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2010-04-06 11:18 am


Guys I am sick. And when I get sick, I turn into the biggest baby. *cry* The sickness can be summed up in two words: con plague.

My throat feels like it's lined with sandpaper. Oddly enough, when I sneeze, it feels better for a few seconds. I am half-tempted to order spicy wings tonight or something to try and clear my sinuses.

So yes, Anime Boston was this past weekend. It was a lot of fun. I wore lolita on Friday and Chidori cosplay on Saturday. It was kinda a bummer that I had to sample on the mornings of the con and the hour commute was sucky. Next year, I don't care that I live just north of Boston, I am getting a hotel room and not dealing with all that travel. Argh.

I bought so much freaking stuff too! 13 volumes of manga (I am not finally current with Nodame, Hayate and xxxHolic), 4 blind boxes, a Gurren Lagann Keychain, a little white Monokuro Boo, a mid-size Gloomy Bear, lots of pins to put on my AI tour bag and some art of the chibi 7 sins to put on large wall of my room and more art for my office. :D

h.naoto (the company rep, not the designer) was there promoting Hangry and Angry and I definitely went to pet the clothing at their dealer's room booth. *sigh*

I really want more naoto but I really also need to save money because I am dying after buying all these concert tickets. Gaga for my sister and I. KISS108 Concert with Kris, Adam, Kesha and Orianthi for myself. Plus Adam tour this summer, which I basically plan on going to every show in the area, plus I wanna take like a week off to go to LA, visit people... and go to the shows there. really. I'm not crazy.
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2006-04-04 11:02 am
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*whine whine bitch bitch*

I'd like to get better now... I'm tired of trying to cough up my insides every half hour....

I think that coffee was a bad idea.. I'm really shaky now. And coughing....

I'd been hoping I was getting better. I spent all of yesterday afternoon lying in bed trying to nap. That was largely unsuccessful. I think I got an hour of light sleep between 1 and 6.... the rest was tossing a turning and staring hazy-ly at the ceiling and sitting up every so often to cough.

Last night I thought I was doing better, I didnt cough all night... until 6am... when I coughed for a good 10 min. I was worried that I was going to throw up.... I've promised Jacob that if I'm still coughing tomorrow, I'll go to the infirmary. I've been coughing since last Thursday and it doesn't seem to be getting better. We'll see.... *sigh*

This sucks....

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2006-02-27 12:31 pm
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*coughs weakly*

Well... I'm still sick. And it's so cold and windy outside the thought of going out again today makes me want to cry... meh.

Was a pretty good weekend. I don't remember what I did on Friday... Oh yeah.. I laid around watching tv with Jacob. Then on Saturday I went and watched the fencing tournament type thing which was fun. I still kinda wanna fence... maybe I'll start showing up once a week to the practices. Yeeeah... actually that was the only exciting thing that happened this weekend.

It's the last week before Spring Break. Fun.

Um. right i think i'm hungry now.
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2006-02-22 09:45 am
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Spent all of yesterday after my 8am in bed trying to sleep under strict orders from teh Jacob. He even moved my computer up here so I had no reason to leave. *sweatdrop* Also went to sleep mad early and am now feeling more rested than ever. Unfortunately it is a restedness with a headache as well. I think I was clenching my teeth together while sleeping cuz my jaw hurt when I woke up.

Today's Plan: Go to eeb and cse lab. Go to the SU to get my winnage of the dinner for 2 at a restaurant. Eat something light in my room. Finish cse lab that is due at 5. Laundry?


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2006-02-20 10:46 pm
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I now have a new purpose in life. On the Vista page for Poli Sci, there is a Chat/Whiteboard function. I thought no one ever used it. Some posted in the discussion board about it today. Turns out, anything you write on the whiteboard stays on it. I've resolved to add something to the board every time I log into that page now. Just because now I know someone else looks at it.

My cough seems to be slowly melting into icky chest congestion, but I can deal with that over a dry cough which just causes pain. At least this way it feels like I'm coughing for a reason.

On that note... away I go!
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2006-02-20 09:46 am
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*cough cough hack gag*

Urgh... I have this wicked cough that makes me feel like my throat is constantly clogged and makes it not possible to breathe deep without needing to break into more coughing... It's like this semester my body and immune system decided to say "fuck you" and make me miserable... I never get sick, and now already this month I've had strep throat, gone to the hospital and now this. *sigh* Not cool.

At least this weekend was good. Had a lovely weekend in Ledyard with Jacob and Hayden. We went bowling, to Sarge's (manga count = 160), and to the roller rink. We also played more Munchkin than anyone should sanely play. But it was fun. A few other things came up that made me happy, and also made me feel silly for not saying anything earlier, but no matter. Happiness is me.

