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2009-12-18 01:34 pm
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star trek + mean girls = OTP

I ate too much chinese food at the lab party and if I move too much, I feel like i'm going to throw up.


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2009-09-24 11:59 pm

unf unf unf

Upon inspection of my userpics.. I don't have a really good SEXY icon. Adam singing and pointing suggestively is the closest it gets.

Anyway! Today was the longest day in the history of days. We had a lab that STARTED at 8am. And since I am the TA I had to be there really early to set everything up. And then my advisor/the professor did not show up till like 8:30 so I got to try and fudge my way through explaining a lab that I only half-understand. All this on no coffee and not enough sleep. Then we spent like 3 hours climbing around on rocks in the full sun, which I was not prepared for. The lab was really fun. I practically went swimming while we were trying to set the laser level. Yay up to my knees in water! Then I fell down a lot. Like.. a lot. Apparently it was my day. The end result was that by 11:30 when we went in.. I was gross and practically falling asleep on my feet. So I went home to shower before my second lab of the day, this time as a student. Somewhere in there, I tried not to drown in my lunch and barely managed to make it. *woe*

Oh a different note though, my advisor TOTALLY watches.. or at least watched.. anime. you DO NOT UNDERSTAND the levels of flail here. We talked about anime club during my interview and I cited it as like.. the #1 reason that I am confident in myself now.. and really just the one thing I love best about UCONN. Then today he made a comment about my Neko-sama shoelaces during lab and he was talking about how I tried to explain anime to my roommate. And he was like, "oh yea I was explaining it to her too and I think we should watch Spirited Away or something when I get my projector. It's a perfect gateway anime". And I'm like "omgomgomg". Then he said he used to watch Robotech. GUYS MY ADVISOR WATCHES ANIME. I DONT NEED TO BE THAT AWKWARD PERSON WHO WATCHES CARTOONS AND GETS WEIRD LOOKS FROM PEOPLE FOR IT.

Then I got home and passed out for like 2 hours on my bed with the lights on. So my head has been feeling a bit fuzzy all night. I am excited though because tomorrow I am going into the city to meet my mom and get my paycheck. Then we're having movie night here at the apt. Saturday is the clambake. Sunday we're going apple picking if the weather cooperates. I NEED TO STUDY OMG WHEN AM I GONNA DO THAT?!

Anyway, I caught up with [ profile] ontd_startrek a bit tonight. There havent really been any new Adam pics (omg please let there be a PR storm starting on Monday) so I needed a fix of pretty. And oh man, it delivered.

This post contains the cutest fanfic ever... written by a 5 year old. Kirk and Spock go see Finding Nemo.
"Spock thought it was illogical, cause fish don't talk. But Kirk thought it was cute, cause he likes movies with fish."
*dies from cute overload*

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2009-08-30 11:26 pm

all you need is love

Tonight I have been on a crazy flail kick. With the #godhateshate trending on twitter. The concert cellcast (omg wanna go again!). I can't stop smiling.

And then [ profile] tmchiba linked me to some more epic.


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2009-07-02 12:43 am


Yaaaaay post 1,000!!

I had a long night at work so I need this distraction before going to sleep. Especially as I need to do it all over again at 11:30 tomorrow morning. D:

In other news, I renewed my library card! It expired 2 years ago and my name was no longer in the system so I had to "re-apply" for one. Which is ironic as the librarian remembers my name even after all this time. Got Island so I can finally read it after all the good things I heard. Yay for vacation giving me time to read again. :)

And now it is time for massive picspam!!! OMG THINGS! THINGS I LIKE!! (contains: anime, Merlin, Star Trek people)

NPH and Elmo are excited and want you to click.

things that make me happy PAST AND PRESENT )

So yeah. Post 1,000. Lots of images. Here's to another thousand?
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2009-06-18 02:48 am


Ok, so what was it about tonight that made THE WORLD decide to come to Cheesecake Factory. Like really? And of course I was greet-filling and sometime around 8pm I was desperate to just curl up somewhere dark to breathe for a minute. But of course I couldn't because there were still 15 names on the wait. *woe* The end result being that we were pretty busy right up to 10pm. Although I guess that's good for the end of the day being a lot shorter so I was a lot less bored.

