I'm just kinda here and lost through it all. As a result, I had some really unsettling dreams last night that have left me feeling somewhat disoriented this morning.

bwah? )

I get to meet with Prof. DeGuise today at noon to talk about summer work. Hopefully I'll be able to work something out with him so I can get my honor's thesis research done. My dad's been on my case about it so I really need to get my act together.

I also have my classes for next semester all lined up. I'll be taking:
Inorganic Chemistry
The Short Story (with the prof who inspired Dead Poet's Society!)
Biology of Algae (graduate level)
Invertebrate Bio
Seminar in Current Issues in Ecology and Evo. Bio.
General Problems in Physics

And now it's time for class....
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2006-03-23 08:58 am
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That, my friends, was the sound of pure pwnage

3 exams down. 1 to go. And things are looking up.

Tuesday went alright, there were only a few things I really wasn't sure about so if my calculations are right, I might be looking at an A-. Poli sci yesterday was the most BS-ing I've had to do in a long time. Granted half of poli sci seems to be BS-ing random crap, so we'll see. But I was really worried about today. I got a 67 on the first gene expression exam. So I really need an A on this one.... and... I think I might have done it. There were only 3 or 4 multiple choice questions that I guessed on (out of 20) and I pwned the short answer. wheeeeee!!!

So tomorrow is CSE, which I'm not that worried about. Multiple choice.. I'll just look over my notes and projects tonight before anime.

Having lunch with Susana today and then dinner with Susana, Kate, Andrea (future roomies) and Andrea's bf and Jacob. Should be interesting at least. Especially since I'm less stressed now which means more energy. *grin* And then anime club which will be.. interesting. Jess had promised us the use of her Fruits Basket DVD. I find out 2 days ago in a very curt AIM convo that Pat can email her with times to give her the current DVD back and that she lent out the last one and won't get it back till the end of the semester. Which is kinda WTF to me cuz she promised and she's allowed to hate me all she wants, but this only gives me more reason to not appreciate her much at all. meh whatever.

The best news I had all week was the professor I want to do research with finally emailing me back to say that summer work is a possibility so I'm finally meeting him on Wednesday and hopefully that will pan out and I can start planning my thesis. w00t w00t.

Last night was fun, I went to Walmart at midnight with Jacob, Nick and Sara. I bought a nerf gun among other things. *grin* Sadly, I couldn't find any bubbles. *BUT* there are some amazing pictures of the 3 of them wearing old lady hats and funny purses. *nods sagely*

Anyway, time to go reward myself with an ice mocha and head off to genetic engineering. Maybe we'll get our exams back......
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2006-03-17 12:19 pm
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only thing to do is jump over the moon

yeah... it's been a long week.

I have managed to be so abstracted and unfocused that unless I do some serious study this weekend, I will be woefully unprepared for my 4 exams next week. FOUR! *sigh*

My mind has decided to take a vacation I think. Saturday ought to be fun though. My brother has Pops n Jazz and Jacob and I will be going. I wonder how he's doing... I wonder if my parents told them anything... because if they did... he'll have found out on the opening night of the show... not cool.

i think... bah i don't know what i think.

i have cse hw due by midnight... the first function i attempted to write just failed to work... i tried to do it last night and ended up taking a 2 hour nap with Jacob instead. oops... work in half an hour. maybe i'll just do it tomorrow.... *sigh*

Work in half an hour... maybe i should get food so i'm not jittery from drinking an iced mocha on an empty stomach....


i'm totally losing my mind....
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2006-03-11 09:55 pm
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Well... Spring Break is over.

As usual, amount of work actually done=0.

But it was an interesting week nonetheless. Home and visiting Jacob and doctor's appointments, oh my! Speaking of which, I'm about halfway through Wicked which is turning out to be surprisingly good.

