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2009-09-11 10:36 pm
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spammy spam spam

So I was sitting here in my room reading Cookleta (what?!) and eating pie. And I just kinda blinked and was like, what on earth is my life?

... and then I went back to reading fic.


I uploaded the pictures of my drive to work my first day at the lab and thought I should share. Today was shitty and raining, tomorrow will likely be more of the same. These pics make me smile as they are.. not shitty and raining lol.

i get to see this everyday )

And last but not least, some of my NOH8 style pics for that project I was talking about. Just warning you that they reek of MySpace-yness. There's only so much I can do at 10pm with a self-timer. For reference, I am wearing my lolita blouse because it needs to be a white shirt and that's the only one I have with me.

NOH8 )
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2008-12-08 11:26 pm
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we've heard all their stories one too many times

Endless applications continue. So does work. Some iffy drama-ish things going on there... but yeah... I don't know what's going on, so I will wait before rambling on about it. xD

This weekend was fun though. Went to mall on Saturday to watch Justin and Max at the 40k tournament. They got 4th. And then we went shopping. I bought.. one volume of manga. lol. Not exactly the shopping I'd intended to do.. but I still have no idea what to get my family. Buu. And then we went to pizza... and ate delicious nachos that I will always want whenever we go there now.

So yea... I am bored and just felt like updating. >.>;;; Maybe I'll watch some anime before bed.
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2008-12-03 01:17 am
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maybe you're not even human cuz only an angel could be so unusual

Mmyep.. my wrist is still bothering me. I've been trying to baby it, but that's hard when your workplace involves a lot of pipetting, moving things around and computer work. And I can't very well say that I can't do those things. So I just do what I can. Luckily there will be less tomorrow and Thursday. I played with the liquid nitrogen today. By which I mean I moved some tubes over to the -80 freezer. Funny story that... We left the little eppendorfs in a box that had no lid to snap-freeze them. Except apparently the box was low enough in the rack to be submerged in liquid.. and the tubes were small enough to fit between the rim of the box and top of the rack. So.. somewhere in that tank, there are 6 little tubes floating around. We tried to fishing them out (with a fish net!), but alas. Lesson learned. Then later we got a package with a cell line that needed to go in there too. -_- I don't like liquid nitrogen. It scares me a little.

Today I was trying to figure out something for a new experiment Linda wants to do with some DNA and I realized about halfway through the lit search that I was having fun. I like being set on new projects and trying to figure out how to plan the experiment and what we would need. We didn't figure it out in the end because it got late, but I plan to continue tomorrow. Moments like that reaffirm my desire to continue with research. Good thing too since half the time I'm working on my applications I feel like it's the shittiest thing ever. *sigh*

These past couple days I've seriously wanted to watch anime. Maybe it's because I've been wanting to watch more Gurren Lagann but have to wait for anime club. But I really want to sit and watch pieces of Kaleido Star and ParaKiss... and maybe start on something new too. I've been trying to use myanimelist to track things too. I think all my print manga is in there now, along with the handful of things I've read online. I know all my DVDs arent in there though... and neither is everything I've ever watched. x_x I suppose that doesn't help my desire to watch something. Pity ani2d is looking rather dead now... so no more streaming. Guess it's a good thing I ordered that harddrive.
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2006-08-13 11:31 pm
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clothes and data and school, oh my!

Monday and Tuesday are my last two full days at the lab. Since I move back to school on Friday, I'm taking Wednesday and Thursday to pack. Fun times for all. Then it's RezWeb training... and then the semester starts. Where did my summer go?! It died while I was working. As it stands I have like 4 excel data files to sort to do stats on tomorrow morning. Yay procrastination.

Lately I've been lurking a lot on [ profile] egl just looking at pictures and such. Japanese fashion can be really strange and out there. But some of it looks like fun. *gasp* Could I possibly be considering trying it?! Maybe fringes. I'm not about to go spend hundreds on japanese brand dresses, but I might consider making something.. maybe... If anything, I kinda like how punk loli looks... *shifty eyes*

Anyway, I'm buying these shoes: g in black. I figure, if anything, I can wear them with my black skirt and other things. >:3 I wanna wear them to work with the new dress code.

