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2012-01-26 12:40 pm

throwing money at the internet

Hello internet!

I look like a crazy person today. My nails are all different colors and it is excellent. I have decided that Don't Blink is a bit too milky/chalky on its own, so next time i will layer a coat over black or dark blue to try and tone it down.

I have been in the lab for about an hour now and the only thing I have accomplished.... is buying things online. Oops. First was alerted to a deal with a brand called Julep which gets me 3 polishes + top coat for $5. Unfortunately, I also need to remember to call the place once I get the package and cancel the monthly deal that costs $20 normally.

Also, I bought something that I have wanted for a while now! A skirt from All Saints!
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I have basically been eyeing this skirt for over a year. I saw it in the store when I bought my necklace there, but it retails for $120 which is too much. I wouldn't even want to pay that much for a brand goth-loli skirt. But I decided to do a round to the discount sites, and it was listed at hautelook for $35!! Whattttt.

In less exciting news, my mom and sister will be here tomorrow so we can all watch my brother run and my sister has asked to see my apartment.... which means that I need to clean because my mom will complain if I don't. (I mean.. she will even if I DO clean, but at least it will be less complaining?)
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2012-01-26 12:12 am

Nail Polish Review & Swatches: Nerd Lacquer

A while back, I mentioned that I had placed an order with Nerd Lacquer for 6 polishes. She has been super swamped at the store with orders, so she sent along a special ~mystery polish with each order that took more than 5 business days to ship. (I was secretly hoping that mine would take that long so I could get the polish - I was not disappointed). I got my shipping email on Monday and today the box arrived at my door.

So I bought 6 shades: i think you call me... sexy, exterminate, don't blink, event horizon, hyperspace bypass, and antisocial media. The extra bottle is called: lento. (I assume because this means slow in spanish).

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2012-01-23 10:44 am

"the circus arrives without warning"

Update on the state of my feels: They are still all for Sherlock.

Had a delightful of weekend of accomplishing nothing, except for cupcakes and a lot of movies. Basically, Emma Stone has an adorable face and is an awesome awkward turtle at all times.

On Sunday, I hung out with [profile] zorabet. We went grocery shopping and then made some delicious cupcakes from scratch. No seriously, look at them. We watched Hounds and the Falls and had a lot of feelings. Then we drowned all those feelings in pancakes, as is the tradition.

I finished The Night Circus and oooh man. That one goes right to the favorites list. :) It was just really atmospheric and ~mysterious. If it existed, I would totally be one of the rêveurs, following it around and visiting every night I could with my red scarf. *__*

Which... speaking of books; I started reading Tune In Tokyo:The Gaijin Diaries today (thank you amazon prime lending library). In the prologue, the author mentions that he realized he was languishing.. which leads to him packing up his life and going to Japan to teach English. I am sitting in the teaching right now and I might be wondering just a little bit what I am doing with my life. I should possibly try and figure that out...

Edit: Oh right! I got my shipping notification for my nerdy nail polish. :D She has been swamped in orders and is currently adding a free bottle of a mysterious limited color called "sorry for the slow" to orders that take more than 5 days to ship. I was hoping I could get it, and I did! Definitely worth waiting a bit extra for my polish. I can't wait to get them. I also kinda want to message her once I get them and suggest that she jump on making a Sherlock-themed set; partially because I want it, but also because it would sell so fast.
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2012-01-13 02:11 pm

darling, everything's on fire.

This week has not been a good work-week. I am mostly ok now, although my cough is still lingering with a bit of chest congestion. My body has basically retaliated by making me sleep as much and as late as possible. On Wednesday I literally didn't even open my eyes until noon... which was a problem since I had to teach at 2:50. I ended up eating lunch and driving myself to campus to teach in a sleepy haze. Then on Thursday I woke up at 12:30 and then decided to ignore everything and fell back asleep until 2pm. #lifefailure

Anyway, teaching has been.... good. I am cautiously optimistic, despite having to teach at 8am on Tuesdays. Since this lab is actually meant for bio majors, it means they are more invested in what they are learning. Also, I don't have to feel weird for being excited about lab things. (No really. We extracted strawberry DNA in lab this week and I was just like, OMG YOU GUYS BUT IT IS SO COOL AND AWESOME!!!!!Nsl;jfa')

On the nail polish front (lol, my life), I placed a couple orders today and now I am super impatient and want them NOW! I got Nubar Black Polka Dot because OMG black glitter so cool. Also I don't have any black glitter. I also placed an order with Nerd Lacquer for:
I Think You Call Me...Sexy [x]
Anti-Social Media [x]
Exterminate [x]
Hyperspace Bypass [x]
Event Horizon [x]
Don't Blink [x]

Depending on how this order turns out, I will probably be buying more. There will probably be an un-boxing/swatch post around here after I get it too. Also I want some of the A England Legends collection, but I have decided to wait until I have better swatches. Since it's from the UK and also expensive, I need to choose carefully.

LOL, this is what happens when I check my student accounts and discover that my fellowship went through and I can request the reimbursement for the full amount.
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2011-12-06 01:30 pm



I might be a little hyper on caffeine right now, so... lol, bear with me?

Had a fabulous weekend of doing nothing at all, except for going to craft night for a while on Saturday. Of course, this was after the most miserable Friday EVER. Basically (TMI ALERT?) I had crazy cramps and a low-level headache all day and I had zero meds in my bag. Then, I decided to go to the grad student happy hour and had like three beers and some snacks. By the time I got home, my head hurt so much I could barely see and everything was pain. I managed to get some water and meds in me and then passed out for 3 hours. Not my best plan. ANYWAY.

Yesterday was the last day of teaching this semester. My students had their lab practical (which I have to grade today, ick) and now I won't have to deal with them until the day of the final which I have to proctor. So yay for surviving another semester!

I had a lot of feelings about Hawaii Five-0 last night, as usual. I may have to vent about it later, but no one cares so... *shifty eyes*

In other news, I made a cart of all the Glitter Gal and Hits no Olimpo nail polish that I want and it was $104 worth of polish. .... I narrowed it down to half my wishlist and bought it. WAY TO GO SELF, YOU DID NOT MEAN TO DO THAT. I am such a sucker for these holographic polishes though! So shiny. From Glitter Gal I got Lizard Belly, Light As a Feather, Green and Dark Purple. I also got Hera from the Hits no Olimpo collection.

And now I should possibly get some lunch to try and balance out all this caffeine.
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2011-01-06 03:51 pm

polish inventory time!

* indicates that it is my picture. I will eventually have a * next to everything! :3

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2010-02-10 01:20 pm

Nail Polish Inventory

Feel free to scroll if you don't care. I'm just trying to inventory my nail polish. Don't have pictures for all of them yet, but someday I will....

I will have to edit this again once I'm home as well. I know I am missing some colors, and I've guessed at the names of some of them.

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