Also apparently I have a "boisterous" singing voice. Which I'm like 90% sure isn't really a compliment? Unless he didn't know what it really meant? (Which I doubt as said person is actually quite intelligent). This came right after we sang happy birthday to some little old woman right before we closed... and is ironic as I sing as quietly as possible and he really only probably heard me as we were standing next to each other. REGARDLESS... I am confused but also worried that my response to the comment came over as over-offended by it. I... don't even know. I hate singing in front of people..... *shivers*

I started going through my bookshelves before work. A process that is painful for me as I hate giving up any of my books. Most of them have some sort of meaning to me based on when I read them. Also I am a horrible packrat. I have managed to find some that I really don't want to keep. They are in a box waiting for more to join them on the eventual trip to donation.

Speaking of books, I am nearly done with The Looking Glass Wars. I'm kinda impressed as the only times I've been reading it is over meals (breakfast and dinner after work) and sometimes for a bit in bed in the mornings. I was right about it being a quick read. I also am fairly sure that I'm not quite sold on the writing style despite the plot being good. It's not really BAD writing. The best way to describe it I guess is clinical? Like all my English teachers coming back to hover over me, telling me to show and not tell. It's especially evident in the copious battle sequences. When battles become less about the suspense and emotion of fighting.. and more about "and then so-and-so did this. and then this happened. and then she did this." it's just harder to sink into. That being said, I will definitely be continuing with the series. Like I said, it's a quick read the plot is shaping up nicely. This *was* his first book so I hope it will only improved with the sequel?

Send me like, LJ messages or something with where I need to pick you up and when you will be availbale for the picking up. We have a full car (michy is bringing a friend, less $$ for gas/tolls/parking for us) and I want to leave the shore by like... 9-9:30. So.. lemme know where I need to go get you. xD Also... halp? Dress is definitely not made (although will be done for CTcon so help me god) so I need to decide what to wear. Rayray already said she's doing loli? Am debating between that.. and pulling out some of that h.naoto I haven't worn yet. (the white/purple sailor-style top with the sleeves with black pants/boots maybe?) UGH CLOTHING IS HARD.

I close this out with more image spam. Because... well just because
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lol good night world
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2009-06-17 03:15 am


Dear world, Why am I still awake? Oh yeah, because I had that coffee when I left work at 11pm tonight and it's had me bouncing in place for the past few hours. I think I can feel the crash coming soon though... so that is good.

Work was.. work. xD I am getting better at managing things on my own. Including talking to the bussers, assigning tables and greeting people ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Sometimes it gets to the point where I am like *flail!*. But not so badly that I am breaking down. :D

I have been on a really big Disney/animated movie music kick again. Happens every so often. Also Journey... won't freaking leave my head. Late tonight I was humming it to myself at the front desk while I ate my hidden goldfish (which didn't really help my hunger any).

I spent part of tonight watching the Star Trek audiobook (as read by ZQ) downloading on my computer. I have heard good things and the little pieces I've already heard are.. golden. I am excited even though I totally will not be able to listen to it tonight.

Speaking of ZQ. Quite a few photo outtakes have been posted lately. As well as more walking pics. xD Ones that don't include sinfully ugly hats!

this is what happens when my life is boring, i post images )
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2009-06-14 02:03 am

why with the moneys!?

Today was such a freaking long day. Walking around the fair. Then work. Luckily around 3:30 the manager went "who wants to go home" and I was like "OOOH PICK ME", except y'know... calmer. And then I went and got yummy pad thai and a blue sno cone and kettle corn and stuffed myself silly. I also bought this gorgeous pink and silver glass pendant thing from the art show. I'm totally gonna rock it at work with the all-black I have to wear.