Amusing point of today: My dad had the most unfortunate timing for walking into the room while my sister and I were watching Rent.
First time: The start of the scene where Mimi is dancing at the strip club.
Me- *sweatdrop*
Gaby- *sweatdrop*
Dad- Oh is she going to do a striptease?! *watches* ... *walks out* she didn't do a striptease...
Me- *sweatdrop*
Second time: La Vie Boheme song, just as they are singing about masturbation
Me- *facepalm* you have the worst.timing.ever.
Dad- what are you watching?! they're making fun of ethnic groups in this movie.
Me- *sweatdrop* do you even know what this movie is about?
Third time: Funeral scene
Me- *sniffle*
Gaby- *tear*
Dad- *walks in* turn it off, it's time for dinner
Me- way to kill the most emotional scene in the movie....

And this conclude my adventures..

I should probably pack. I need to be ready when Jacob gets here tomorrow....
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2006-02-23 11:07 am
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There's white stuff falling from the sky outside!! Rather unexpected. I walked out of my genetic engineering class and was like, bwah?!

I'm in such a good mood right now. I walked out of class and it just hit me how lucky I am at this point in my life. I suppose it helps that I got my exam in gene engr. back and was very happy to see an 86 on the back. Oh I'm happy. I got all the multiple choice right (that's what usually screws me over) and I pwned the essays despite totally guessing on one of them. *AND* I got a "that's great!" on my SSLP=silly snails like popsicles. *grin* Basically the thing that made me lose points was the straight definitions. I basically got 2 of the 6 definitions right... *sweatdrop* Nonetheless I'm happy cuz that just means that I have the basic concepts down very well.

(OoooOOooh.... the flakes are really big and pretty now...)

(Now playing- Circle by Slipknot *sways*)

The above music choice only demonstrates the level to which Jacob's music taste has affected me. I tend to find musicality everywhere. Expose me to a type of music long enough and I'll start to find something to like about it. It takes effort sometimes, but I like to think you can find music everywhere. (rather poetic, ne?)

We watched an amusing video about genetically modified food in class today. My favorite part is when they talked about the American reaction to GM food... No one knows they're eating it and that they have been eating it for years. But when they're told they get upset and are all like "think of the the childrens!!!! oh noes!!!1!1!11!!" I'm in like, wtf? Although I'm not sure how I feel about tampering with natural selection and all that. Eh...

Perhaps I shall do some reading for poli sci since... y'know... I didn't go to class at all this week...
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2006-02-10 12:31 am
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As I was walking to my exam this morning, iced mocha in hand, I looked out towards Arjona and was treated to the sight of the morning sun glinting off the ripples of Mirror Lake. It reminded me of the ocean and put me in a very pleasant state of mind. This was only compounded by the fact that I wrote on the genetic engineering exam that SSLP stands for "silly snails like popsicles". (It's really a repeating portion of the genome.) Yeah...

I also spend 4 aggravating hours doing my stats homework. Conclusion: I don't know stats, I don't know why I'm in this class. It's so dropped tomorrow. *nods* I can't let my GPA fall anymore and I dont really need it...

Anime was enjoyable as per usual.

I have three exams next week. I think I'm going to die.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.
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2006-02-07 03:08 pm
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turn on your inner radio

Well.. it's certainly been a while (in my terms) since I've updated. And of course my last entry was me being emo. Lovely. I'm such a spazz sometimes.

Anyway, the weekend ended up being ok. I spent it doing not much at all except for an excursion to East in the rain in search of DDR, which ended in failure since the game room wasn't open. So we chill, played beatmania and DDR in his room with Greg and Emily. But alas, not much actual work was done.

This week has been pretty ok. I have my first exam on Thursday which is pretty crazy because.. well.. it still feels like the semester hasn't really started yet. There's a sense of unreality to everything these days. I don't know if it's because I'm happy... or if I've just gotten better and removing my mind from reality.... Maybe both.

I suppose I ought to get some work done. There's stats to be done. Genetic engineering to be read. A bio quiz to be taken online. Yeeeeah....

or maybe i'll go start screencapping the first few eps of Paradise Kiss since eps 1-5 finished entirely...

*shifty eyes*
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2006-02-03 01:26 am
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(heehee.. i can use my "enthralled" icon..)