I have class in 9 min.. maybe I should get there... Also making up my poli sci exam at noon. I don't think I'm going to do very well on it. I know I didn't study enough... but I can't stand reading that book... and I don't like the subject... and yeah.

Anyway... here's to hoping I don't manage to die today...
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2006-01-19 02:22 pm
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oooo typical..

aarrrrrgggh... So yeah. Went to the infirmary yesterday, they took a sample for strep testing, said they would call me back if they got a positive. This morning while in class I got a message every so kindly informing me that the test came up positive... *growl*

So I got to go back and pick up some lovely penicillin, but I can't take any till tonight since it's a twice a day pill... I just want to get better damnit. Because my constant throat pain is starting to get to the point where it's irritating me like nothing else. And it's making me moody and tempermental. And of course, I can't just stay in and sleep cuz I have a lot of things that *need* to be done. *sigh*

*And* I'm also angry with myself, cuz now Jacob is most likely going to get sick too.... mmrph... At least it isn't mono like the nurse lady thought it was at first....
And now to go update Moony for anime clubbage later tonight...
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2006-01-18 11:58 am
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potato chips?

Sooo... yeah. School. Heh. So far so good?

First day was yesterday with half my classes. 8-10:45am back to back genetics classes might just kill me. The guy for the 8am is not that great a lecturer, but I will have to make sure to drag myself to every single class. Every class, we're going to be spending the last half doing groupwork that needs to be turned in and all groupwork is worth 40%. *Also*, any missed class means half a point taken from your final grade. *sigh* But at least my second class is awesome cuz the professor is really excited about the subject and everything looks cool. Then there's Stats 2, which is boring and taught by some lady who bores me to tears... Eh...

It's raining out. It wasn't when I left this morning. And then it was when I walked out of bio... and I had to walk across campus in windy rain. Only to discover that I was supposed to go to the comp lab... *not* the lecture half. So I walked back across campus and went to get my login name. Yup... and now its noon but I'm not hungry.

My throat is still in major pain. Jacob took a look at it with a flashlight and said everything is all swollen around my tonsils and lymphnodes... *sigh* So I'm taking a quick trip over the infirmary later today to see if there's anything I can do because it's getting to the point where doing anything except breathing is hurting... and even then, I can feel like pressure from that area and it's giving me a headache. (It even hurts when i yawn...)

._. how typical... maybe I can go eat some soup... *wibble* or maybe i'll try stir fry just cuz it's so good....

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2006-01-10 06:02 pm
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Crunchy.... potato chips... and death....

Urrrrrrrgh.... I feel so beyond crappy right now. Just general fatigue *everywhere*. It's quite sad cuz it makes me feel like I'm falling apart. Let's run it down: sore shoulders, ache-y tummy, shivering cuz it's cold, faint headache, and just plain tired. Not sleepy. Just tired in the sense that I'd like to collapse somewhere and stare at the ceiling blankly. Meh... *shivers*

In other news... uumm... yesterday sucked. and stuff will just generally continue to suck as time goes on... and then I'll adapt to the change and things will stabilize. But until then, mmmmrph....

In OTHER other news... I reached lvl 10 in World of Warcraft. Yes... I've been playing WoW. But it's ok for now cuz I have the time. And this isn't my laptop anyway and it's not my account. So when I get back to school, give Jacob back his laptop, and start classes; I will not be playing much if at all. For now it's a fun thing to do to pass the time here at home. I'm interested to see how much higher I can get above lvl 10 before going back on Friday evening.

Going to some concert at Hall tonight cuz the jazz band is playing. Don't really want to go, but I honestly have nothing better to do at this point. *shivers more* Why is it so cold!?

Perhaps I will go lie down and hope the Motrin kicks in before we leave for that concert....
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2005-09-21 12:39 pm
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I feel so gross right now... I'm exhausted despite getting a decent amount of sleep last night. My head feels fuzzy and almost achy... and I've been really cold all day. Conclusion: I'm getting sick....

Yesterday I definitely slept through marine bio lecture. This was followed by a real nap and then fun with seaweed in marine lab. Urgh...

Some interesting conversations last night have given me a new perspective on things and I think I might know what I'm doing again. Of course this is entirely dependant on my not thinking about it again and taking my own advice of just going with the flow and seeing where it takes me. *sweatdrop* Sometimes you need someone to tell you what you know is true. Yeeeah....

I have plant bio in 20 min... 4 hours outside... my whole body is cringing already. Especially since it's sunny out, but I'm cold. Hopefully we don't have to walk into any water today... wet feet could be my doom.

*yawn* well.. off i go....