Oh my gosh there is this artist guy with a stand and I freaking love his art. It's all silk-screened by hand. And just GAH! I want like 5 of his pieces and even just a normal sized silk-screen is FIFTY DOLLARS. *woe* I plan on getting two of the postcardy things he is selling for $5 and framing them together to make my own art.

Speaking of art, my totally awesome Star Trek poster showed up in the mail today. I unrolled it to verify that it is the right one.. and then put it right back in the tube. I just need a poster frame for that and I'm all set for hanging in my room when I move. :D I am such a dork.

I also found a site that lets me cut parts of songs and sends them to my phone so that I may use said cuts as ringtones. First order of business, I cut the opening theme to Merlin and sent it. My phone.. is totally pimp now. I'm thinking of doing the first part of the Lucky Star opening just because it will be the most annoying thing in the world. Or maybe the english Cardcaptors theme. My phone can declare to the world that.. I am ridiculous.
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2009-06-13 01:52 am
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of the illogical

I love having days off. Sadly it always throws my weekdays off though, as I spent all day having to actively remember that it was Friday. Went to the mall and bought myself a pair of grey shorts and a brown skirt. There was a sale.. and my mind went "you need things for this vacation you are going on". And the shorts are longer so I won't feel totally self-concious wearing them. BONUS! (omg that reminded me of This is My Milwauke. I need to check to see if anything came of that). Anyway, I had this 25% off Borders coupon that I wanted to use on a book for my dad for father's day + possibly some DVDs. But then they didn't have book OR any interesting DVDs. So boo to them.

And then I went to Toys R Us where the Star Trek section is incorrectly labelled. There is a whole row of Star Wars - Clone Wars signs. But the last like fifth of the shelf was all the Star Trek stuff. lulz. They had phasers! And the large dolls action figures. But I was like, NO I WILL NOT SPEND. And then I bought a Spock toy anyway. ( I kinda want the matching Kirk one now. 1) They weren't too expensive. 2) SPOCK MIGHT GET LONELY IF I DONT. Also Kirk has a phaser. xD

I want to take pictures of my Spock doing battle with the various things in my room and exploring. I already had fun putting Pokemon figures on his head and thinking about how unamused he looked about the whole thing. AHAHAHAHA!

Oh! Tangent. Am set for the Friday of Can't Stop the Serenity (ps- Michy, Rayray and Janet. I need to know how we're gonna do this and if people are gonna be able to get up closer to West Hartford before we head out that evening. I can drive to get people if need be but yeah. xD) Course then work went and scheduled me for SATURDAY AT LUNCH. So now I'm all FML because I'm gonna get home at some ungodly hour Saturday early morning and will have to be alert for a Saturday shift of FILLING AND THINKING mere hours later. I WILL WIN DAMNIT.

This weekend is going to be a mess of one too because I'm working during the one time I wish I didn't have to be. So I plan on getting to Celebrate!WH for like 45 minutes before work tomorrow. And then maybe to get a sno cone after work. xD And then lunch time for delicious foods and more art wanderings. We shall see how well this works.

As a last note. More pictures of ZQ. Because they released a whole set of outtakes from the GQ Germany shoot (which you will recall is one of my faves). So I need to post the outtakes here in order. (oh guuuuuh)

set phasers to sexy )

Woosh to bed! (GO HEROES TORRENT GO!)
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2009-06-12 03:03 am

we are like the earth and sky

Family-whine aside, it was a pretty good day I suppose. xD Ate a waffle before work (and glared at my brother when he suggested that he could eat one). There was a large party in the restaurant so we went on something of a false wait. I was alone at the front desk and I am proud that I managed to keep track of the bussers and get people seated in a timely manner. It's hard to greet people and talk over the headseat at the same time! My brain isn't sure how to handle that multi-tasking yet.