I also plan to buy . I really wanted but my boobs wouldnt fit in it... *cry*

Anyway... I really ought to be working on my data analysis...
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2006-07-24 09:27 pm
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scrambled brains are tasty

So remember how I had all that data from last week that looked like crap? Turns out I can't use any of it because it *is* crap. And we don't know why. 3 of the 4 plates I did look totally wrong. My one happy thought is that 3 of the samples were salvagable, meaning it wasnt a useless week.

This week only promises to be much of the same ick though. The technician for the lab took off on Thursday night leaving behind an email saying he would be gone for a week on vacation. Needless to say, no one was very happy about that. Especially since Jenn is still sick and Heather was on the calendar for a vacation. This means that tomorrow will be hellish. Milton is finishing up this huge experiment and we have to sacrifice the 20 mice he's been injecting with stuff and split the blood/tissues like 4 different ways and do all sort of tests. And as it stands, instead of 4-5 people... we have 3. I have to be in before 8am... meaning I leave my house at 6:45am.... *cry* Coffee for me!

But! This weekend was awesome in a box. Jacob came over on Saturday and we watched PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2!! Oh man... it made me happy inside. Not as good as the first mostly because (much like what everyone else has said) it felt like one big setup for the next one. cut for spoiler )

Then Sunday was Lake Compounce where we got spun, splashed, and thrown around on various rides. We pretty much rode everything twice. I always forget how rough roller coasters are on a person. But it was a fun day. *nodnod*

And.. next weekend is OZZFEST. And I'm really excited. Indeed.
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2006-07-19 03:35 pm
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J-Pop till your ears bleed and some UCONN asshattery

Yesterday I finally go to do my first experiment on human blood. I stayed at the lab till 6pm and thought I was going to die by the end. Today's data acquisition has convinced me that someone up there must hate me. All the cell profiles look all wrong despite the fact that the other plates we did (with not my stuff on them) looked perfectly fine. So either I fucked up (probably..) or something it messing up with the chemicals. *sigh* So it's just kinda of upsetting cuz now I don't think I'm going to have very good data at all. At least my project is starting?

Also, UCONN continues it's fine tradition of trying to utterly screw me over at every turn. In the fall I had planned to do an independent study with a W and honor's conversion so that I can finish my research and write a thesis. A 40 page thesis that more than fullfills the W requirement. First step: talk to Sylvain and make sure it's ok. Done and perfect. Second step: email the CLAS academic center to secure a W conversion. Now the UCONN admin comes into play. My answer: due to the reduction in required W classes, we dont allow conversions anymore. Maybe try a different class.. like Anthro W. *screams* Seriously people. I'M WRITING MY HONORS THESIS!! THIS IS HARD ENOUGH WITHOUT YOUR UNPROVOKED FUCKERY TO COMPLICATE THINGS!!! *sigh* So now I'm waiting for my cry for help at the EEB person to be answered. I don't know if I need to handle this through them... the honor's program... or if I need to go over and bitch at someone in CLAS. I'm not going to spend my semester writing a thesis and THEN take another W class with more writing. God knows I'll have to write a paper for Algae Bio too since I'm taking it grad level in the fall.

Oh UCONN... you never fail to try and screw me over.

In other news, home is getting unbearable. I'm sick of hearing my mom complain loudly to me dad about me. I'm sick of not hearing 'good morning' or 'good night'. Tired of the accusing. The disapproving looks. The other day I asked my dad why he couldn't approve of a perfectly reasonable plan of mine that would ensure a week in Virginia *and* Ozzfest before hand. His answer: Do you think I approve of every person I see ever? My thought: I'm not any person.. I'm your child.. I would think that should count for something.

Meh... Such is life
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2006-07-13 10:58 pm
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near disasters in the lab

Well, today I finally got started on my project. (about time...) But it wasn't without its issues.