Well... it was definitely a day of ups and downs. It started off quite well I must say, despite the fact that I had to get up at 7... *grumbles about 8am classes* Went to class and such and all was well... except for the fact that I'd worn my heeled boots all day Wednesday and then I wore them again this morning... Let's just say my feet hate me now.

Had lunch, sat around... and then the not so goodness...
I ran around campus for about 2.5 hours. It wasn't fun. I went to Beach Hall (halfway across) to tape a form to my advisor's door... went to the lib to kill time and find some books.... back to Beach Hall only to discover form still unsigned... back to north... when just as i'm walking in, marianne calls me to say that we have no projector... and then the realization that everything was closed for reserving one... called advisor to ask if i went to the right office (i didnt)... back to Beach Hall to get form... to the Life Sciences Building to get form signed... And all this while trying to not panic and find some way to get a projector...

Very stressful last half of the day.

But the night was good! Hung out with Jacob for a while. He's been doing checks for lambs at the barns lately and tonight there was a birth. Some freshman girls were there and kept calling him for help, so we drove over there. zomg... lambs are soooo cute!! I got to hold the newborn one and help feed it with a stomach tube. (it's mother was being mean to it and headbutting it....) We ended up being there for 2 hours, but it was so awesome. I like working with animals, and it's just fun. I'm such a science geek....

On that note.. it's time for bed.... I need to be up to do laundry and go to class.... @_@
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2006-01-24 07:28 pm
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why is it not 8pm yet?!
I'm sitting here at ResNet answering phones and I want to stab something. The interweb has been slow and we have no idea why. And then people call and it's annoying. Work isn't quite as fun as it used to be anymore. I think I just got tired of dealing with it all..

In other news, I bought the cutest Kero-chan plushie today! *huggles it* Also, last night on the way back from Jacob's I got this amazing idea for an artsy type project, so now I just need to implement it. Should be interesting at any rate.

Also, started watching Paradise Kiss because I finally bought the first manga volume and am fascinated by the outfits. It's a very eclectic anime.. but I find myself liking it.

And now back to working on my project...
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2006-01-23 01:10 am
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Well, it's been a while since I updated. Luckily, life is now happy.. somehow...

I got my meds and started feeling better 24 hours after taking the first dosage. *hearts* So thankfully that is out of the way and now I can properly concentrate on my school....... or not... *cough*

Classes have been pretty good. It's going to be a tough semester, but I'm confident I can do it!! I have my beloved computer back, so nothing can be bad! lol. I'm thinking that all my professors except one are good. The one who isn't is, rather sadly, my 8am class... He's just boring. *dies* Must... stay... awake.... zzzz....

Anime Club started off the semester.... interestingly... apparently my computer has issues still with some things... But elections will be next week and hopefully things will be able to start anew, and this time on the right foot. No more crashing and burning allowed. Still one thing that may be something of an issue.. but I will persevere!! Like a shoujo manga heroine!!! Always smiling, always hopeful... and always winning in the end!!!! w00t. victory is me.

I think the dr. pepper is going to my head. Speaking of which, I went to Sarge's comics this weekend and omg soooo awesome. I bought FIVE manga volumes. FIVE!!!! Granted one is for my sister. But I've broken 150 on my collection. *dances* I have well over $2000 in manga books alone in my room... *sweatdrop* yeeah...

All in all.. a very good weekend. And a very content me. *smile.

Now to finish some anime club business and then to bed!
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2006-01-19 02:22 pm
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oooo typical..

aarrrrrgggh... So yeah. Went to the infirmary yesterday, they took a sample for strep testing, said they would call me back if they got a positive. This morning while in class I got a message every so kindly informing me that the test came up positive... *growl*

So I got to go back and pick up some lovely penicillin, but I can't take any till tonight since it's a twice a day pill... I just want to get better damnit. Because my constant throat pain is starting to get to the point where it's irritating me like nothing else. And it's making me moody and tempermental. And of course, I can't just stay in and sleep cuz I have a lot of things that *need* to be done. *sigh*

*And* I'm also angry with myself, cuz now Jacob is most likely going to get sick too.... mmrph... At least it isn't mono like the nurse lady thought it was at first....
And now to go update Moony for anime clubbage later tonight...