There was something of an issue though when I forgot to save a table for a reservation. In my defense, we don't normally accept reservations at 12:30 and there was a mad rush at like... 12:15. So they were all complaining at the manager about how they were on a work break and couldn't afford to stay long. Yeah. 2 hours after being seated, they finally left. UGH PEOPLE. I am so glad I'm not working tomorrow I think.

Then I was "helping" my sister and her friend with their AP Chem project. By "helping" I mean attempting to remember anything at all about basic chem, specifically conductivity. It just wasn't happening. Plus I was too busy being appalled at their sloppy experimental design and lack of multiple repeats and variables. How are you supposed to calculate significance if you don't have more than one data point?! I am clearly a lost cause. D:

THEN I watched the Lancelot episode of Merlin and remembered all over again why I adore the show. So much just... fun! I missed it, I should watch some more again tomorrow. <3 Merlin hasn't TOTALLY lost me to Star Trek yet. I don't think it ever will I love it so much.

SPEAKING OF FANDOM! [ profile] seperis posted a story for Star Trek. Last time she posted fic for Merlin, I was rambling here about how it was so good it hurt. And.. this story did the same thing and.. and... just gaaah. So good. Oh fic.. my guilty pleasure.

I feel like I need a ZQ tag. I always end up rambling about him somehow by the end of my entries. On that note, I really need to make more icons because I wanna play with photoshop and do something more than just crop images. xD We'll see how well that works and if any of the results make it to the internets.

No new images have popped up... so... have this gif of him dancing with Kirsten Bell. With bonus!Masi on the side. :)

Ahh I love this gif. + glasses!

And just for fun. A motivational poster AND A PRESENT FOR [ profile] magicalmartha UNDER THE CUT.

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2009-06-10 03:56 pm
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dreams, sweet dreams

I had a dream last night again. It's rare that I remember them so I feel the need to write them out somewhere. I don't remember the details, just that it ended with me getting ZQ's phone number and address for further hanging out. And then I think I woke up, although the dream may have shifted after that. All I know is that I woke up seriously confused and annoyed that it was a dream. xD And now it just makes me laugh.

I totally ate Star Trek waffles when I woke up. But not before taking all 8 waffles out and seeing which ones I got. I totally have a "live long and propser" waffle. And Kirk+Spock. And Bones. And Chekov. But no Sulu. He apparently got lost. *rofl* Badass breakfast yes. I actually need to eat another meal now as I am closing at work and therefore will be seeing no food until at least 11:30 tonight. (Well I'll see plenty of food. But none of it for me).

Also, my Star Trek glasses arrived in the mail today!!! They are so badass, but I'm like afraid to open them and start using them. xD I will get over that fear soon enough I think. They are definitely coming with me when I move.

Pictures later. ^^

Oh! CLICK THIS!! Massive pic-spam and video linking of all the Star Trek promotional deal, ZQ-centric. It's a great summary of the whole experience. Same person has also done some Heroes, Sylar-centric picspams. A+ from me!
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2009-06-09 04:23 pm
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mm... salsa verde

I really need to like, start eating better on days when I have work late. I've been home all day and I've eaten a rice krispie treat and a pile of chips with green salsa. Wtf self. And now I have work in like 40 minutes. *fail*

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I can hear the song in my mind already.

Now for a meme that I know I saw floating around a while ago, but I was lazy then.

I want to know 28 things about you. I don't care if we've never talked, never really clicked, or if we already know everything about each other. I really don't. You are obviously on my f-list, so let me know with whom I'm friends!
28 questions )

Also, a fandom meme from [ profile] issahime
Name a fandom, and I'll tell you:

1. The first character I fell in love with:
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
3. The character I would shag anytime:
4. The character I'd slap:
5. Who are my 3 favorite characters.
6. What are my 3 favorite pairings.
7. The coolest thing about the canon:
8. The lamest thing about the canon:
9. My guiltiest pleasure in this fandom:
10. What story I wish I could read (or art I wish I could see):
11. What story I wish I had written/still want to write:

I watched the pilot of Glee last night and was surprisingly charmed by it. It was cute and very stereotypical high school... but entertaining. I will definitely be watching it in Sept. Also, I have heard that Heroes S4 starts filming right around now. yay tv!
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2009-06-08 07:59 pm

i can has waffles

I forgot to mention on my last post about seeing the movie again. THERE WAS A HARRY POTTER PREVIEW. Totally sat there the whole time fidgeting and curling my hands over my mouth to keep from squeaking. I saw it on my laptop, but it looks sooo amazing on the big screen. I can't freaking wait until July.