I got into the lab at 10am sharp fully expecting to see people there. No such luck. No one had arrived. I shrugged it off at first because I figured I could follow the protocol alright. Then I actually bothered to look at the protocol. Ehehe... There were a bunch of inconsistencies with it and what I had been told. But no one was there to ask. Not panicking yet.. I emailed Jenn with my questions. By now it's 10:30. So I decide to go up to the animal storage room and got my oysters so I can bleed them while I wait. Turns out.. the elevator key isn't working. It hadnt been for a while. This is where I panic because I dont have a keycard for the door itself. So I call Mark. Turns out the key has been broken for a while (thanks for telling me... *twitch*) and he won't be there for another 45 minutes. So I had to go ask the lady at the front desk who had to call someone up from OARS to let me up there. Turns out, we're not even supposed to use the elevator like that so they were nice enough to give me my own keycard. (gee lab.. thanks for setting me up with that..) By now it's 11:15am and I havent even started bleeding oysters. So I start. It was only the third time I'd done it and it's hard work; my hands still hurt.

How to bleed oysters: put on chainmail glove(! i'm the knight of the oysters!). jam flat metal thing into hinge and bang it on the table to break it. hold the shell open a few millimeters with your thumb (ouchie) and poke the needle into the muscle holding the shell halves together. draw out hemolymph. hope that it's not seawater since it's clear.

Needless to say, it's not a short easy task. Especially when you have 12 oysters and by the 3rd, your hand is all rubbed raw from the chain. Then I had to plate out everything. At 12:45 I started my 3 hour incubation. *sweatdrop* Way later than I'd wanted. But after that it was all ok.

My other adventure of the day was using the autoclave machine ALL BY MYSELF. (i'm a big girl!) It's a scary machine... All metal and with a heavy door with a safe-style lock. And it makes loud noises and clanking and it's really hot! Not fun when you're reaching in there trying to take out full 5 liter flasks full of burning hot water and steaming everywhere.

But yes... I'm working on getting my pictures up so people can see them. It's taking a while cuz I took a lot, but most of them need to be lightened up in photoshop. Also, I'm trying to find other pictures of me and other peoples online so I can post them too. (like my picture with Nana in front of the Clone-Army table!)

I've decided to take the GRE in the week of August 7th. Now that I have a deadline maybe I'll actually start some real studying... maybe...
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2006-06-26 11:37 am
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Yay for updating from work.

Had a marvelous weekend. Went camping Friday night with Jacob and his friend Greg and his gf, Marritt. We were lucky and it didnt rain until the middle of the night when it started pouring and thundering very loudly. *wibbles* Then it was back to Jacob's house for his brother's graduation party (yum food). We ended up staying there since it was really gross out and we were feeling lazy. Finally got a chance to watch Pulp Fiction which is exciting. Strange movie, confused the hell outta me for a while, then it was just cool. Yeah. Got home Sunday, sat around not doing much.

Work is.. work. Turns out the chemicals I've been freaking out over actually arrived last week. The guy in charge of ordering just never bothered telling anyone else that they had arrived. But of course, everyone's gone next week and there are no oysters. So... we're thawing and growing a cell culture line they have here so I can do something with those on Thursday and Friday of next week. Yeah.

Anyway, I should prolly get to lunch... I'm hungry..
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2006-05-31 12:20 am
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(no subject)

So it's been a while since I really updated.

Last week at work ended up being ok. We got a bunch of stuff on Wed. so I ended up staying later
and it was good cuz I felt like I was actually doing something. Then Thursday was a very short day of running samples on the machine and me learning how to do that. So I went to the mall and killed time uselessly. Friday I didnt go in. I'm getting a little frustrated though cuz I want to do something. The problem is that the guy in charge of the lab isn't around much so no one really knows what i'm supposed to be doing. Then next week everyone except the technician is going to be gone, so I probably won't even go in. My only concern is that given the way I've seen the lab works is that I need to finish the human blood work this summer. When they get blood, it's an all day affair and I can't do that in the fall. But before I can do anything I need to see how the chemicals are going to work and it's all very frustrating.

Anyway, the rest will just go behind cuts since it might get long...
weekend )

issues )
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2006-05-23 11:37 am
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So I'm here updating from the lab on another sloooow day.

I was supposed to be watching some of the grad students run ELISA assays (which is what I spent 2 summers ago doing every day by myself). Not exactly stimulating.. it's just washes and incubations followed by more washes and more sitting around. But the girl who's supposed to do it isn't here yet. *sweatdrop* So far I've read a paper, done water quality tests on oyster tank water and gone upstairs to see where they're going to be moving the oysters. My one saving grace is that tomorrow looks like it's going to be another busy one. They've order 6 human blood samples so I'm going to be helping Milton again with processing and such. It works out well cuz then I have my animal handling training session right when the incubation will be starting and then I'd get back just in time to help transfer the plates. Whee for feeling useful.