Today at work I had an awkward moment. There was this one point where 2 guys came in. I'm all like, okay let's go this way to your table. Walk a few feet. Just as I start to turn to ask how they are doing, the one guy says to the other "oh my god i'm totally in love with him but he's living with this other boy". And of course just as he finishes, I meet his eyes and he's all like "oh!" And I was just thinking "well damnit now I can't make small talk with you because we're both awkwardd". It was really funny, maybe funnier at the time. And then I got back and the girl I was working with was like "where they...?" and I was just like "you bet". xD People are awesome.

And now tonight's Trek things. (lol wut)

This video by [ profile] arefadedaway was recced last night by [ profile] thefourthvine

Don't Stop Believing (Star Trek XI, Kirk and Spock) from arefadedaway on Vimeo.

It is a Journey cover. It has spoilery things. I watched it like 5 times last night. It also made me download the first episode of Glee because I liked the cover.

I HAVE WAFFLES OMG. I went to the store after work. I got: waffles, Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes and marshmallows. The waffles are awesome and I can't wait to eat them. And I got the command badge in the box of Frosted Flakes and am having a stupid amount of fun waving it around at my wall.

some ZQ stuff under here (w/pic!) )

Ok I think... I am going to work on some picspam. Maybe. I might just watch that episode of Glee that I downloaded.
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2009-06-07 11:20 pm

i presume you have prepared new insults today

It has been a nice weekend.

Accidentally went to bed at 4am last night, so I slept till 1. And there was sadness because I'd been having a really nice dream and then my mom opened the door really loudly and in the process of being jolted away.. I lost the thread of the dream. So I was just left with a vague sense of "that was an awesome and relaxing dream, come baaaack". *sadness*

Then I went out for P.F. Chang's with Janet. Followed by omgStar Trek movie! (ahahaha 4 times now) It was.. just as amazing the 4th time and about half way through I realized that I can't wait until the DVD comes out so I can just watch it all the time. Actually, before the movie we went to this awesome store where all the books are 75% off and they had nearly all of the "So you want to be a wizard" series. So I bought the last 3, as well as the first 2 books in the Looking Glass Wars. And some other random things. SO AWESOME.

Random movie thoughts:
- the little things that Vulcan children stand in to learn things.. are kinda awesome. I wish I had one to play with.
- Towards the end I realized that anyone who was Vulcan in the movie like.. never blinked. Which I feel like was intentional to convey lack of emotion, but is also one of those details that I think is really cool. Although Spock did blink a few times that I caught, but it was always when he was A) surprised by something or B) showing emotion for reals. Which makes sense.
- the Romulan ship design.... so pretty *drools a little*

I have to work tomorrow and I'm not sure how I feel about that. xD Luckily I am not filling so it will be a shorter day for me.

Also, tomorrow I am going to the store. I was Star Trek Waffles. And cereal. Sepcifically Rice Krispies... because then I can just make dessert with them. AND I get the cool toy. xD
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2009-06-06 11:25 pm
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free ice cream = win!

The track titles of the Star Trek OST are soooo silly. "Nero Death Experience"? "Nice to Meld You"? Srsly... who came up with the titles?! Also, for some reason the torrent I grabbed turned "That New Car Smell" into "That New Cat Smell"... and I can't make myself change it just yet. That being said, I really enjoy the main melody line for the movie theme. It's like the Merlin theme song all over again.


June 21st is sooo soon guys! They're already showing the tv previews on NBC. Although I must say that I'm.. not really pleased with them? Especially with the voice-over guy. Why are none of the tv spots able to portray how totally epic it is? I don't understand. No matter, I will be glued to my tv that night for sure. Possibly with my laptop in front of me so I can flail as I am watching.

Today was a busy day. We went to the Salvation Army to donate a pile of clothing that we don't want anymore, as well as my childhood bike. *tear* My mom was gonna throw the bike out, but it's still in really good condition considering both my sister and I used it... so I convinced her that we should donate it. Yay for doing good things. Then we spent far too much time at BJ's getting an absurd amount of food/house stuff. They did not have anything interesting in their DVD section like I was hoping.

It was also free ice cream day at Friendly's! So we went to get some ice cream. xD I am boring and got vanilla. Mostly because I couldn't remember what else I normally get there so I just said VANILLA! really fast. It, unfortunately, did not help satisfy this craving for green tea ice cream that I developed this morning.

*shakes computer* FINISH ACQUIRING HEROES DARNIT. Until then.. I think I am going to be daring and open up Microsoft Word to see what I can come up with. Between Trek fandom, the Merlin-thon and general free time this weekend, I'm starting to get the writing bug again. *woe*

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2009-06-06 02:25 am
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I'm not gonna lie, the folowing video pretty much made my evening. And now I watch it and grin because it's silly.

YAY LENSFLARE. xD It's funny cuz I never once noticed the lensflare usage any of the three times I saw the movie, but it's funny to see people flail about it.


Went out to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner to celebrate Heather's birthday and then to Zen Bar to chill with Rachel and John for a while. It was good times for sure. :)

I am annoyed about my work schedule next week. I got scheduled for Saturday lunchtime which it annoying since I wanted to go to Celebrate West Hartford that day. Hoping that someone will want to switch with me. =X And then of my other 4 shifts, 3 of them are night-time during the week. And I'm just like. urrrrgh... cuz I'm filler those nights and it means I have to stay there till close and just rawr.

*immerses self in more Trek things to wash away the pain* OST ftw!
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2009-06-05 12:17 am


And thus part 2 begins... (part 1 here)

First things first though!
I really want that poster and will be buying it... most likely tomorrow. My first thought when I saw it and flailed was that I am not going to do a very good job hiding my geek levels when I move up to Boston at this rate.

Also, I made a bunch of ZQ icons. [ profile] starsparkdreams, my sad and lonely icon/graphics journal has them. I know I'm not really that great at icons or photoshop, but it was fun making these anyway!



Lots of glasses!Zach and an image dedicated to [ profile] michygeary.

to not click would be.. illogical? *shot* )

Oh my goodness. That is more images than I care to think about.

Chris Pine is up next along with a bunch of cast images + Karl Urban. Y'know.. assuming I don't find an unexplored pile of ZQ pictures before then....


Just found this on YouTube. From the TVGuide shoot that produced that awesome balancing pic from my first picspam and then the colorful sweater ones.
0:26 - "My favorite sin? Lust" (and then the goddamn smirk)
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2009-06-02 01:39 am


Today is Zachary Quinto's birthday. I think I have doubled my folder of images as a result.

Oh yes. Folders. I HAVE SO MANY IMAGES I HAD TO SEPARATE THEM BY PERSON. WTF SELF. Let's take a tour of my current image saving setup. So you can see what I'm up against for this picspam business.

First you go to "My Pictures" and click over to the "stuff" folder. This contains my Merlin folder, my cosplay folder and my 4chan folder. Among other things of importance. There... you open up the "Star Trek Reboot" folder.