My dad put in the order for the stuff to set up internet at our house. So hopefully it will all get to the house before Friday so I can set it up and properly update the newly formatted PC we have downstairs. I'm just crossing my fingers that the piece of crap has an ethernet card. As it is we already need to drop $ for a router. Ah adventures. I figure, if all else fails, when Jacob comes to get me on Friday I can send him to go make it work. 0=)

I don't know if I'm hungry or just still nauseous. I started new meds 2 days ago and last night I wasn't feeling so great. I'm hoping that doesn't continue cuz it's going to be a pain to have to switch. *sigh*

I've also updated my manga count. I'm at 169 now and I need to stop and buy the last volume of MeruPuri on my way home. It's the last volume and the 3rd one stopped at such a bad place. *sweatdrop* I'm not obssessed... really. I had picked up volume one on a whim cuz Jess really likes it and i figured, why the hell not? And then I read it and yesterday I had to go get 2 and 3. And then I realized I *really* like the series and I need the last volume...... grawr.

anyway, time for lunch...
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2005-07-01 04:04 pm
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I'm sooooo glad it's friday. I think everyday felt like Friday which kinda sucked because I spent the whole week being mopey. I blame the weather.

It didn't help that this whole week was just lab prep work too. Lots of sitting around in the lab and labelling and washing and blah. I'm so glad that it's finally over. Tuesday we go out to setup everything in the field, which will be a very long day. But satisfying. Yeah...

Cristina is coming to visit today and is staying until Monday!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! *dances* what? me excited? *cough*

Hmm... nothing exciting to report. Just the usual. Our fridge smells....we need to clean it. Our faucet is working funny...we need to fix it. Meh.

I give up for now. So tired...

PS- Happy July. Where is my summer going????
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2005-06-22 11:44 pm
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i feel warm and fuzzy

Lesee.... Yesterday I went out on a boat with Ylva and Erin. We collected marsh grass!! And I got to drive the boat which is confusing because you turn the steering handle in the opposite way from which you want to go. *eye roll* Stupid system. Then I was deadtired and puttered around the lab for a bit.

We went to the same beach I went to with Lena, Pat and Phil to watch the sunset of the summer solstice. Amazing but it made me feel small and lonely and for some reason made me want to draw. I was sitting alone on a lifeguard chair hugging my knees cuz it was so cold and thinking about this weekend and Pat and life and stuff. Good times i suppose.

Today I wasn't supposed to go out in the field and I got to work mega-early (8:30) because my ride left early. I'm sitting and Erin walks in and asks if I would go to the field with her because Ylva is out buying a car. So off I went again, this time to walk around a pond after driving the boat and collect more marsh grass. Erin is really cool. She offered to buy me lunch as thanks, but I declined because I would have felt bad.

We watched Amelie tonight. omg. soooo cute. the ending first gave me the warm fuzzies, then it made me feel lonely and in need of a hug from a certain someone. And now I'm just kinda conflicted. But an amazing movie nonetheless.

*sigh* I'm so tired. i said I was going to go to bed early tonight, but it's midnight and I still need to shower. So I guess that's not happening. Tomorrow should be ok and chill though. I get to go play with power tools and sharp things in the morning. And then it's more cleaning and dumping things into hydrochloric acid. And fun times will be had by all.....
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2005-06-17 09:06 am
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Fuzzy Foxes!!

Hmm... 9:06 and at work with a muffin and a raspberry italian soda.... yummm

Well yesterday was boring since everyone here leaves for Spain today so I just sat around and tried not to get in the way too much. Lots of pretending to read and complusive email checking. Meh.

So I biked to work today!!! 11.5 miles. Hardcore. Hehe. It was actually nice. I felt good when we got here. I think that's the only time I'll ever be glad to get here. Cuz when you bike it's just so good to be done. So yeah. And since we all got here at 8:30 I had time to go to Coffee O. Of course, then I realized that I forgot my key so I couldn't get in the office anyway, so I lurked outside the door for a while. We saw a fox today on the ride. It rained last night so it looked kinda scraggly and wet. But it was cute nonetheless.

I think I might be starting to find my place here. My project isn't starting until after next week, but it's been going good with everything. Stuff is awesome with the house, even though sometimes I feel out of place with people. I'm starting to get into my routine, even getting up early in the morning!! Life is good. That's the only way I can sum it up.

And the best part is that I'm going to see people this weekend. Lena and Phil and Pat!!! I'm sad Susana couldn't come cuz that woulda been fun. Damn... I miss Pat now... *sigh*

I've started playing this online game. It's a browser game, but it's cool. Jacob got me into it and I got to lvl 7 last night.

yeeeah.... maybe I should go look busy.... *gone*
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2005-06-15 11:02 pm
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mmmm..... tea........

Hmmm.... so what have I been up to?

Work isn't very exciting. I did my presentation today after making a very nice looking powerpoint presentation. Ivan even told me I did a good job. =)
Other than that, its been lots of prepwork and such.

Yesterday we were crazy and went swimming at 8:30pm. Jeff had gone down to the beach and told us that the water was really warm. So we climbed on our bikes and biked. We swam across to the island and hung out a bit. It was actually pretty warm.

And today we went *folk dancing*!! I kid you not, it was really funny. We showed up and there were like 7 old people there. We almost didn't go in, but then we decided to be brave. I think we made those peoples night. Apparently this old guy started it with his wife decades ago, and she died just a few months back. He had three big cases full of *TAPES*. It was silly but fun.

And now it's 11pm and everyone in the house has already gone to bed. So I think maybe I will sit in the living room and watch Kino's Travels. I have to bike tomorrow, so I need to sleep soon too....

Over and out.
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2005-06-13 01:44 pm
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And my crazy dream continues

I didn't have to bike in today which was nice. Except now I'm bored. Mirta (the student I am working with) hasn't showed up. I was told by Ivan that she 'had to work at home for a while' so I have been reading all day. Bleh. I thought 'a while' meant till like after lunch, but it's nearly 2. So I think I'm stuck reading for a while. I'm annoyed that this comp doen't have PowerPoint. We have to prepare 5 min talks about our projects for Wednesday and I need to work on mine. I'm scared to mess up though because both Ivan and Mirta will be at the meeting and they both know my project very well. So if I mess something up, it looks really bad cuz they'll know. *sigh* Oh well. I'll just prepare tonight.

*glares at her reading*

Sometimes I wonder if I'm not getting the full experience since I'm not working with one set person. I see everyone else working right with one person and forming these bonds. And I havent really started anything yet. I mean, both Ivan and Mirta and most of the lab will be in Spain for a week soon and I'll be left here doing more prep work and reading. Bleh.

But I'm not unhappy. Not one bit. I like it here a lot. Yes.

This weekend Lena, Phil and Pat are going to visit me!!!!! *dances* It's gonna be fun. We're gonna do fun stuff, etc.

Well... back to work. Ivan will prolly be back from soccer soon and I need to look busy and stuff. Yays.
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2005-06-09 02:50 pm
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This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!!

OK. Bad. I've had that damn song stuck in my head all day.

Anyway... I'm alive. Moved here to Cape Cod on Sunday and met my 6 wonderful housemates. It's a cute house. 2 floors; main and a basement. I'm in the basement with 2 other girls. We have a bathroom and a small kitchen. Fun times. I also bought a used bike. It is very..... pink....

I'm working at the Marine Biological Labs in Woods Hole in the lab of Ivan Valiela. It reminds me of my dad's lab. A man with an all female student lab. *ponders* I've done lots of field work. By that I mean going out on a boat and getting really wet and cold. Also snorkeling and looking at sea grass. Yays. I'm starting on an algae project soon which should be cool. But lots of reading awaits which isn't so nice.

I'm just chillin' here waiting for the person I need to talk to. *sigh* And I was... scared. Ivan's phone was ringing and he's in the next room. And he came in and missed the call twice. And he kinda... looked at my funny and told me to answer it. I was like "*cringe and hide* *small voice* ok...".

Ugh.... i wanna go outside.....

Getting internet on Saturday in the house. Hooray for internet.