Now we continue with the following format:
FOLDER NAME - # files - folder size
bonesss - 13 files - 704kb
Capt Fine - 72 files - 14.3mb
concept art - 12 files - 3.74mb (omg pretty space scenes!)
gifs and lulz - 36 files - 41.8mb
misc - 10 files - 1.07mb (other cast members.. mostly Anton)
mtv movie awards - 25 files - 9.92mb (this def needed a new folder)
ZQ - 93 files (LOL WTF) - 19.4mb
Then I have 27 cast/multiple people pictures saved in the main folder

That.. is nearly 300 files. When I started this evening I had... 140 files in here.

ALSO I AM BLAMING ROBIN FOR PART OF THIS. He was all "You need more Urban in this" and I went "...OMG YOU ARE RIGHT". So then Bones got his own folder and I spent a really long time looking for images of him. And this picspam totally needs to be in multiple parts. Because my laptop might explode if I try to load all that at once. Especially the gifs as it seems incapable of loading more than like 3 gifs in a row without freezing firefox.

I feel like there was something else I was going to be writing about tonight before I got all distracted. Hmm... maybe I'll remember tomorrow.


EDIT: I know part of what I forgot. I was going to post one of the pictures I snagged tonight of ZQ as it IS his birthday.
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Just... the stare.... I... no words.
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2009-06-01 01:21 am

shame? what's that?

Oh. My. God.

I was driving to the mall today and I had a thought.

Lesson #1 in having fun with fandom:
Throw your shame out the window and embrace the craziness.

That mostly came up because I was thinking about how I have all these images I saved last night and how I need to make a proper picspam with them. Then i remembered my last picspam and the amount of CAPS it contained and all I could thinkg is "oh lord I am insane". Which led to the thought of "fuck it, I'm having fun. screw shame".

And here we are. With 138 images saved in my Star Trek image folder on my computer. And an insane amount of LJ icons that I will continue to add to my tektek random sig. Possibly until it breaks with the sheer awesomeness.

I watched the MTV movie awards tonight. Online from a live-feed. Because Chris Pine was presenting. He was in the first 10 minutes of the show. But did I stop watching? No. because they kept showing Zachary Quinto in the audience and it was like "damnit MTV now I can't stop watching". And then Twilight won like everything and I lost a bit more faith in humanity.

...I am totally rambling. FYI, I totally had to dl more icons because I realized that I had no Quinto icons to use and that was just.. no good. But look, I've fixed the tragic lack!

On a totally unrelated note, I bought some really nice fabric for my cosplay and a pattern. So tomorrow after work, it's back to the sewing! <3

I forgot to say something that made this whole thing even more amusing to me!
As I was looking around for ZQ icons, I of course found a ton of Heroes icons. And it reminded me how much I love Hiro. And then of course there were all the Sylar icons.

And what does my mind do?! It says "OH HAI YOU SHOULD WATCH THAT SERIES AGAIN LIKE RIGHT NOW". And the idea won't go away. D: I totally watched like... season 1 and then half of season 2. Should I pick it up again?! (OMG ROBIN DONT SAY "TOLD YOU SO".)

...ahahaha really. insanity. it looms.
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2009-05-31 03:50 am
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Yes this is another Star Trek post. Mostly because besides going out for coffee with Phil and Enza, I did nothing.

On a Boat + Reboot? This made me laugh WAY MORE than it should have.

Of course then I was on [ profile] ontd_startrek and I found the "turn all the characters into Pokemon" post and I was laughing so hard I was squeaking. If it were not nearly 4am, there would have possibly been cracking up and falling out of my chair. I will spare you.

I have an obscene amount of pictures saved of Mr. FinePine and Mr. Quinto. There will be picspam... at some point. It will be some form of epic. Maybe.

Before I go to bed I leave you with this.

fiarra: ([star trek reboot] kirk. pew pew)
2009-05-29 10:59 pm


I showed my sister that Star Trek vid to Britney Spears.
Her first words when it was done: Wow.. he's really good-looking.

I laughed. And then agreed.

Have decided to make something to wear at Can't Stop the Serenity. Trip to Jo-ann's on Sunday is a go for pattern and fabric. yay sewing!